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  1. multiple SSD1306 Displays

    Works now with V7.1. I saved the file here with linux and incidently it was the whole website-xml :-) Sorry, didn't look into it irst.   The Layout looks really professional(as far as i can say)! It needs to be as single sided as possible for me, so not sure if my planned adaption would fit other purposes too.   I noticed that 3 Ratsnest still needs to be connected? (Some short wires..).   When its finished here(need to start first..), i will pm you with the details, e.g. position of the pins and the wiring to the displays will change...   br klaus
  2. multiple SSD1306 Displays

    hey novski!     i just wanted to open the eagle files you provided, but i cant open them with eagle 6.1 Error message: "Error: Line 7, row 18: thats not an eagle file"   which version did you use?   thanks klaus
  3. multiple SSD1306 Displays

    Yeah thanks, that sounds reasonable...     I noticed that the pinning is different for my V2 Display :-( So i need to modify novskis PCB, here is the pinout for my display... (Thanks to him for providing this..)   Just for the records...  
  4. SSD1306 V2

    From the album schoko

  5. multiple SSD1306 Displays

    Hi Novski and Thorsten! First thanks to Novski for the PCB, i just need to modify it slightly for my needs (position of pinouts). (I guess i can use it with this version too..? ) In the wiki you wrote:     But you changed(soldered) it to IIC Mode..?     My SSD's(I bought a "similar" model suggested by Thorsten in the display page) looks different, as you can see... So would you be so kind and tell me 1.) which mode should be choosen 2.) how should i choose the right mode? I think this is a new Version... In the manual of this Version i could see three pins, i guess soldering the middle pin to VCC ->  1, solder it to GND -> 0. BS1: 1  BS2:0  -> IIC BS1: 1  BS2:1  -> 8 bit 80xx parallel   Has anyone tried this Version of the SSD's ? thanks klaus    
  6. SSD1306

    From the album schoko

  7. Display options

    Hi!     Hopefully this is the right place to ask this question.. I have bought 16 SSD1306, and i want to use them for a mackie control clone (+ extension). I have to make pcbs, and in terms of reduced complexity the "function" of the ledring should be handled by the SSD´s That would be similar to the Picture in the LCD Hardware option page. Example: the bottom line displays:    PAN   |       PAN                                           VOL      |    VOL   indicating the Position / Value.   Would this be possible to implement ?   thanks so far klaus
  8. Display options

    Hi TK!     I ordered 16 pieces of this hardware. Unfortunatly they will not arrive before 10.12(as far as i know). I wouldn't mind sending you (i guess) 7 of these.. ?   I am from Austria. Best Regards, Klaus.
  9. Mackie Control + Extension with Midibox NG

    Thanks for the answers, i will try it out soon (hopefully).   Means i just need to connect a wire from the dedicated pins on MF_Module to the "metal fader knob"...   I allready have finished two NG_MF and the LPC17 Core. But i am unsure about how to connect these via MIDI..   I have read that i can connect the NG_MF directly to the pc.., or i need to make the optional 3rd midi io for the LPC17 Core(and enable it seperately in the firmware). (Don´t need the fourth here..)   Are these connections correct?       MIDI OUT 1 CORE -> MIDI IN MF1     MIDI OUT MF1 -> MIDI IN 1 CORE     MIDI OUT 2 CORE -> MIDI IN MF2     MIDI OUT MF2 -> MIDI IN 2 CORE   And the third MIDI IO to the core - PC connection. (plus the settings for the motormix and linkpoints in mios studio).     Thanks!
  10. Mackie Control + Extension with Midibox NG

    Thanks Thorsten for the reply!     About the MF again..   Just for understanding things....   Isn't it possible to "play" around with the current drawn by them? (-> if i touch the MF it means it needs more current to drive the fader). It results in stopping the fader.   It looks as the MF V3 tool has a quite a lot of options allready implemented, which (i think) have to take the current drawn by motorfader, into account.. I am sure that i am not the first one, thinking about that in this way ;-)   My little research lead me further to this solution...     greets klaus
  11. Designing a Encoder+LEDRing-PCB

    Thanks very much!     I will look into it soon...
  12. Designing a Encoder+LEDRing-PCB

    Hey Chris!     I was looking for such a PCB (I would just change the LEDs to normal pinning), would you be so kind to share the PCB file? thanks   klaus
  13. Hello everyone!     I have started to build a LC(with 16 Motorfaders) years ago and didn´t finish. Now i want take it on my list again... :-) with the Mibidbox NG.     Just a few questions, which i hope you could help me out, so that my restart leads to success.   + Can i reuse the DIN and DOUT modules from my Midibox LC builds? + I had bought Panasonic Motorfaders, any ideas besides a simple switch, for touch sensors (-> stop the fader for controlling)? + I would like to implement ledrings(with 16 leds) + encoder, anyone out there has made a pcb for it?    (-> like the one from fairlightiii, but just 1 not 16..)     The following things i need in addition(i will get it from smashtv..): +MBHP_CORE_LPC17 +LPCXPRESSO +2 x MBHP_NG_MF Modules (i own two 2X40 LCDs)     thanks in advance klaus