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  1. LPC17 specifications

    Did i got that right, that daisy chaining 8 DIN modules does not need additional hardware, only software tweeking? Would be too great for me... Thanks
  2. new dj controller concept

    Thanks CSC, this helps a little, i now know that it is possible even with the older (discontinued?) STM32 core. Thanks... But i am still completely lost about the parts that i need. For now only this is clear: I need - 1 LPC17 core (staying up to date) - 4 DINx4 and 4 DOUTx4 boards connected to J8/J9 for the encoders including their push button function - 1 AINx4 board connected to J5A (or J5B) for the pots/faders When i get it right there is the option to connect some multiplexing device to J5B to drive the 128 buttons (digital inputs?). The buttons should have LEDs to, so i need 128 outputs to. And here i am stuck, just don't find the answer to what i need in addition to use one J5 connector to work with digital inputs and where to connect the LEDs (and how for sure). Anyone else jumping in here? I am even willing to pay a fair for a presoldered solution! Thanks in advance
  3. new dj controller concept

    Hi to all, after djing 20 years in total and 3 years with the m-audio xponent i want to step a little further in controllerism. for this purpose i was looking around a lot and watching new hardware intensively, i found nothing really fitting my needs/expectations. mainly its because they are focused on the platters or have not enough buttons/encoders. conclusion: build my own top-notch-digital-shyt! but: i am not very familiar with circuits, even if i am thinking i could solder it together. in addition i read around uCApps, studied the cores, i/o modules and user projects but are still stuck in the fog of boards, chips and cables. now i am calling out loud for some help to clarify the (internal) parts list for the following thingy (it's still a concept now and small layout mods will happen): facts in words: - 128 buttons (shown as squares) - 37 push-encoder (shown as circles, push function not counted with the buttons) - 26 fader/pots (shown as circles with line at 12 o'clock) perhaps this sounds a bit overdosed but i wanted a 4 deck/4 fx unit controller with no deck-switching nor more than 2 layers per button. my current understanding of the available (and up to date) hardware is the following: i should get - one LC17 based core - four DINx4 to connect my push-encoder (111 connections) - four DOUTx4 for the above LED rings (if wanted) - one AIN to connect the faders but now i am stuck with the buttons as my understanding tells me that i need another four DINx4 that have no available port on the LC17 module. another thought was to get two midibox64e (one for buttons, one for encoders) and one midibox64 for the faders and merge/connect them with a GM5. this solutions seems to be outdated!? the biggest thanks in advance, and here is the design-concept picture: