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  1. OLED shows noisy-output

    Yeah. You were absolutely right! The last days I had no time to connect both cores... but today I checked everything.... man...
  2. OLED shows noisy-output

    Oh my god! This is embarrassing. I forgot to set the correct width and height in the bootloader.... I worked with OLEDs already a dozen times... I wonder how I was able to overlook that! Thanks for your help!  
  3. OLED shows noisy-output

    Which app do you mean? As the resistor-network is on the same PCB as the OLEDs and the PCB works great with another core, this shouldn't cause any problems.  I'll check again all connections and soldering...
  4. OLED shows noisy-output

    Yes. USB power on both cores.
  5. OLED shows noisy-output

    No. The same oled-breakoutboard works on another core. So I don't think it's a defective display. @Antichambre But still: Why does that happen only on that core? The other one runs fine. Which modification do I have to make in the firmware to clear it correctly? Could you help me with that? Thanks guys!
  6. OLED shows noisy-output

    Hey people, I need you experienced guys! I've made a mios32-Core by myself which I test at the moment. While the first one works great. The second one causes trouble. And I don't know why.  Please see the picture attached. Does anyone have an idea where the noise on the displays come from? I used this OLED-breakout (it contains OLEDs, Reset-circuits (Cap & Res) & Shiftregister) in some other projects already and it worked fine. So I assume the mistake is somewhere on the core. But as I said: Another identical core runs fine... Could it be the STM that is damaged?  To be sure, that the mistake is not on the 9x OLED Breakout, I also tried it with an OLED with Reset and shiftregister on the breadboard. Same here... I now searched for about eight hours and also searched with an oscilloscope, but I was not able to locate the problem.  Thank you very much! Best, Chris
  7. Relocation of keybed from main board not working

    Yes! That's correct!
  8. Relocation of keybed from main board not working

    Hi and welcome to the forum! Well, to be honest I can not believe, that a ribbon cable with this length stops working completely.  Are you sure that the ribbon cable has the correct orientation? I made this mistake often in the past. In general it's a twisted cable (one connector looks up, one connector looks down, cable straight). Pictures might help!
  9. Maximum number of MID I/O?

    I know that. But my use-case still is different and I don't like the big connector :-)
  10. Maximum number of MID I/O?

    Yeah! It’s not “real” Ethernet. But it seems to be a great option! Everything in one Cable (In / Out / Power).  I today finished the reverse engineering of the official GM5-PCB from ucapps. From there I’ll create my special PCB. 
  11. Maximum number of MID I/O?

    Although I have a RTP-OEM I will not use it in this case.  I’ll use 2xGM5, which gives me 10 MIDI I/Os in total.  I found that page which shows an easy way, how to transform MIDI into Ethernet and back to midi: Only a few parts are needed. Seems to be perfect because I still have some pins on the Ethernet-connector left to also transmit +5V and GND. 
  12. Maximum number of MID I/O?

    Not yet. But as I said: I don’t need classic midi in / miidi out. I need Ethernet :-)
  13. Maximum number of MID I/O?

    Thanks for the link! This is not what I need. I need to make my own PCB because I'll integrate a circuit that allows transmitting MIDI over 50m via Ethernet. I'll just take two GM5 and I'm fine. That should work! :-)
  14. Maximum number of MID I/O?

    Hey! Thanks! I just discovered, that Ploytec sells the GM5 in sets of 5 for 33€/5pc. I think I will take that solution! 
  15. Maximum number of MID I/O?

    Hey people, just a simple question: I have a use-case where I need 8 MIDI I/Os. Is this possible with the STM? What I read on ucapps is, that 4 I/Os are maximum. I wonder if there is an option to extend those MIDI I/Os. Thanks, Chris