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this is my blog about how I am going to build a Traktor-Controller.

Well, and if this one turns out good, or at least not too bad, building more controllers.

I am playing around with traktor for about two years, and I was never really satisfied with the layout of the (traktor, or other midi-) controllers one could buy.

Thus, when I found the ucapps site about half an year ago, I really liked the idea of building a midicontroller myself, but I was not really sure, whether I was capable of such a thing and wanted to invest so much time. But having a electronics and PIC course at university and digging more in the ucapps site did reduce my fear of getting lost in electronics.

What really set me of to build one myself was, when I bought the xone dx from allen&heath.

I ordered one from thomann. This one had several losened parts inside. Luckily I live in driving-distance to thomann, so I returned this one. I opended the second one, only one losened part inside but a jog-wheel was stuck... .

So I took another unit home, which seemed to work, but after several days the usb-connection started to overheat every 30 min so this unit was unusable too.

Well, so I decided to do better and to build my own!



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