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  1. MIDIbox TIA - Atari 2600 Synth

    Nice track and the MB-TIA it is quite rich indeed :)   I'm interested, my Poly-800 II died years ago, a lot of corrosion, not sure if I'll ever be able to do anything about it.    
  2. MIDIbox TIA - Atari 2600 Synth

    ...I love them drums ;)
  3. MIDIbox TIA - Atari 2600 Synth

    I didn't realize sooner things were moving, no problem for me too.
  4. 127 Arps

    Thanks :)
  5. sammich sid software for playing .sid files ?

  6. sammich sid software for playing .sid files ?

    Good :) Once I was able to achieve something similar to what you are asking. There was a mod around for Cadaver's GoatTracker that implied a .dll file, a real C64 and a DIY cable. Parallel port of the PC <=> user port C64, I'm not sure, it was quite some time ago, but I do remember that worked only in a DOS environment to me so I had to use a Win98 PC. I don't remember the protocol involved but the speed of the communication was similar or slightly faster to that of MIDI, you basically had to restrain yourself to 1X SID. Let us know if you find something, it's interesting.
  7. sammich sid software for playing .sid files ?

    Looks like it was working then ?
  8. MIDIbox TIA - Atari 2600 Synth

    Very nice, I'd love to play with one so signed myself for the bulk order. Cheers Luca
  9. MIDIbox SEQ V4Lite

    Latigid, thanks for the docu... and for the PCB of course ;)
  10. sammich sid software for playing .sid files ?

    Hi. Didn't try it but the player you'll find here should do: It uses the ASID protocol which is supported by the MBSID. 
  11. Any more sammichFMs? [YES, see page 2]

    Hello, I've added myself to the list. Hope is OK.
  12. Yeah, very nice job you've done :)
  13. Control surface PCB for 16 encoders/LEDrings Bulk Order

    Received mines, nice :) Thanks Jerome
  14. il core non parla con il MIOS studio!

    E vai! :smile: Non era facile da scovare, ottimo lavoro. Per quanto riguarda il controller non ti posso aiutare, non ne ho mai fatti.   Buon anno
  15. il core non parla con il MIOS studio!

    Mi dispiace, non ti buttare giu' pero'. Qualche anno fa in tre, ciascuno per proprio conto, ci siamo messi a costruire il MBsid. Gli altri due provarono la strada del DIY anche per le schede, io preferii comprarle direttamente. Uno si fece il core con il bromografo l'altro addirittura a mano con una perforata, abbiamo faticato tutti e tre ma per me fu piu' facile soprattutto in fase di troubleshooting. Dopo vari tentativi e molta pazienza funziono' tutto. Quasi tutto, apprendo ora che la versione "perforata" del core e' stata buttata via.. Ciao