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  1. Strange... Could you please upload an image from the core-module? Maybe there is a jumper missing on the discovery-board itself?  Also you don't need both USB-connectors for uploading that firmware. The micro-USB should be enough. 
  2. OLED: Stream longer than pixels on display

    So in case I have another sysex-stream assigned to the 2nd line this would also get overwritten? This is also no solution for me :-(
  3. OLED: Stream longer than pixels on display

    And what happens with the text when it exceeds 128px? Wordwrap? Or discarded? 
  4. Hey people, I have a question: I use OLEDs with a resolution of 128 x 64. I use them in a row. I set up a sysex-stream which shows text on the displays. This stream is set to lcd(1:1:1).  If the text takes more space than 128px, the rest gets printed on the next screen(s). I know that this could be useful. But not in my application. Can I somehow disable that? I took a look into the code but I didn't find it yet.  Each OLED should get it's own stream. If I do not push the streams in the correct order (f.e. first stream 2 => OLED 2 and then stream 1 => OLED 1) it will overwrite stream 2 of the 2nd OLED. Thanks, Chris
  5. Dear FantomXR,

    On the forum I red you made some coreboards with everything on it for making a midikeyboard. I'm very interested in this do you still have some and can I buy such a coreboard from you?

    Cheers, Roel

    1. FantomXR



      I’ll receive a new set of coreboards next week. I’ll let you know as soon as they arrived and I tested them!



    2. Elektruck


      Cool, I'll look forward to it!



  6. Fatar TP/40L Midification

    Great! Looks good! :-) Strange keybed... from C to B?
  7. Hey people, I have a question: I have made my own MB_NG & KB-application. Now I want to save only the files that are needed to "make" this firmware into a separate folder to keep the oversight.  Does anybody know how to do this? I'm on OSX and work with XCode.  Thanks, Chris
  8. MCAN

    Looks like an awesome feature! A perfect way to connect two or more midiboxes without adding latency! Thanks for sharing! :-) I'll give it a try also...
  9. Why does the HC165 even work?

    Oh dear... thanks for clearing my mind! ;-) BTW: Do you watch this forum all day? ;-) 
  10. Hey people, I try to understand how the DIN is even working in the STM32F4-Core.  PB14 is not going through the HCT541 buffer. It goes directly into the IC. If I understood it correctly the purpose of the HCT541 is to do a level-amplification. It takes the level from the STMs outputs (which is 3.3V - 0.4V for HIGH for CMOS or 2.4V or TTL) and amplifies them. As the HC165 and HC595 are powered from +5V they need 3.15V to see a HIGH-signal. As the HCT541 delivers 4.5V for HIGH the HC595 does of perfectly work. But why do the HC165 even work? As I said it doesn't get an amplification. So in theory the HC165 sees 2.9V for HIGH but that's not enough so it should stay LOW and doesn't work. But it does... Can someone explain this behavior? Thanks, Chris
  11. dipCoreF4 and dipBoardF4, a compact Core.

    I'll look into it ;-) You don't have any suggestions which pins I can use? :-)
  12. dipCoreF4 and dipBoardF4, a compact Core.

    Got you... but changing the pins for SPI2 in MIOS32 firmware shouldn't be that hard. So I could move those functions to other pins. But I don't have a clue how to implement that second USB port in the firmware... and I assume you don't want to share this informations which I can totally understand.
  13. dipCoreF4 and dipBoardF4, a compact Core.

    My mainboard uses the 407. Hm... there is still something I do not get. The discovery-boards use the micro-USB-connector for USB-Host-Mode. That means, when connecting a device (mouse or MIDI controller) to the discovery-board via this board it's not possible to connect to the core itself through USB (because the USB-port (PA12 & PA13) is blocked through the device). But in your video I see that you still have your core connected through USB to the computer. How did you do that?? :-) 
  14. dipCoreF4 and dipBoardF4, a compact Core.

    Hey Bruno, I'd like to connect another USB device (mouse or midi controller) to my core. :-) Like in your video...
  15. dipCoreF4 and dipBoardF4, a compact Core.

    @Antichambre I'd like to integrate such feature onto my mainboard. Are you willing to share the schematics and if necessary the code?  Any feedback is very appreciated. Thanks! Chris