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  1. Hello Fairlightiii

    Hope you are well I was wondering whether the mblr4x2cs red or blue and the mb-e4x2cs boards are still available. I looked at the wiki  but there does not  appear to be much activity re  supply of the the boards on that page of late.



  2. There's a big windows at approximately 1 meter of the board in the latest pictures I posted (natural light). I will try ASAP to make others pictures with direct artificial light . But I think that my camera doesn't make justice of the boards (mostly the blue one): The blue light is sharper than in pictures.
  3. Some pictures of 2 chained boards in the Best regards, Jerome.
  4. Fairlightiii


    MB-E4x2CS / MB-LR4x2CS red & blue
  5. I have read more or less the epic discussion you speak about but this is a only a prototype for the moment (I could choose 2 different colors for the 3 prototypes I ordered), my plan would be to add a semi-transparent acrylic panel in front of them and I planned in all the case to point members on the risk using blue LEDs when the things will begin serious during this BO. Best regards, Jerome.
  6. I posted a in the gallery. The camera has created a "halo" around the LED. The brightness is perfect ! Best regards, Jerome.
  7. Fairlightiii


    Prototype: MB-LRE8x2CS Rev 4.7 / MB-LR4x2CS / MB-E4x2CS
  8. This is some pictures of the PCBs. You will find more pictures in my gallery. Best regards, Jerome.
  9. Fairlightiii


    Prototype:MB-LRE8x2CS Rev 4.7 / MB-LR4x2CS / MB-E4x2CS
  10. Hi Tom. Some answers: 8 with Midibox NG. MB-LRE8x2CS has notthing pre-assembled. If you want the LEDs already soldered, go for MB-LR4x2CS / MB-E4x2CS. Typically you can configure this to switch between the different modes (speed) of the encoder but you can assign any parameter to the command. Minimum: 1 core (any model: PIC, LPC17 or STM32F4 based core). In case you want to use the built-in switch of the encoders, you need to add a DINx2 module for each MB-LRE8x2CS. You can find the different Cores and the DIN modules in the SmashTV's shop. The faders and a AIN module (also in in the SmashTV's shop). You should consult the midibox page about the AIN module and use the search function of the forum to see if someone as already tried this type of use. Best regards, Jerome.
  11. PCBs received ! I will post some pictures before next mid-week. Best regards, Jerome.
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