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  1. Hello Fairlightiii

    Hope you are well I was wondering whether the mblr4x2cs red or blue and the mb-e4x2cs boards are still available. I looked at the wiki  but there does not  appear to be much activity re  supply of the the boards on that page of late.



  2. There's a big windows at approximately 1 meter of the board in the latest pictures I posted (natural light). I will try ASAP to make others pictures with direct artificial light . But I think that my camera doesn't make justice of the boards (mostly the blue one): The blue light is sharper than in pictures.
  3. Some pictures of 2 chained boards in the Best regards, Jerome.
  4. Fairlightiii


    MB-E4x2CS / MB-LR4x2CS red & blue
  5. I have read more or less the epic discussion you speak about but this is a only a prototype for the moment (I could choose 2 different colors for the 3 prototypes I ordered), my plan would be to add a semi-transparent acrylic panel in front of them and I planned in all the case to point members on the risk using blue LEDs when the things will begin serious during this BO. Best regards, Jerome.
  6. I posted a in the gallery. The camera has created a "halo" around the LED. The brightness is perfect ! Best regards, Jerome.
  7. Fairlightiii


    Prototype: MB-LRE8x2CS Rev 4.7 / MB-LR4x2CS / MB-E4x2CS
  8. This is some pictures of the PCBs. You will find more pictures in my gallery. Best regards, Jerome.
  9. Fairlightiii


    Prototype:MB-LRE8x2CS Rev 4.7 / MB-LR4x2CS / MB-E4x2CS
  10. Hi Tom. Some answers: 8 with Midibox NG. MB-LRE8x2CS has notthing pre-assembled. If you want the LEDs already soldered, go for MB-LR4x2CS / MB-E4x2CS. Typically you can configure this to switch between the different modes (speed) of the encoder but you can assign any parameter to the command. Minimum: 1 core (any model: PIC, LPC17 or STM32F4 based core). In case you want to use the built-in switch of the encoders, you need to add a DINx2 module for each MB-LRE8x2CS. You can find the different Cores and the DIN modules in the SmashTV's shop. The faders
  11. PCBs received ! I will post some pictures before next mid-week. Best regards, Jerome.
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