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  1. New Build Advice

    Hello Hawkeye and Nasrudin, Thanks for the response. I do have a controller that has up to 48 faders, transport buttins and buttins that controls muteing soloing etc. per channel. This unit works well for me but limited to these functions. My main goal is building a controller that will control my Plugin effects. By this I would think that it would be mostly knobs or encoders. I don't see the need for LED's but maybe an off/on buttin to enable or disable Plugins enstead of doing this inside the DAW would be handy.
  2. New Build Advice

    Hello Everyone, Hi new to the forum been trying to sign up for few months had validation problems. I'm looking at building a MidiBox 64 or something close. I like to build a custom controller for my DAW. I do build tube amps so I do have some electronics know how. I'm confused about Midi and C programing. Any suggestion were to start my reseach on learning midi and c programing? I did learn very quickly that Midi is not a audio connection that it transfers only data from one point to another. I understand this now boy did i feel stupid. Thanks for advice
  3. Hey All,

    Finally got sign up today, Looks like the validation system has a problem with windstream.net emails. So I had to use a yahoo.com email. Anyway I'm looking to build a MIDIBOX64 or something in that range. I want to use it as a FX controller in my DAW software. I build tube amps so i have some know how in electronics. Confused with Midi and C programimg so I'm sure there b...

  4. Cannot register.

    Hey All I'm new to the forums page too just signed up today. I had the same problem. I have been trying for months to sign up on the forums. I finally used my yahoo.com instead of my windstream.net addy (witch is my primary addy) and it finally sent me my validation email. It took about 30 mins though to receive it. That could be due to yahoo servers draging a bit. Any way this work for me and I hope it works for you. Good Luck Eddie P.