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I am Jonas, writing from germany. This blog may be a place where I put some stuff, showing the process of building my own MB808-Clone. I have to say I am not alone in this battle :)

My brother just joined in my little group of infected people. So what we do so far? We just etched two voice boards from microLarge containing the basedrum, snardrum, claps and maracas.

I although got an lpcexpresso board so I can have a look in the sequencer code running.

Write now I am developing a base board for all the user interface stuff like switches, leds, and encoders. I would like to minimize "cable salad" in the case so I 'm planning to

include all the DIN, DOU, AOUT-boards in the baseboard. I will take some pictures the next time so stay on!

have a nice day!




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Haha, just add the 808 cowbell and hi-hats and you're almost good to go :thumbsup: But, the 808 has cool toms - they sound almost bongo-like unlike the 909. The main irritation if you build a 9090 is that what seems like half of all the components are used by the toms which are a bit boring.

Good job on porting the MB-808 variant of MB-SEQ to LPC-17! It's time for a more modern micro that costs less.

Best of luck, it will be interesting to see the results of your work.

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Hi jojjelito,

thank you for your reply. But I don't what to port that beast, I will use a mb808 - seq4 mixed user interface. The final specs has to be discussed with my brother, so we are thinking about that...

I need to sleep ;)

Good night

greetz Jonas

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Hi Jonas,

Ahh. At first I thought you were going to port the old app across, but you're right. It's probably easier and faster just to strip out not needed bits out of the full MB-SEQv4 app.


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Hi again jojjelito ;),

It's probably easier and faster just to strip out not needed bits out of the full MB-SEQv4 app.

That's what I would prefer - the huge, main and unthinkable good taking job - was made by Thomas Klose! Not only what he was / is doing, but although he's great afford to share all that doctor like work with us ;)

Thomas Klose for good!

greetz jonas

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