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Ok, i'm starting this blog to have (and to give) a "document" of my work about the building of a Traktor Controller.

I had this idea in my head since 2 years, and i'm starting now because i'll use this project for my "Multimedia Design degree thesis".

I'm not entirely outside of the Midibox projects, 3-4 years ago i've succesfully builded myself a MidiBox64, but i've never touched something related to the assembler, nor the new C platform programming. Simple way, i've never programmed for MidiBox.

This time, my Traktor controller project, will require a bit of software programming skills and a bit of pcb design to adapt all to my needs.

To fit the case design, in a cool way, probably (if not surely) i'll have to design my pcb's, and for the software side, to have all working, i'll merge C code bits taken here and there in the documentation.

So i'll post here all my successfully steps to have a useful "roadmap" for who is going, in the next times, to learn about midibox controller projects, like me now!

Have fun!





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