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  1. Let`s go for my first midibox DIY - BLM

    hi I just saw the livid pads. yes it seems surface mount leds would be needed. shouldn't be too hard in eagle to redesign the pcb to connect up the leds. i do not know the terminology but there should be a download for the pcb contact footprint for the pad. im sure i downloaded this a while ago. import into eagle then draw traces on the bottom layer and via them up into the middle on the button ( on the top layer)where you want the leds to be. I was playing around with this a few weeks ago, drawing traces and managed to save a custom part so it can be done. when i get around to buying a few pads spacers i shall give it a go, I would then print a (home made) pcb and use an arduino to connect to max msp via serial. if you get stuck on eagle give me a shout. there is a part 2 of the video above also. peace.
  2. Let`s go for my first midibox DIY - BLM

    If you need help with creating the eagle part for your library. I may be able to help. If you draw it on a piece of paper scan and upload it so i can see. I could have a go for you. : ) I know your busy as you mentioned in the other thread, so take your time. I get email notifications with a new post. : )
  3. quiet led push switch

    i'll post to you in your thread.
  4. quiet led push switch

    Those livid buttons look great. might need to gold plate the pcb for reliability? and also cut square holes in project box. i shall re-read your thread again, as i am interested in the creation of an eagle part footprint so the 3 pin/leg led can fit inside, that would be cool. :) heres where i learnt to do this create custom eagle part: peace. ...and once the part is made here is how to finalise and add it to the library. you should be able to draw a grid out (for the pad to touch) there are tools to draw lines and circles, whatever you need.
  5. Let`s go for my first midibox DIY - BLM

    just incase you did not see my other post in the button thread here is how to create custom eagle part footprints.
  6. quiet led push switch

    hello I am seeking a quiet led push switch that can give red, green and orange (red + green). The MEC 3f quiet is no longer available. are there any other quiet switches available that people are using? thanks for help : )
  7. Custom MEC Love

    hello : ) Is anyone still selling, or knows where to buy these Quiet version mec 3FTL6 tactile switches? I have the standard version and they are great ,but are a bit loud. thanks for help : )