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  1. Another MIDIbox core

    Since I just received the PnP machine last week I don't have enough experience yet to give you informations about prices. But yes: The PnP machine places all SMD parts which are not too high f.e. electrolytic capacitors. I didn't try double-side-partmounting yet.  Regarding your comments: I use external optocoupler for MIDI I/O Micro-SD Slot is on the back of that PCB J6 & J7: I made some pcbs with faders which I connect directly to that connectors.  There is no "current" version. It's a proof of concept, which worked. So I used the circuit around the STM provided in this design here in my other projects.
  2. Another MIDIbox core

    @Antichambre I could provide such service. The most time consuming thing is to set up the pick and place machine with the necessary parts. So prototyping (= only one PCB) will be a a lot of work. But for small series I would be open. 
  3. Another MIDIbox core

    The sense behind this layout is just a proof of concept. My goal was to have an alternative to the discovery board. This design shows the minimal circuit which is necessary to get the STM running. This is why I left out almost all connectors from the original Core-Board. My goal was not to recreate a replacement because for my usecases the original board has tons of features I don’t need.  With that said: you are invited to take the layout and adapt it to your needs. To be honest most of the connectors should be straight forward pin-to-pin routing from the STM. 
  4. Another MIDIbox core

    Great!!!  How did you mount ge STM? This was a tough part....  now with my pick and place machine it’s easy. 
  5. Another MIDIbox core

    By the way: I meanwhile have a pick and place machine and improved the design which I populated here.  So if there is interest I could produce some of those boards .... 
  6. Another MIDIbox core

    Great to hear that it works!  I’m not at my computer at the moment. I’m not sure what kind of SD connector I used in that layout. I can look it up tomorrow.  Either it is one that is called TF01 and I bought a bunch of them from Seeed-Studio but as far as I know they are not available anymore. That’s why I changed the connector to a Molex-Connector which is available at Mouser. I’ll look it up for you.  Anyway: since the pinout is straight forward it is very easy to replace the connector in the design! 
  7. Hey people, does someone know a source for hammond-organ style rocker switches? Thanks, Chris
  8. Starting up the dual manual organ

    Hi frank, you won’t change the resolution by changing the keybed. You will get the same results. The problem is the NG firmware. So if you need a higher resolution, than go with KB. I use it and it works great.  BTW: you can still use the break is make function by sending a SysEx command to the KB core. 
  9. Actually it isnt, because it has a latch mechanism (not the push-lock like the others). You can open the MicroSD-slot and then you can solder it quite easy (IIRC).
  10. Here it is ;-) MicroSD.lbr
  11. I could provide an eagle-footprint for that one: Interested? Connection attached.
  12. Another MIDIbox core

    You can download it here: I order my PCBs at elecrow.  If you order there than you can do some improvements on the PCB like change all vias to a smaller diameter (0,32mm is minimum). Also the routing can be improved for sure. This was just quick and dirty to test the circuit. Meanwhile I used this design in other projects which are much more complicated than this. So I can confirm that the circuit works.
  13. Another MIDIbox core

    Na.... I'm very busy at the moment. So I can't do it for you. But I could upload the eagle-schematic / board-file so you can adapt it by yourself. 
  14. Another MIDIbox core

    What "news" do you mean? This core is up and running. :-)  Of course it can be extended to fit your needs...
  15. PCBs for sale

    Please .... I’m not amazon.  I’ll get back to you tomorrow. I have no access to the PCBs today.