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  1. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    Attached you´ll find the docs for the Varitronix display. Regards, Emre 55 Zeichen
  2. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    Hello Peppe, I´m sorry for answering so late but I haven´t been here for a while. Puh, I know this is a little OT but here is a quote from somebody I found in my documents: "If you change the last parameter from 0 to 1, then the spacing between channels is larger. ;; print host messages at position 12/0, (0=normal spacing) SET_CLCD_HOST_MSG 1, 12, 0, 0 <--- to 1 After setting this you can also customize the spacing to your own liking by changing the parameters in "". as Frank said, you do this in under LC_HLP_MsgCursorPos. You can position your messages just by counting the characters and spaces (retlw 0x00 + x for the first LCD, retlw 0x80 + x for the second, x goes from 0 to 39). By default gives the arrangement of my controller (two 40x2 displays).   It´s also possible to shorten the messages, i.e. to have 8 channels on a 40x2 LCD with 4 characters per channel plus a space between each. To do this you have to push the not-to-be-displayed characters to a non physically existent position (i.e. retlw 0x00 + 40)." I attached my modified file for this particular display. Cheers, Emre
  3. MBHP_CORE_LPC17 PCB bulk order

    Very exciting, thank you Thorsten! Emre
  4. MBHP_CORE_LPC17 PCB bulk order

    Strange enough I had the same problem so I registered again with a different username and mail account...
  5. MBHP_CORE_LPC17 PCB bulk order

    I´ll just get one anyway so I have it under my fingers when the MIDIbox NG v2 is out. I put my order on the wiki page... Thank you, Emre
  6. MBHP_CORE_LPC17 PCB bulk order

    Is it possible already now to upload MIDIbox64E on the LPC17? And if so can I make encoders sending NRPNs or Pitchbend 14bit values without programming? Since days I´m trying to run MIDIbox64E on a Core8 and having the encoders send the above messages, without luck so far... Thanks, Emre
  7. Flexibler Encoder Handler

    Ich denke, ich hab es hinbekommen. Ich habe einfach folgenden Block im wie folgt geändert: ;; if Bit N of ENC_MODE is set, according ENC_STAT triggers Do_Inc / Do_Dec ;; ;; Bit N 7 6 5 4 ;; ENC_STAT 8 E 7 1 ;; DEC <- <- <- <- ;; Pin A ____|-------|_______ ;; Pin B ________|-------|___ ;; INC -> -> -> -> ;; ENC_STAT 2 B D 4 ;; Bit N 0 1 2 3 ;; Binary tree translates ENC_STAT to N and calls Do_Inc / Do_Dec, if ;; related bit N is set ;; This method is based on ideas from Avogra ;; MEMO: IRQ_TMP4 = ENC_STAT, TABLAT = ENC_MODE BRA_IFSET IRQ_TMP4, 3, ACCESS, MIOS_ENC_Do_89ABCDEF MIOS_ENC_Do_01234567 BRA_IFSET IRQ_TMP4, 2, ACCESS, MIOS_ENC_Do_4567 MIOS_ENC_Do_0123 BRA_IFSET IRQ_TMP4, 1, ACCESS, MIOS_ENC_Do_23 MIOS_ENC_Do_01 ;; 0: Do_Nothing ;; 1: Do_Dec BRA_IFCLR IRQ_TMP4, 0, ACCESS, MIOS_ENC_Do_Nothing BRA_IFSET TABLAT, 4, ACCESS, MIOS_ENC_Do_Inc rgoto MIOS_ENC_Do_Nothing MIOS_ENC_Do_23 ;; 2: Do_Inc ;; 3: Do_Nothing BRA_IFSET IRQ_TMP4, 0, ACCESS, MIOS_ENC_Do_Nothing BRA_IFSET TABLAT, 0, ACCESS, MIOS_ENC_Do_Dec rgoto MIOS_ENC_Do_Nothing MIOS_ENC_Do_4567 BRA_IFSET IRQ_TMP4, 1, ACCESS, MIOS_ENC_Do_67 MIOS_ENC_Do_45 ;; 4: Do_Inc ;; 5: Do_Nothing BRA_IFSET IRQ_TMP4, 0, ACCESS, MIOS_ENC_Do_Nothing BRA_IFSET TABLAT, 3, ACCESS, MIOS_ENC_Do_Dec rgoto MIOS_ENC_Do_Nothing MIOS_ENC_Do_67 ;; 6: Do_Nothing ;; 7: Do_Dec BRA_IFCLR IRQ_TMP4, 0, ACCESS, MIOS_ENC_Do_Nothing BRA_IFSET TABLAT, 5, ACCESS, MIOS_ENC_Do_Inc rgoto MIOS_ENC_Do_Nothing MIOS_ENC_Do_89ABCDEF BRA_IFSET IRQ_TMP4, 2, ACCESS, MIOS_ENC_Do_CDEF MIOS_ENC_Do_89AB BRA_IFSET IRQ_TMP4, 1, ACCESS, MIOS_ENC_Do_AB MIOS_ENC_Do_89 ;; 8: Do_Dec ;; 9: Do_Nothing BRA_IFSET IRQ_TMP4, 0, ACCESS, MIOS_ENC_Do_Nothing BRA_IFSET TABLAT, 7, ACCESS, MIOS_ENC_Do_Inc rgoto MIOS_ENC_Do_Nothing MIOS_ENC_Do_AB ;; A: Do_Nothing ;; B: Do_Inc BRA_IFCLR IRQ_TMP4, 0, ACCESS, MIOS_ENC_Do_Nothing BRA_IFSET TABLAT, 1, ACCESS, MIOS_ENC_Do_Dec rgoto MIOS_ENC_Do_Nothing MIOS_ENC_Do_CDEF BRA_IFSET IRQ_TMP4, 1, ACCESS, MIOS_ENC_Do_EF MIOS_ENC_Do_CD ;; C: Do_Nothing ;; D: Do_Inc BRA_IFCLR IRQ_TMP4, 0, ACCESS, MIOS_ENC_Do_Nothing BRA_IFSET TABLAT, 2, ACCESS, MIOS_ENC_Do_Dec rgoto MIOS_ENC_Do_Nothing MIOS_ENC_Do_EF ;; E: Do_Dec ;; F: Do_Nothing BRA_IFSET IRQ_TMP4, 0, ACCESS, MIOS_ENC_Do_Nothing BRA_IFSET TABLAT, 6, ACCESS, MIOS_ENC_Do_Inc ;; rgoto MIOS_ENC_Do_Nothing MIOS_ENC_Do_Nothing MIOS_ENC_Do_Return tblrd*- ; switch back to first byte of entry tblrd* rgoto MIOS_ENC_AtomicHandler_Return Dabei habe ich immer MIOS_ENC_Do_Dec und MIOS_ENC_Do_Inc miteinander ausgewechselt. Weiß zwar nicht, ob das der "richtige Weg" ist, aber meine Pan Regler funktionieren jetzt wie gewollt. Grüße, Emre
  8. Flexibler Encoder Handler

    Liebe Leute, ist es möglich, das Verhalten meiner Encoder softwaremäßig umzukehren/"umzupolen", also einen Increment Befehl in einen Decrement Befehl und anders herum zu wandeln? Ich habe gestern meine fertig geätzten Platinen für meine Midibox LC bekommen, und mußte feststellen, daß die Encoder zwar funktionieren, aber bei der Steuerung der Pans meiner DAW falsch "gepolt" sind (Linksdrehung läßt den Pan Regler nach rechts wandern...). Anstatt auf meiner Platine die Leiterbahnen durch zu schneiden und Litzenverbindungen zu löten, würde ich lieber eleganter vorgehen. Wo genau muß ich da ansetzen, im MIOS oder in der LC Applikation (oder gar beides)? Vielen Dank im Voraus, Emre
  9. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    Just as an info: Out of curiosity I measured the current at 7,5V when fully stopping the motor by force: 330mA... At 9V it´s 380mA... Roger, thanks for the tip, I´ll just make sure my cat stays at home so nothing gets in the way of my faders ;-) Cheers, Emre
  10. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    Thank you Roger for your input! What always worried me was the fact that the datasheet of the Alps Motorfaders says they suck up to 800mA at 10V. For eight faders that would mean max 6,4A which I didn´t know how to realize that easily. So I thought I get a strong switching PSU like;ACTION=3;LA=444;GROUP=P861;GROUPID=4959;ARTICLE=85211;START=0;SORT=artnr;OFFSET=1000;SID=28VRnYOKwQARwAABPwTEE00a4566ac3afda6483845e24af133dda which has an adjustable output of 7.13 ~ 8.25V at 20A and use it to power the motors of my faders directly without any regulation inbetween. By also powering the Core8 (with regulation) I would have a load to stabilize the output voltage even when no fader is moving. Anyhow yesterday I took off the strap/belt (?) of one of the the motors and measured current when run on 7,5V. It was just 20mA, even when I touched the motor to make it work harder (simulating it driving the fader) it only went up to maybe 30/40 mA. Still very far away from 800mA which I guess might only be reached when you fully stop the motor by force, but since later the touch function will stop the motor anyway there is no such high current to be achieved. So in conclusion a LM317 with its max 1,5A should indeed be enough to power eight faders. Probably everybody knew all of this before, I´m just thinking loud... Regards, Emre
  11. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    Just to be on the safe side: Is it ok to power the motorfaders directly with a 7,5V switching psu and take the same source to power the Core8 (which has the 7805 bringing the 7,5V down to 5V). I know a dropout voltage of at least 2V is needed so that shouldn´t be a problem, I just ask if there is any other problem when powering both sections by the same switching psu that I don´t know of...? Thanks in advance, Emre
  12. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    That indeed is a very good price. Thanks for the tip, if only I knew earlier... :) Emre
  13. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    I didn´t mean the OLEDs but the DOGM Displays, but I agree my post can be misunderstanding. Cheers, Emre
  14. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    Could you please provide a link, this looks very nice indeed! Cheers, Emre EDIT: Just found the link:
  15. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    Since the beginning of my researches on how to make a my own custom midibox one of the biggest part was which LCD to use. I wanted my box to be as compact as possible so I soon realized I would need to source these 55x2 Displays. I was thinking of maybe buying a used C4 from ebay and cannibalize it. I also asked at different Mackie repair services how much a spare display would be and was offered one for varying prices inbetween €150-250! In the end I saw the M-Audio using a similiar display and asked the manufacturer (Varitronix) if they would sell it to me. Well, they can´t because it is a custom layout they are not allowed to sell to anybody else. But they offered me to design a similiar display if only I would buy >500 units a year, hmmm.... Then I asked a friend who is working at a studio supplier and tech service if he could get them for me and this is how it happened! Yes, these are the original displays used in the "Project Mix I/O", and I could try and ask if he could get some more, but they are not cheap. I payed €90,- but I really wanted them... They don´t use the HD44780 but a different controller, nevertheless they work out of the box (well, with some customization in Cheers, Emre