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  1. Control surface PCB for 16 encoders/LEDrings Bulk Order

    Hi, I tried to add myself on the list in the wiki page, but was not able to do so. The file is locked...
  2. Control surface PCB for 16 encoders/LEDrings Bulk Order

    Hi, Can you put me up for two? I will find proper user for them, I'm sure! Regards, René
  3. Problem uploading MIOS Pic Core8

    Hmmm... Feeling stupid now... I found out that one of my midi cables was bad. Upload is so much faster now, and successful. No problems anymore. Thank you for your help Thorsten. Thanks for this great platform! Regards, Rene.
  4. Problem uploading MIOS Pic Core8

    I am using the M-audio midisport 2x2 under Windows XP.
  5. Problem uploading MIOS Pic Core8

    Hi, I seem to have the same problem. I just built a 18f452 pic core and I am trying to upload MIOS. In MIOS Studio 2.3.1 I see the following message: Operating System: MIOS8 Board: MBHP_CORE or similar Core family: PIC18f Bootloader is up & running! Then I try to upload mios_v1_9g_pic18f452.hex Before, during and after the upload, the MIDI IN box shows uploads requests. After the upload, without any errors, I still see Bootloader is up and running! How can I get MIOS into the PIC?
  6. Midibox CV - Korg MS20

    Hi, I am starting to build a Midibox CV so I can use a midi keyboard or my DAW to play my Korg MS20. I am going to use the AOUT_LC for this. It is not really clear to me if I need to use a bipolar 12V powersupply for the AOUT_LC. Been reading a lot already in the forum, but could not (yet) find the answer. Pls forgive me for my noob question... Regards, René