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  1. MidiBox plus

  2. MIDIbox SEQ V3.4

    Hello! I'd still like to know whether you can stick on to the bank is ready to copy patterns and how? Thank you, Louis. Where can I download these patterns?
  3. MIDIbox SEQV3

    From the album SEQV3

  4. SEQV3

    From the album SEQV3

  5. SDC10336

    From the album SEQV3

  6. SDC10327

    From the album SEQV3

  7. Midibox64seq V2

    Develops a thing! SEQV3
  8. Midibox64seq V2

    Even a few hours of work done!
  9. Midibox64seq V2

    I set the control panel for it! I hope it will be good instead of the rotary push-button design is good I think it is?? Hello Louis!
  10. Midibox64seq V2

    The panels are now finished! Start with the implant! I think they should add! Egy kép!
  11. Midibox64seq V2

    I'm sorry now I see that seq V3 18F4620 core panel works! Instead of a five-18F4685 18F4620 Leht use? I do this at home. If yes then to collect the information. Thank you. It is suitable for display! If so you're likely to order! CTC LCD Display C240L02YBN00 2X40LINE x Char 1 STÃœCK | eBay
  12. Midibox64seq V2

    Thanks for your response! There are all the parts at home, I'd just like to know how it works. The v3 core to the panel is not good, to my knowledge. So if db50xg sound module can interface with V2? Thank you, Louis.
  13. Midibox64seq V2

    Hello! I have a yamaha module db50xg it would be good to midiboxseqV2?? thank you
  14. Midibox64seq V2

    It is suitable for display???CTC LCD Display C240L02YBN00 2X40LINE x Char 1 STÃœCK | eBay
  15. Midibox64seq V2

    Hello! A little information would be needed on the uCapps not is not entirely clear how and which software which links to be done in order to midibox64seq v2 can do it!! Someone feltehetné information, drawings, hex! 18F452 has to do with that at home. Thanks in advance! Luis