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  1. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    Hey TK, I've got it up and running. This morning the connection with miosV2 did work, I ended up with a continuous midi-stream because I only hooked up 1 fader, but after setting the appropriate number of faders in the NG setup tools it worked perfect. Now I need to rewrite for Hui emulation, buy more faders, and have someone route me a 19 inch panel to my specifications. Thanks.
  2. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    Hey Guys, just made my MBHP_MF_NG.. Same as Roelli, I've got the Status led fading in and out, no connection to Mios. I'm using the pick from my Midibox LC, so had it flashed with the NG Firmware before switching it to the board. Any news on this? can't seem to get anywhere from here.
  3. New Midibox LC Build (watch out newbie!)

    So I'm thus far that I've got 1 lcd display (2x16) running on the motormix emulation, with 32 buttons for Mute, Select, and solo in Pro tools 9. I figured out that I didn't have Mios installed on the chip, just burned the LC emulation onto the bootloaded chip, but then there was no platform to run the program. I also figured out that having all analog pins routed to ground stops the continous Midi stream, witch made writing to the chip impossible. (error #11: midi in overrun). So now I'm up to connecting some leds, motorfaders, and encoders. just need to figure out how to setup MM so that I've got encoders on the first DINX4, so I don't need to chain 4 empty dinx4 boards, just to test the encoders. I'll be making a 1 unit 19" panel, with 8 rotary encoders with switches, and mount mute/solo/rec buttons next to the encoder. I'll be making a 4 unit 19" panel, with 8 motorized faders, the LCD screens (I'm hoping to get two, like the LC emulation has.), and basic transport controls. Those motorfaders will be dual tracked, one for audio (log) and one for the controller (lin), so the controller can pass analog audio too... this will be combined with my API 500 and DBX 900 Racks to create a digital controlled, analog desk, or something that resembles one...
  4. Hi fellow DIYers, I've started on a Midibox LC build, ordered the full set from mike, ordered the chip preprogrammed with the bootloader, build the core v3, and burned the LC v1.6 to the chip. Wich worked the first time around to my surprise!! Now while building the other components I'm eager to test some features on the ones I build already. I do have some expirience with midi controllers, because I tried building a midibox LC with an arduino board, but this lacked processor power, and someone with great programming skills. But I did get it to communicate with protools 9 HD, controlling almost all features. Now I've build one DINX4 module, one DOUTX4 module, and hooked the DINX4 up with 8 buttons to the mute channels of the default map, connected it to the core, and now for the testing... For your information, I haven't got my 2x40 LCD displays yet, so I was wondering if this should work without them. My DAW is connecting to the LC, I know this because it's getting the handshake ping (Sysex Otari 8 bytes every 2 seconds or so). Now pressing the buttons is not working, but then I don't see the LC sending out any midi data, so that would be normal. is it because I haven't got those lcd's hooked up, are they showing the error message that is holding the LC to send the midi data? I know the tutorial states I "MUST" have the LCD's, but can't stop wondering why this doesn't work without them. I've tried connecting a 2x16 LCD, but that didn't work. Now I haven't figured out yet how to change the LCD type in the software. so maybe that's where the problem starts... I'm a mac and windows user, but compiling the hex file is something I need to figure out, is there not a Gui that lets you setup the LC in realtime?