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  1. Yup Thorsten, probably they will keep it secret, the only hope is about that Pioneer Nexus thing, where Traktor sent waveform and data to the Pioneer cdjs displays, but you know, big corporate can pay to have something...
  2. Oh oh oh, forgot to reply to this thread! I've fixed that problem, it was a pcb track fault. Got back to this thread because i've seen that NI released after 4/5 years the first interesting traktor controller with waveform displays, the only interesting thing over my needs satisfied with my controller. Would be nice to know on how to get these waveform data displayed for an MK2 of my controller.
  3. Yep i meant that, but you know, it's needed an updated version and would be cool to see it adapted only for sammichsid features.
  4. Thank you Hawkeye, i'll consider your solution. Would be cool also to see an extended development of the max4live editor by phunk () or a Ctrlr custom panel exclusively designed for sammichSid.
  5. So, just to have a confirm: I'm on Mountain Lion and there isn't a way to upload, download and edit sammichSid/Midibox Sid patches? I've read also about the Ctrlr thing, butt seems that's broke also that one.. Now with my sammichSid i can "only" edit and save patches on the device? Can't i save and edit them elsewhere?
  6. No, the button with a bit of strenght and after filing the pins with a scalpel fit almost well. I've tried also to unsold and then resold this line of buttons, but without solving the problem unfurtunatelly.
  7. Well, the main problem that i had is that who printed the 2-side pcb for me didn't a really good job, i had all the leds holes that were smaller than the leds pins, and also the buttons holes were too smaller. The pcb was pricey and my uni final exam too near..so i tried the repair and try way! This was the first time that i sent pcb file to be printed from a 3rd party service, so probably i did a mistake not evaluating some tolerance in holes size, but at the end i had to redrill all the leds holes to make leds to fit into their places and then i had also to reconnect and manually check all the vias that passed through the led pins to be sure that connections worked. Of course when i'll have time i'll try to fix this annoying problem, it's a pity that this beast have this defeat. :( Hi, yes, it's bus powered, this thanks to the T.Klose BLM (button led matrix) module. If i used in cascade multiple DIN and DOUT needed for that amount of leds, i had no possibilities to use only a usb connection, a power unit supply were needed because of the current consumption. But the BLM module makes possible to save current, so i used the principle and i've adapted the scheme to my needs! The frontpanel is a 1,5mm aluminium sheet, drilled with an industrial CNC (computer numeric control) machine from friends at their factory. They did me as a favor and as a challenge for themselves because usually they work on smaller aluminium objects. Both technically & cost effectively is better to do this panel in a laser cut environment with an amount of minimum 10 pieces, but for one piece, in a laser cut enviroment is too pricey, and with cnc my friends make me to pay only the used current because of their experimental process! I was lucky on this! :) Almost all the pictures that i've did are placed in the previous posted video, if you aim to something more specific let me know, i will see to make a picture of it. ;)
  8. I've solved for the AIN jitter! I did a mistake into the pins connections on J5A-J5B-J5C and i've correctly set the deadband on the application. Now works flawlessy without jitter! The bad news is that a line of buttons don't work probably by the pcb card, i've found that if i tighten the screw near that line of buttons they could work in some cases and not work in other...i've not found a solution yet about this. Anyway at the moment i'm happy to have solved the jitter problem, the pcb fix will come in the next spare time that i'll have!
  9. Thank you Thorsten, i'll see forward for your solution. In the meantime i'll do that other tests and i'll update on news.
  10. Yep, i've built it on a veroboard. Today i've re-checked all, and i've also disconneted all the AIN modules from the stm core, i've uploaded to the stm core the software that control only the blm module (deleting the ain and din encoder code) and now seems that's working all ok. So i think that's something related with the AIN modules and the jitter generated by them. Of course i clamped to ground unused inputs, but i've also a continue streaming of values on the mios studio midi input monitor. I'll try now to modify the deadband setting to "127" (5bit), but i was experiencing a continue streaming of data in the midi in (checked with mios studio) already with a deadband setting of "31" (7-bit). I don't know if 5bit is reliable as solution, but i'll try anyway to see if it's a problem of deadband. Last test will be a switch from usb to power supply unit to see if it's the usb to cause the jitter. If also this will not work i'll switch back to a REV.D spare pic core that i have from an old project....altough it could seem a fail that i'm not used to. :sad:
  11. Ok, back from the adventures! I finished the controller, i've used in gig and (for my label) we did a totally "unprofessional" video to show my work. Probably we have to change the subtititles as my friend, that did the video, got some mismatch into the translation about technical stuffs. :blush: It was really exciting getting done this project, i was almost going to be crazy about getting done the PCB wirings...anyway, that's the video about the controller, credits for ucapps, community and all the people that helped me at the end. Picture! Of course it's not finished, i've problems with some leds because the pcb holes weren't done really well, anyway the BLM works great. Last thing that i'm working on is the jitter that i've on the AIN, not really annoying when using the controller, but annoying when using midi learn functions. I'm going to work over the deadband settings to see if i can manage it, otherwise i'll try to switch to pic-core from stm32-core to see if is something related to the deadband.
  12. I've got a problem with a series of buttons. Four buttons/leds of I1 from J4_1 aren't working no more, i've eight buttons/leds connected to that line, so four are working and the other four no more. I've controlled buttons, diodes and leds, they are all ok, connections are also ok. Where i've to indagate to solve this problem? I've to check the control board IC's, resistors and transistors? Thank you for the help! Edit: I've checked also the resistors and connections on the MBHP_BLM_SCALAR module, but they're all fine. Could be the IC1 (74HC165)? But i don't know how to check if it have I0 input pin broke. In the meantime I could try to swap it with another one that i've as replacement. PS: To Thorsten or mods, i don't know if it's off topic my question, if it is OT i'll delete this post and open a new thread.
  13. Interesting! Let me know ASAP!
  14. Anyone knows when is the deadline?
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