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  1. SOLD: MB808 kit

    I have a v1 MB808 kit (has everything you need minus a case and faceplate) that I never got around to completing - it has a partially stuffed power supply section and that's all that has been done on it so far. Note: this is also listed on eBay (, but I will pull the listing if a deal can be arranged here.  I am located in Vancouver, Canada. Asking $699 CDN (OBO)  
  2. Hi, i already finished assembling my MB9090 (MB 808 Seq + 9090 Drum). So now, everything works fine excepting one thing: The notelenghts of the MB 808 Seq are to short for some sounds. For example the open hihats sounds cut of. If i trigger the open hihat in Live-modus and press the button as long as necessary the hitat will be played till end. Is it possibile to modify the programm, so that the outgoing midinotes get more length?   jamie
  3.  Hi everybody!   I am building a 808 with microlarge pcbs and mb808seq I have uploaded the default mb808 hex file and everything works, but I need to replace some dout triggers and enable the swingpot.   I have changed the asm files to do that but I don't know how to compile it to hex. I have read the wiki page about that, installed needed apps, struggle it for hours but i didn't manage it to work. Even asked a friend to do that for me, he also didn't succeed.     Can someone see if I have done it right in the asm file and compile that to hex, please?!   I have attached the asm file  setup_808_kike setup.asm   I have changed triggers to shift registers 1 and 4, added external triggers, and enable the swing pot.      I want -  bd to trigger from pin7 of shift register 1            - sd  to trigger from pin6 of shift register 1            - lt  to trigger from pin5 of shift register 1            - mt  to trigger from pin4 of shift register 1            - ht  to trigger from pin3 of shift register 1            - cp  to trigger from pin2 of shift register 1            - ma  to trigger from pin1 of shift register 1            - rs  to trigger from pin0 of shift register 1              - cb  to trigger from pin7 of shift register 4            - cy  to trigger from pin6 of shift register 4            - oh  to trigger from pin5 of shift register 4            - ch  to trigger from pin4 of shift register 4            - ext1  to trigger from pin3 of shift register 4            - ext2  to trigger from pin2 of shift register 4            - ext3  to trigger from pin1 of shift register 4            - acc  to trigger from pin0 of shift register 4              - and enable the swingpot   I have uploaded the mb808 app with swing pot but the lcd doesn't show changes of the swingpot. Is that OK or is it something wrong with the swingpot? I can't test it yet because the microlarge pcbs are in soldering status.    
  4. Hi, i'm searching for a good source for pots replacement of MB808, i'm seeing that's are really hard to find. Any help or unknown source is welcome.   G.
  5. MB808 build on veroboard

    Hello all,   First of all I want to thank this great site, I could not have done it without the information found here :smile:   I build couple of individual 808-voice boards couple years ago, starting with kick, then snare, and low tom drum.   When I first saw a MB808 video on youtube, I knew I have to have one. This summer I thought why not build all the 808 sounds and wrap those in one case. Now I've build mid and hi toms, clave/rim, cowbell, hihats, maracas and clap. I'm still missing cymbal, but other than that, the clone works.   I used Eric Archers circuits on Kick, Snare and Hihats, and love how those sound. To make toms and other sounds, I transfered original schematics to veroboard design. First tom circuit took couple hours to solder, but three days to troubleshoot :D  Luckily, when I got it working, mid and hi toms are basicly the same circuit, just using different values on some capacitors and resistors.   Cowbell and rimshot/clave circuits were easy, but clap circuit sure gave me the hardest time. After finishing all the sound circuits I needed a trusty sequencer, so that I have a standalone unit. After gathering some courage, I ordered midibox core, din and dout kits from SmashTV and started building the sequencer. Sequencers main UI pbc with all the buttons and leds are also build on veroboard. I have to say, figuring out connections and connecting all the buttons and leds to Midibox DIN and DOUTS was lot of work, but it was all worth it because MB808 sequencer firmware is simple amazing.   I didn't want to reinvent the wheel, so when it came time to do a front panel, I drew a panel using Moogah panel as a template, so I want to thank him also. Here are couple photos from the build and video so you can here sounds and see the sequencer in action.   Its still work in progress, but since taking the pics, I've build individual outs and main LEVEL amp section, so basicly its done apart the cymbal. It has ugly insides but beautiful soul  
  6. Hi Everyone   For several months now I have been considering building my own MB808, but the information out there is quite scattered.   I know about the eight-oh-eight website, and have seen some of the schematics.  Are these all accurate and corrected?  Aside from what's on the site, it seems the project there is defunct.   I also know about the midiseq standalone components, so I could get the DOUT, etc to build the sequencer parts, and build the voice boards separately.  That's here:   That brings me to this:  It looks like this and the midiseq can be married from what I have read.  Would this be the right way to go now?   Thanks for any help!   Bill
  7. MB808 - i havent Trigger output

    I have some questions about the trigger section in the MB808   i have keep the original configuration in the the asm files with the MIDI output port value = 1 like this When i try to check the DOUT with oscilloscope i don't see anny voltage . IT is normal or i need to do something ?      
  8. MB808 front panel designe

    Hello   I wanted to know if some one have a Schaeffer files for the front panel of MB808 .   Thank you Zephyrin  
  9. i have bought some led Digit display like this   I wanted to konw how connecting The 3 DIGT on the DOUT.