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  1. MIDIbox SEQ V4Lite

    Hi hi folks, I'm about to start bumbling face-first into this, as my circuits boards have just arrived. I have a question before I start though; is it possible to poer this with some kind of battery? What would be involved in doing this? thanks for any help
  2. MIDIbox SEQ V4Lite

    morning all! I'd like to throw up the first of many n00bular questions I'll have, bumbling my way through the v4l. Would it be possible to rig it up to be powered by maybe a 9v battery? I need my box to be super mobile, for the obvious purpose of sequencing in the forest. Cheers, T
  3. MBSEQV4L Frontpanel PCB Bulk Order

    first timer here too! This sequencer is just too damn cool to ignore. I edited the wiki page, is that alls i gotta do?