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  1. Neue Jeannie Preview Beta Test-Ver. 2.81 Added more polyhonic synthesis from Mutable Braids and Shruthi Synthesizer Braids VOWL: low-fi Vowel synthesis. PRM_A : formant, PRM_B : formant_shift Shruthi ZSAW: Phase-distortion sawtooth with filter sweep Shruthi ZSYNC: Shruthi ZTRI: Shruthi ZRESO: Shruthi ZPULS: Shruthi Chrushed_Sine: Braids CSAW: no functions at the moment Braids VOSM Sawtooth with 2 formants. PRM_A : formant1 frequency, PRM_B : formant2 frequency Braids TOY Low-fi Circuit-bent sounds. PRM_A : sample reduction, PRM_B : bit toggling Braids SuperSaw: Swarm of 7 sawtooths, PRM_A: Detune, PRM_B High-pass filter Braids ZLPF : Direct synthesis of LP/Peaking/BP/HP filtered waveform Braids ZPKF : PRM_A: Cutoff frequency, PRM_B: Waveshape Braids ZBPF : Braids ZHPF : Youtube: https://youtu.be/SCL5GZZQ7MU Github: https://github.com/rolfdegen/Jeannie-Open-source-Synthesizer Greetings from germany. Rolf :)
  2. Polyphonic DIY Synthesizer Jeannie Blog:
  3. I'm building wooden side panels for Jeannie. My beautiful office has been transformed into a carpentry workshop. And who cleans up afterwards.. (: Jeannie with self-made wooden side panels..
  4. Jeannie Polyhonic DIY Synthesizer http://midibox.org/forums/topic/21827-teensy-41-diy-synthesizer/
  5. There is a new case for the Jeannie.. https://www.ericasynths.lv/shop/enclosures/studio/tubeohm-instruments-jeannie-case/ With wooden side panel looks even better..
  6. I wish you a lot of fun with Jeannie. Large DIY block for the Jeannie and Updates.. Link: https://www.sequencer.de/synthesizer/threads/jeannie-polyphonic-diy-synthesizer.160564/page-46
  7. Hello Alex. Here is a new Jeannie Firmware 2.21 ST7735S version. I hope your display problem is solved :) Change display code in the ST7735_t3.cpp file // Initialization for ST7735R screens (green or red tabs) void ST7735_t3::initR(uint8_t options) { commonInit(Rcmd1); if (options == INITR_GREENTAB) { commandList(Rcmd2green); _colstart = 2; _rowstart = 1; } else if(options == INITR_144GREENTAB) { _screenHeight = ST7735_TFTHEIGHT_144; commandList(Rcmd2green144); _colstart = 2; _rowstart = 3; } else if(options == INITR_144GREENTAB_OFFSET) { _screenHeight = ST7735_TFTHEIGHT_144; commandList(Rcmd2green144); _colstart = 0; _rowstart = 32; } else if(options == INITR_MINI160x80) { _screenHeight = ST7735_TFTHEIGHT_160; _screenWidth = ST7735_TFTWIDTH_80; commandList(Rcmd2green160x80); _colstart = 24; _rowstart = 0; } else { // _colstart, _rowstart left at default '0' values commandList(Rcmd2red); } commandList(Rcmd3); // if black or mini, change MADCTL color filter if ((options == INITR_BLACKTAB) || (options == INITR_MINI160x80)){ writecommand(ST7735_MADCTL); writedata_last(0xC0); _colstart = -2; // only for ST7735S _rowstart = -1; // only for ST7735S } tabcolor = options; setRotation(0); } Greetings from germany. Rolf
  8. I found a display with the same problem. I can now try to eliminate the error :)
  9. Mmm.. Protective film for Display ST7735 and ST7735S is normal black or green. Blue is not right !?
  10. The display had a protective film with a green tab ? Oh I saw. It is blue !
  11. Thanks Peter. I have send Zip-File via email :) @TAGalex Mmm.. I think it's a problem with the display initialization. I changed that again. Please try again File is send via email. Greetings. Rolf
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