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  1. Due to downscaling my project i have 18 unused 100mm alps motorfaders laying around including teh capacative caps. give me a PM with an offer.
  2. 3M SD card socket voor stm32f4

    Heeft iemand een idee waar je deze in Nederland kan krijgen? Via Distrilec en Mouser betaal je een tientje verzending, en dat vind ik nogal veel voor een onderdeel van 3 euro. Of wellicht heeft iemand er nog eentje liggen die kan overnemen?
  3. 24 channel scribble strip with Oleds

    Thanks! But what I meant was if the 64x48 resolution works. Can you or someone else confirm/answer that?
  4. 24 channel scribble strip with Oleds

    Can someone confirm/answer this?
  5. Motorfaders

    Heeft er iemand toevallig nog 6 motorfaders 100mm van alps liggen?
  6. [S] 16 Motor Faders mounted but working

    no other 6 spares laying around voor cheap? 
  7. [S] 16 Motor Faders mounted but working

    still available?
  8. Pic burnen

    My bad... had dat topic wel gezien, wist alleen niet of het actueel was. Hier kan wel een slotje op nu.
  9. Pic burnen

    Wie o wie zou er voor mij 2 PICs kunnen burnen? Of heeft 2 pics liggen? In ruil voor een lekker doos verse loempia's :)
  10. 24 channel scribble strip with Oleds

    awesome, i'll first do a little test first then. Now on to build the STM32F4.
  11. 24 channel scribble strip with Oleds

    OK Clear, i thought i read somewhere you need the 7-pin screen, this one has 7-pins and says it is SPI, pins are : CS, DC, RES, D1, D0, VCC and GND. The problem i have with the 128x64, they are around 27,5mm wide including pcb breakout. My faders on the Tascam are 25 mm, so the spacing is not enough. Moving to the 64x48 they are less than 20mm wide.
  12. 24 channel scribble strip with Oleds

    this oled for example: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/0-66-inch-28PIN-SPI-OLED-Module-SSD1306-Drive-IC-64-48-I2C-Interface/32567816814.html?spm=2114.01010208.3.50.Y5zQp4&ws_ab_test=searchweb201556_6,searchweb201644_4_10001_10002_10005_301_10006_10003_10004_62,searchweb201560_8,searchweb1451318400_6148,searchweb1451318411_6450
  13. Hello people, I have a tascam DM4800 with 24 channel faders which can control my DAW. The only thing that is missing is some displays, i've been following this forum for some years now, but never actually made something. My idea is to make display under the faders with ssd1306 oleds 64x48 px. I have seen a project here before with a tascam US-2400 and LCD's but i want dedicated Oleds per channel. The idea is having banks of 8 displays and then virtually merge the mackie control from the tascam with the mackie control of a Midibox like in the other project. Question 1: Are the 64x48 pixel oleds ssd1306 supported? I think so, just amend the code to this: set lcd_type GLCD_SSD1306 set lcd_num_x 1 set lcd_num_y 1 set lcd_width 64 set lcd_height 48 Question 2: What hardware should i use? the STM32 or LPC? Question 3: Is this more difficult than i imagine? I have basic soldering and basic programming skills So in short: 1 core with 24 oleds in 3 banks of 8 oleds responding to 3 different midi outs in order to virtually merge them to the 3 midi channels of my tascam 4800 with midiox and midi yoke. Cheers and thanks a lot!  
  14. Finished MB_NG / Mackie Control Clone

    Where did you buy the ssd1306's?
  15. looking to buy an LCD display for BCF2000

    You don't connect it to the Behringer. You actually create a new midi controller. And with a program like midi-ox and midi-yoke you create a virtual midi port which merges/splits the 2 controllers into 1 virtual midi port. You just select that virtual midi port in your daw and you're good to go. Some one did this with a tascam US-2400 some time ago.   http://www.tsrecords.at/pult_main.htm