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  1. mnmlCore

    we want to create a small STM32F4 based Board (for example 10x5cm in size), with limited Pins/sockets... this topic has not the the claim to be perfect... all the infos are on the WikiPage WikiPage: we can edit - one piece of information - and have to possibility to to compare different designs more ease PCB: initial shematic/Board Layout (eagle): taken from: (be aware that this files could be not ready for fabricate!!! - i take no response for any use of it!) PCB: the eagle file above - ported 1:1 to Kicad 5 (which is still in 5.0.0 nightly): that this file is not ready for PCB fabricate!)   DESIGN Concept: discuss about how a small Core can be used on a small UI (small UI- less space) - also about the point that in most cases we need a midiport, and no optos are onboard till now... (except LPC17 and Core8) please look into the wiki where i already pointed out my view of things
  2. [FS] mb6582 w 8x SID 9V

    pump... will go the next days more expensive on ebay (since they want 10%... had a try to avoid it,by post it on diverse alternative sellers,but no luck)
  3. [FS] mb6582 w 8x SID 9V

    with original c64 220v psu 8x 9v chips (4x 8580 4x6582) 3 pairs with 18nf caps 1 pair with 22nf  -  replaceable plug with pinheader test video: 950 incl postage in eu   pump... will go the next days more expensive on ebay (since they want 10%... had a try to avoid it,by post it on diverse alternative sellers,but no luck)
  4. mnmlCore

    fof me a bit overpriced. for its components. still focosing on topic... thinking of what to do with usb or sd when useing  a midi breakout board making then lesss sensd to sepsrate when  needing it anyhow on back of device.... in sense of keep houseing minimal)special when use in rack... will check that when some rain fall down here - till then enjoy the waeather ahh.
  5. mnmlCore

    -just drawing the midi shematics... when the optos are on board a 10pin connector do the job... while your solution with external opto-board need only 6pin.... still have troubles with kicad 5, looses its part cache when saving, ours of work gone and so on... so cant say at the moment with space usage (got that ??)
  6. mnmlCore

    fpa: paralell calculate lots of trigger and all the live midi. drum sequencer. a arm should do the ui and copying ram patterns... all that is not timing critical and all where i dont know to handle on fpga...doesnt matter has not much to do with the minimal core
  7. mnmlCore

    my core in there in is not mini: a fpga with a arm in it for the code for most ui sd and other stuff i am not realy deep into... it will not be a fpga with a external mios remote.... the minimalcore is for all my small projects.    
  8. mnmlCore

    xilinx... but dont know model... learning vhdl basics while trying to port the idea to it...since triggermatrix startedt years ago with max msp . and this was a paralell oriented structure. and im having still to much latency on my mios basrd version (its good in sequencer mode. but not tight enough to use it with drum triggers...) so model will be choosen on the teal demand of code
  9. mnmlCore

    for example?if it is pinsoftware compatible...but most cases not.  spend my soft time more on fpga. for the bigger projects.for the smaller mios is enough. (for exsmple my triggermatrix will go fpga)
  10. Video without IR-Filter...: marsihasi ;)

    . i regocnized that i am more color sensible afterrunning arround with this . and i am still.  see the energysave lightpulps in greenish. the sky of a moonnight in blue... canon sx200ir - old enough... so it finally have some use.
  11. Another MIDIbox core

    i made a new topic: i made a wiki: @FantomXR i imported  your files into kicad5, the board looks like this: The Airwires which are "ground" going to ground, since you fill everything with ground - i understand ... but what is it about the rest of that airwires ( i see the same in eagle) for example-the bootloader-header - it has a 3,3V airwire, dont think you made a 3,3V Plane there? (no isolation on the ground side)  --- only ask - because maybe i have to turn on anything in eagle to show up... or you didnt need them - thx for info.
  12. stop motion while blood moon + some moon-star-cloud formations later in the night.... + some CAM-without-IR-Filter-Recordins... Sound: Phatline - Sonnwend2016 (equipment: triggermatrix"Techstar", jp8080, ableton for Recording)  
  13. Another MIDIbox core

    i am familiar, with it, etched and drilled my single sidet pcbs ano 2008 or so... had expirience with the old eagle, now a bit with the new autodesk ones (import export run scripts to get footprints and shemes them to kicad ;)  ), have more skills on the kicad 4... the not released yet offical kicad 5 can import whole eagle projects (so this core for example can be ported)... but i never prepered a file for external fabrication (design rules for specific fabricators... but know soldermask... whatching the eevblog) - i want to do it... or at least try it with kicad 5 (how good this eagle import really works) --- start by comparing core 8 with core32, --- but for me pinout core32 makes more sense, --- hand drawing for small Projects usecases: where are the ports situated, to make it sandwitch-able, what about midiports and so on...core 8 had midi onboard, which makes sense, the midisocket makes no sense of course (since you can built the device in rack or desktop... AND this thru holes optos take to much space for such tiny pcb - and make routing around very hard... > so for me it is in the early concept phase - maybe use smd-sockets for the thruhole optos - or solder smdoptos directly on board, ...the midi pcb itself would be as slim as the socket, and could be situated on the same pcb with break-drills/cuts to break it away (rack desktop, middle of ui, back of the uipcb-situations) ... and so on - i start a new thread soon. for talking more about concept.
  14. sky above austria..,

    made with seq light and jp8080 in austria with view thru austria to the snowed alps... .,. another video "himmel über" angelsachsisch: "sky over" .would be superb if you also make some video and sound above that topic ;)
  15. midiphy SEQ v4+

    midiphy: definitivly pushes (up) the idea of userprojects... nieceee. ( the blow into a glowing userproject-nest, to get a wide seen lighting fire )
  16. midiphy SEQ v4+

    and "midiphy" stand for?
  17. Another MIDIbox core

    agreee... so what we call it? miniCore32,  10x4CORE, RFcore(reduced formfactor)....-names based in formsize. or a name based on the limited/reduced ports- fundimentalCore,  basisCore, baseCore... or a name as tributs based of the inital designer - XRcore . while x as variable for size . f for formfactor...   or something with midi in it. since core is a common widely used name also in other genres... midicore (not the smallest not the tallest the medium.,. and of course midi as protocoll view)       new thread with choosen corename then in design concepts again.   i have some time left. and have interest and use of it. so what we call it... and start  
  18. its time for a Midi - control - Change     Looper it records the incoming ccs (from a connected Synth) and sends it looped out again... it needs also note in and midiclock in order to merge it with the cc-automation and send it back to the synth. this device makes sense for synths like the clavia nord rack III where we have ledrings as UI.   Features: 4 Midi Channels 128 CCs per Midichannel 4 Pitchbend tracks 256 or 512 Steps at 32th Resoultuion, depends on Ram Sequencer Tact System standart is 4/4 other systems like 3/4 are set with a CC on the system channel (like programchange) 4 Ledbars to indidacte loop position, and loop length 4x Combined Rec/MUTE Buttons (+shift = Rec) Copy, Paste, Clear Select, Clear all Store Load Button Programchange via Midi, progams saved on SD-Card 2xMidi in, 2xMidi out SMD LEDs, and good Tactial Buttons. Easy Case Design a Plexi-Glas Plate with exact one hole (for loop length encoder) + Rest Wood. a fabricated UI-PCB with J8/j9 connection  to plug in a minicore sandwitch. Small PCB with 10x10cm max to reduce costs to minimum -a bulk order some prototypes if interest... have to order anyway about 5 pcbs at minimum...   pretty much of the code i have already done by other applications(MSQ-CC-BCR, MSQ-CC-LRE, Filterbox...), i just have to adapt the code and strip down a bit, to get ram free for the 512 steps.
  19. Another MIDIbox core

    @AntichambreC "could we help you to improve it?'" if you have ideas... i definitivly would be in for some "minimal boards" work in that trace wide and smd quarz changings and maybe microsd footprintchange. dont know how many bords also depends on the price of course (have not much  clue about pick and place and the time for stuffing that machines...) i find it practicable when the IO connections are in one row specially j89 and the midi . to plug it into a small io (10x10 for example) so they dont cross the middle of ui  where are  matrices buttons or leds. what improves you thought?  
  20. Another MIDIbox core

    ? then files for the "improved" design. ? or the info: are any connector positions(xy) have changed thx mike
  21. Another MIDIbox core

    download the files (if you have eagle) and see: Size V0: 98,5mm x 48,5mm ? Features, Legacy ports: see screenshot, (there is the SD-Slot Missing, since @FantomXR said, he changed something?... and for me it is NOT necessery, in this picture, because i need only the Pin-Headers for a Sandwitch- Footage-Kicad-Part to import.)   PURPOSE: (by looking @ shematic) J8/9 SRIO (for normal shiftregisters) Midi A+B (+HiSpeed? )(need external Optocoppler), J30 Displays(need external HC595), Bootloader-Switch(for program-alphas...debug), onboard-Voltage-Regulator (5V input regulated to 3,3V), Micro-SD-Slot(flat on board), USB over Pinheader (no onboard-socket), USB-Power-Jumper J6+J7 - Pedals+Fader are a bit J19-ish (AOUT-SPI) but thru a MCP3208? used as: "for an AINSER64-like-analog-scanning" (connect there a AIN64? dont know) SWD-Header (to program BOOTLOADER into board by using for a example a Discovery-Board), Reset-Header ... @FantomXR are the Connectors and Mount Holes still the same in current Version?    
  22. Another MIDIbox core

    na i think i cant use - i need midi a and b. you have only one midi port when looking at your shematic and board? it has 2 midiports yes!
  23. Another MIDIbox core

    hei. is the rest of layout the same as the files you released here? (specially the j89 10 11... and the mounting holes?) i ask because i would then project around this- to simple plug your core into my UI... i would then if i get it fit - need some of those cores. if you make a run how many is minimum. and what is priceing. do the place machine pick all smd parts on top?   mike.  
  24. Another MIDIbox core

    very cool! post the suiting sd card socket... and all other usefull expirience...