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  1. DIY Hammond Clone

    Hello everyone, I am a physics student who plays the Hammond. Finally I graduated and I am moving away from my family, but that means I will not have an Hammond to play anymore. Given the very high prices for clones, I would like to build a MIDI clone.   I was thinking about a configuration using 2 Fatar waterfall keybeds, a B3 drawbar assembly, and some random knobs and switches. I was also thinking about using MIDIbox for the processing.    I have a spare STM32F4 Discovery board lying around, and a spare B3 drawbar assembly.   The configuration would be: - 2X 5 octave keyboards (130 switches.) optionally i would like velocity (260 switches) - 38 drawbars (potentiometers) - approx. 20 switches - approx 6 potentiometers.   What configuration would you suggest to use with Midibox? NG? KB? Is this doable with midi box? What is STM32F4 support state?   Thanks for your time, Philip
  2. MIDIbox KB

    Thanks a lot! That's interesting... I'm in the process of starting a  project, and gathering some details. In case I'll start with the STM32F4 I'd be very glad if you could share the preliminary version. By the way, may I also ask what's the scan rate Midibox KB achieves? I'll let you know, Philip
  3. MIDIbox KB

    Hi everyone, I wanted to ask if there are any plans to bring the Midibox KB application to STM32F4, since I have a spare board and I would like to do something with it... Thanks, Philip