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    Γεια χαÏά απο ΚέÏκυÏα παιδιά! :smile: Î Ïιν λιγες μέÏες έμαθα για το forum ta midi box κλπ. μετά απο βιντεάκι που μου έδειξε φίλος>> ( ) . Αποφάσισα πως θέλω να φτιάξω ένα SEQ V4 χωÏίς να γνωÏίζω όμως τον βαθμό δυσκολίας αυτής μου της επιθυμίας... ΜποÏεί να με κατατοπίσει κανείς? ΕυχαÏιστώ
  2. Thank you so much for your replies John and jbdiver! :smile: It's a pleasure to meet such a friendly community! I am located in Europe/Greece so i guess it might be more of a challenge to find some of the parts you mention. From what i understand i have to put my self in a list in order to get my hands on a SEQ V4 PCB from SmashTv at the page below, correct? Well i am having trouble entering myself in that list... :/ Sorry for all the newbie questions, i am trying my best! :sheep: http://www.midibox.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=wilba_mb_seq_pcb_bulk_order Thank you!
  3. Hello, i am trying to order all the nececary parts in order to build a SEQ V4. I have seen all the posts regarding Smash tv site etc. but i got quite confused in how and from where i can order all the parts i need. Could someone who has already ordered help me out? Any help would be highly appreciated... Thanks in advance! :rolleyes:
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