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  1. Here's some video action from my MB808. Adaptation from Plastikmans Spastik : edit : I'm still in search of those colourful rainbow switches for the sequencer. So if someone knows a place where to get those, without need to purchase a bulk load, I would be forever greatful.
  2. Sorry for late reply. I used MB808 setup thats explained at uCapps webpage. Uploaded MB808 firmware as it is and connected DINS and DOUTS like mapped on those charts I posted. I build mine using this setup and bought PCBs and KITS from SmashTV : 1 x MBHP_CORE, stuffed with PIC18F4620 2 x MBHP_DINX4 (only 6 74HC165 shift registers used) 2 x MBHP_DOUTX4 (7 74HC595 shift registers used) 1 rotary encoder (for tempo, could also be used for additonal purposes in future) 33 buttons 35 LEDs (33 could be integrated into buttons, 2 additional LEDs to display selected layer and record mode) E
  3. Hello sneakthief, I noticed your post at muffwigglers Yocto thread :smile: Here are the files that I used for connecting DINs and DOUTs. I'm not the author of these files, I just found them from older MB808 build thread, hope these help. Both files are really useful, but I think I build mine mostly relying on the later one, the MB808 drumseq pinout file. 808 hardware config.pdf MB808 drumseq pinout.pdf
  4. Does your 808 work / make a sound at all? I took a look at Microlarge 808 PCB's and it seems that there are two connections on each sounds trigger connector. Trigger and Accent connections are side by side at same connector. All the 808-clone sound modules and circuits that I've come across have both TRIG and ACCENT inputs. If you dont want to use accent, or if you dont have accent circuit to operate accent, Accent input is tied to 12volts, or what ever your VCC is. More info from here -> http://ericarcher.net/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/tr-808-bass-drum-diy-project.pdf "
  5. @zephyrin : I've build all the sounds on their own boards using eric archers 808-clone schematics and original schematics. All these boards have their own TRIGGER IN, which is just transistor circuit triggering the module, everytime it senses trigger voltage between 1V to 5+ volts. Each voice boards have also ACCENT IN, which basicly is voltage control for the circuit. MB808 schematics have ACCENT Circuit which feeds voltage to sound modules ACCENT IN. If you don't want to use accent, you can simply tie each circuits accent in to 12V or what ever you VCC is. So to put it shortly,
  6. Hello all, First of all I want to thank this great site, I could not have done it without the information found here :smile: I build couple of individual 808-voice boards couple years ago, starting with kick, then snare, and low tom drum. When I first saw a MB808 video on youtube, I knew I have to have one. This summer I thought why not build all the 808 sounds and wrap those in one case. Now I've build mid and hi toms, clave/rim, cowbell, hihats, maracas and clap. I'm still missing cymbal, but other than that, the clone works. I used Eric Archers circuits on Kick, Snare and
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