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  1. plusieurs midibox pour un seul core?

    edit looks like we are on the same boat :)
  2. Hey ! First message here ! First of all, I want to say thank you for all the infos available on this forum and website ! I’m a newbie…but I spent lof times reading a LOT of messages here and there to understand how midibox works and I get the basic principles but I’m confused, and I prefer asking you to clarify my mind. I’m using Ableton if it helps. I have that idea to build some dedicated controllers of my most-used-vst, like SSL eq/comp . I didn’t choose the MB hardware yet…here is my problems : I know I can use mackie control mapping…but I need more than 8 parameters. So… Let’s take a concrete exemple : SSL Eq and SSL comp. Let’s say I have 10 channels, with EQ/comp on each one. I want 4 controllers (2 SSL eq and 2 SSL comp), to tweak my plugins on different ‘channels’ at the same time. Then I want to be able to use the same controllers on a different channels (using midibox lc function (left/right bank I guess)) 1 - I need more than 8 parameters, can I programm the mapping of my hardware with my specific vst ? 2 - Can I use 2 plugs/controllers at the same time ?... 3 - Can I use ALL parameters (way more than 8 for the SSL eq) without selecting ‘bank/up/down/I don’t know how you call it function’? 4 - Do I have to clic on the plugin I want to use before controlling them? I don’t have any midi controllers, except an uc 33 which is not very performing for what I want to achieve, cause I can control only the first 8 parameters (and I can’t choose them !) I never used a mackie control/behringer midi controllers, maybe a ‘simple’ midibox ld would do the job… ?! I didn't find a lot of infos people using MU/waves plugins... There would be no pb, if there were less than 8 parameters to control that plugin has more than 30 parameters ! + I didn’t find any MIDI infos about SSL plugins! As you can read, I’m confused ☺ I have some other questions, but I need to have some answers to clarify my thought ! Thanks for reading J.