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  1. Hello Fairlightiii

    Hope you are well I was wondering whether the mblr4x2cs red or blue and the mb-e4x2cs boards are still available. I looked at the wiki  but there does not  appear to be much activity re  supply of the the boards on that page of late.



  2. MB-LRE8x2CS rev 4.6 BULK ORDER spring 2014

    Done.   Best regards, Jerome.
  3. MB-LRE8x2CS rev 4.6 BULK ORDER spring 2014

    Some pictures of 2 chained boards in the   Best regards, Jerome.
  4. Blue

    From the album PCB3

  5. 5

    From the album PCB3

  6. 4

    From the album PCB3

  7. 3

    From the album PCB3

  8. 2

    From the album PCB3

  9. 1

    From the album PCB3

  10. Red

    From the album PCB3

  11. MB-LRE8x2CS rev 4.6 BULK ORDER spring 2014

    I have read more or less the epic discussion you speak about but this is a only a prototype for the moment (I could choose 2 different colors for the 3 prototypes I ordered), my plan would be to add a semi-transparent acrylic panel in front of them and I planned in all the case to point members on the risk using blue LEDs when the things will begin serious during this BO.   Best regards, Jerome.
  12. MB-LRE8x2CS rev 4.6 BULK ORDER spring 2014

    I posted a in the gallery.     The camera has created a "halo" around the LED. The brightness is perfect !   Best regards, Jerome.
  13. MB-LR4x2CS_5.JPG

    From the album PCB2

  14. MB-LR4x2CS_4.JPG

    From the album PCB2

  15. MB LR4x2CS 3

    From the album PCB2

    Female round pinheader.