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  1. ATTiny13 5 leds LED chaser

    I’ve designed a series of articles describing step by step all the steps to a pre-beginner (someone who has never programmed one Atmel) to work with microcontrollers. Finally someone can build a LED light chaser, programming a ATTiny13 using electronic assemblies created by him (programmer, board test).
  2. Unused PCB's - save me from throwing them away!

    Have you Atmel Core boards ?
  3. Masking PCB's With Vinyl Stickers?

    You can try not Only 641 but any other Oracal type: 640, 651, 8800. You can go to your supermarket and search for it. Try search for Orafol or Orapaper.
  4. Using vinyl sticker to manufacture pcb

    More about double sided pcb using vinyl sticker and laser printer at:
  5. Using vinyl sticker to manufacture pcb

    There are many methods to make your own pcb. Probably the most used is photographic paper with laser printer. Glossy paper works too, but I've discovered a new material to do this faster, cheaper and more reliable: laser printer with vinyl sticker. You can see at Vinyl PCB.pdf
  6. Masking PCB's With Vinyl Stickers?

    I use a laser printer and vinyl sticker, which works very well. Look at this: