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  1. Busy Little Core

    How about the addition of two LFOs to the original recipe? Either driven independently, or to the beat of a midi clock. Could the MIDIbox deal with three CV outputs? Five even? (separate CVs for each of the three oscillators? (for future development)   ^ Above link contains the sort of thing I am talking about.
  2. Busy Little Core

    How difficult would it be to take lines of code from various MIDIbox projects and combine them into one specialized project?   Another thing I may not have mentioned is that I am looking to build this box with a physical interface. (ie. knobs and switches) Just to keep up with the analog synth feel.
  3. Busy Little Core

      It's just what I had found stumbling around on the internet. And there is a certain elegance to it... (in my mind at least)   See attached diagram.   Source:     Having said all of that, I think I will be using the keyboard driver. No need to solve a problem that has already been solved, right?
  4. Busy Little Core

    Spent too long looking at the old diagram.. So here is a new one!   Hopefully it is easier to understand.
  5. Busy Little Core

    Here's a quick diagram of what I'm looking at doing...   Any suggestions or hints as to how to approach this?
  6. Busy Little Core

    I heard about MIDIbox some time ago from a dear friend. Not realizing its potential at the time, it ended up somewhere in the back of my head.   However, now that I am planning to build an analog(ish) synthesizer, I can start to see attraction of the system.   My question is this: How much will the CORE_LPC17 board be able to process at a time?   Here follows a list of functions: Scan a 49 key keyboard, using a six-bit polyphonic decoder. (Requires six Douts and one Din) Mix note events from the keyboard into the external MIDI stream. An internal clock, with tempo derived from either a pot or tapping. A basic arpeggiator with the following functions: Up, down, up-down, down-up, random, or order pressed modes. Run over 4 octaves. Semibreve, crotchet, quaver, semi-quaver, etc... based on clock input, from either the external input or the internal clock. Gate length (PW) controlled via pot. Output a CV, a gate, and clock pulse (to LFOs) Potentially a MIDI output, combining the data from the original MIDI stream, the keyboard, the internal clock (if being used), and the output from the arpeggiator on a separate channel. I think that is all for now. Shall write back if I remember something else...   So, would the core board be able to process all of this simultaneously?   Regards,   Steve.