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  1. PCBs for sale

    got the pcps and parts a few days ago, thx man
  2. search 4 OLED LCD

    will this work in a multiple configuration? (stm32f4) 128X64-OLED-LCD-Display-SSD1306   
  3. search 4 OLED LCD

    ok get feedback from the seller:  
  4. PCBs for sale

    he is talking about 5050 LEDs so these for example might fit: aliexpress..
  5. moturola g4 play. android. firefox when making a new pm: onboard display pops up and the sendbutton is hide. there need to be more place under the send button.  or.  the possibility to "overscroll"  
  6. PCBs for sale

    ELO: please more information about the used 2812 LEDs, which color in your Setup... it looks like you used 2x Single Color LEDs? CD? Color? - thx.
  7. send pm via smartphone display area problem

    i today updatedt to android 7.1.2, lineageos 14.1   >  still the same...
  8. search 4 OLED LCD

    so iic or spi?  
  9. 2 songs made with the new TriggerMatrix V3 Sequencer...: more chill influenced of molvaer...:   2nd is made for a contest, its about love...  
  10. PCBs for sale

    cool, you got pm i take 2...
  11. PCBs for sale

    the DIN6DOUT4 has pulldown/up resistors on board?
  12. i am offically a artist. i pay social insurance for that. my time is free for midibox making music for contest cd website or gig. have a girlfriend spending lot of time in love. cooking and houshold on my own... and midibox coding planing building consume the rest of it. since i need the devices for a gig end of february i dont have time for tutorials... but when i have some spare time i would make some video doku-to see what to have done BUT not a detailt tutorial for that it is to much information. but i think in german and for a mios based uset project so it would help only a small group anyway. so i have to rethink it i also dont have the best cam equipment nor mony for that.. maybe this and others is a reason that there are no video tuts outthere ,;)
  13. search 4 OLED LCD

    i need 16 for my mb lre8x2cs placed like in programma. if you have that many. i would take 20 + 1xpcb   i was asking because on ebay you have to choose between spi  ans iic. when choosbing spi theboicture shows a 4 pinner; gnd vcc scl sca do i need spi?
  14. Waveshare Core

    where to connect the "bootloader-mode" switch? -btw- like this small one.
  15. [FS] All of my midibox

    got mine today (Core + Midi IO) thx for SD-card   -best mike.
  16. tm-blm-run-copy.jpg

    you are right. will change that. actually it isnt just display... when press and hold shift and press one of the extra V buttons - then one of this pages displays. by pressing somewhere near load it will load from sd card...  or change 4/4 to 7/4 and so on.i removed most of UI of triggermatrix the rest is done "on matrix display" ;)
  17. tm-blm-run-copy.jpg

    From the album TriggerMatrix

  18. tm_blm_run_oben.jpg

    From the album TriggerMatrix

  19. tm_blm_run_back.jpg

    From the album TriggerMatrix

  20. This code: (app.c download@ void APP_Init(void){ xTaskCreate(TASK_SEQ, (signed portCHAR *)"SEQ", configMINIMAL_STACK_SIZE, NULL, PRIORITY_TASK_SEQ, NULL);} // install sequencer task compile with following warnings: that task.h code - Warning by "xTaskCreate...": #if( configSUPPORT_DYNAMIC_ALLOCATION == 1 ) BaseType_t xTaskCreate( TaskFunction_t pxTaskCode, const char * const pcName, const uint16_t usStackDepth, void * const pvParameters, UBaseType_t uxPriority, TaskHandle_t * const pxCreatedTask ) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION; /*lint !e971 Unqualified char types are allowed for strings and single characters only. */ #endif   do i have to fear?
  21. THX! without that i would have been lost! worked at the first moment!   i had enough to close and re-open the Mios-Studio every time when uploading new code... specially while programming over weeks daily deep into code...(and that rescan joke? not funny) my cores bootloader is setup ed, to show up as "MIOS32" (when not in bootload mode), so i hardcodet that in mios-studio to be set when press "Rescan mididevices", working under linux mint kernel 4.4.0-98 no more closing MidiStudio, or have to close multiple-open-instances because of codeing and trying and uploading, then everytime the resize of the window, search and open hexfile and so on. Of course that is hardcodet, but in my case it is good this way, now i know how to compile anyway - thx open: svn/mios32/trunk/tools/mios_studio/src/gui/MiosStudio.cpp edit: i deleted all from"case rescanDevices" to "break;" and wrote this instead: (the line is about 955 or so) case rescanDevices: closeMidiPorts(); initialMidiScanCounter = 1; getMidiInput(); getMidiOutput(); setMidiInput("MIOS32"); setMidiOutput("MIOS32"); break; dont really know exact what is going on there, but for me its working, and thats enough. also some colorchanging by searching the gui/....cpp filesvia g.fillAll(Colours::black); but the background of the main-fields are still white... to bad...
  22. MIOS32_BOARD_J10_PinGet(8-15) not working

    solved - plugged into wrong Core Connector... had assumed that J10B is near J10A... totally wrong upstidu....
  23. after initialize: void APP_Init(void){ int pin; for(pin=0; pin<16; ++pin){ MIOS32_BOARD_J10_PinInit(pin, MIOS32_BOARD_PIN_MODE_INPUT_PU);} } getting pin 0-7 is workin ok, but 8-15 give me no output: void APP_SRIO_ServicePrepare(void) { // get GPIO-Pins u8 x = 0; for(x=0; x<16; x++) { if(MIOS32_BOARD_J10_PinGet(x) != flag.j10PinState[x]) { MIOS32_MIDI_SendDebugMessage("pin: %d value: %d", x, MIOS32_BOARD_J10_PinGet(x)); flag.j10PinState[x] = MIOS32_BOARD_J10_PinGet(x); } }   why?
  24. How do i delete gallery images?

    same problem here.
  25. tm_blm_gpio_extra1..jpg

    From the album TriggerMatrix