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  1. MBHP-compatible-MidiIO - Module for Eurorack, + Thru Ports.. + Jumpers to switch between 3,5 A-B Standard.... ++++ you can use it to internaly wire, or to Frontpanel wire... so there is a solder jumper to select which LEDs are lighting... I for me will use it upside down - so when you look at the rack, you see 4 LEDs, and the midiwireing is inside the rack...

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  2. do i see ssd1306..... i will mod mine to 8 vertical ssd 1306 (1 lcd per 2 buttons), not stuffing  joistick-navigator - at least on the first one... the right matrix can have that navigator ( if i have the money i will build 2 of it - and screw it into a eurorack....)


  3. if you have one spare... i need one for my cc-looper project... the first revisions you sent me - i couldnt get to work (maybe because of the crystal) --- you may can sell me a assembled one? (when things in europe are easyer)

  4. Just now, Antichambre said:

    Wat is the use of the Microphone? :)

    its a kongo trigga mic ( mount it in/under a konga drum . the drummer retriggers my on organ set notes )
    the concept is working and i plan a 3 voice konga 10x10cm pcb for it (here it was a quick prototype)


  5. you are right. will change that. actually it isnt just display... when press and hold shift and press one of the extra V buttons - then one of this pages displays. by pressing somewhere near load it will load from sd card...  or change 4/4 to 7/4 and so on.i removed most of UI of triggermatrix the rest is done "on matrix display" ;)

  6. nimm eine Kunststoff Distanzhülse und schleife ziemlich viel weg.... wennst ka zeit hast nimm an schleifbock

    take a Distance-bolt and file one side away until it fits... take a floor stand grinder if you want it faster


  7. no sequencer, i sequence it with a korg electribe rythm mkII

    the LED-Button-Matrix is a- Trigger-Router--- so the incoming Trigger from Midi are routed to different destinations... the routing itself is changed by pressing the left and the right buttons, the basic function of a matrix - known from the sid... but a little more it does... so in "perform" mode i can load with the left buttons "song-routings" and with the right buttons "Roll routings" , the round OVER-ROLL button  between the 16 Buttons is Route momentary all Incoming Midinotes to all Trigger-outs..... the gate Pot randomly kills trigger (pot make the ammount of random) -- the velo-kill Pot offsets the Velocity routing... the velocity is divided by 4 Dout-Pins and differnt resistors.. so this is some kind of "Accent" - the analog finetuning is still done by the orginal Sens-Pot on each voice.

    the 4 Velo-Kill Buttons at the top of the matrix kill the Velocity-routing pins on every voice - so only accent notes come thru, or only the not so louds and so on...

    the velo-invert button - swap the Velo-Pins ---loud will be not so loud, and not so loud will be loud...


    the display and the 4 (+1Red-Menue) Encoder over it, are place holder for the planed Bankstick saving- Programchange thing, and the planed Envelope for Main VCA and Main Filter.  ---


    there is a video:

    in this video the TEKK-STAR is driven by the korg, but the midiloop is static, i changed it in NO WAY... all the midiprocessing is done by TEKK-Star and me.

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