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  1. Newbie help midi from daw to multi LCD

    thanks.   THANKS
  2. Newbie help midi from daw to multi LCD

    Hi. Im new to the midibox, i got the link from a  friend. Im about to build me a new home-studio.   I got cubase and 2 behringer bcf2000 and one Presonos Masterfader.   All is working fine. But now i want to intergrade 8 to 16 lcd displays in to my desk.  I want to display vu-meters, trackname/number and any outher usefull info i can get out from the mackie-midi-out.   Iv seen some youtube-projects with the adurion and one lcd-display. but nothing with 8 or 16. If its not possible i can go with 4 lcd´s displaying sevreal tracks on the same lcd.   What should i buy. My friend said that i should get a MidiBox NG. I have 4 4x20 hdd44780 lcds at home, but with the china-prices a can buy new models if the hd44780 is a bad lcd.     So first of all i need to now what to buy. So i start in the right end.
  3. Newbie help midi from daw to multi LCD

    i downloaded the schematics and it seems to be possible to make my own j8/9 from the STM32F407. The thing is that the STM32F4Discoery have a built in bootloader, my F407dossent, so i buy a new STM32F4Discovery. Theres a shop here in stockholm selling the one ucapps recomend for only 13euro. But when do i need the SD-card? MidiBox is loaded to the flash in the STM32 right? And if not i think i will wait until after the summer due to family and work. I dont have the time to spend hours soldering and burning my fingertips getting pissed of :) Then i maybe will try to search for somebody that i willing to sell me  a premade midibox NG unit or build one for me that i can lab with.
  4. Newbie help midi from daw to multi LCD

    i found a sd-card adapter to the kit i bout for only 2dollars. The J8/9 is a different story. 
  5. Newbie help midi from daw to multi LCD

    OKey my bad, in an earlier post i just saw the STM32F407. dident know that it was diffrent, The main reason was that it had the expansion-board. Less soldering for me. But i could use the board for my home automation projects, and try to get it to work with my Control4-system. And the shipping for the oleds is a few weeks so i will have time to order a proper f4discovery. Is there a premade breakout board or do i have to make my own?
  6. Newbie help midi from daw to multi LCD

    Hi again. Now i just got this board in the mail. It says it have the STM32F407 chip. Hope this is gonna work. Just waiting for the oleds.
  7. Newbie help midi from daw to multi LCD

    Sorry for The extra topic (vu-meters) But it will go into the same project. Hopefully ending up in a retro-looking 32ch board, but with some hi-tech functions. The midi to voltage sounds interesting. The easier the better. Thanx you all for the help.
  8. Newbie help midi from daw to multi LCD

    Yes i could go from my soundcards output. But i was thinking of going from a LED-Vu meter, taking the upper leds having them send a smal puls, the lover leds sending a puls but with a resistor. Something like that. Goind digital to analog via led-VU. The main thing is that i want it from MIDI-out to the VU
  9. Newbie help midi from daw to multi LCD

    I couldent fins a presolderd breakoutboard from midibox_shop so i bought a Chines one.  Im going with the 1.3" oleds, it no idea for me to go 0.96", i wouldent see anything.
  10. Newbie help midi from daw to multi LCD

          Iv done some more reading, sorry for not being that up to date with the hardware and software, im i newbie but eger to learn. I found the PCB breakoutboard for STM32F407, but it seems that it comes without parts and i cant find a diy-kit. Do i need the breakoutboard for STM32F407 or can i connect the oleds according to your schematics directly to the STM32F407. I dont mind it being ugly or messy, this first project is more of a beta test. if it works i will try to build one or several more to a friend and studiopartner. then i want it as clean an pro as possible.   Best regards Fredric
  11. Newbie help midi from daw to multi LCD

    Did you go with the 0.9"? iwas thinking of going with the 1.3" so that would make your mounting board not working for me. more soldering for me :)
  12. Newbie help midi from daw to multi LCD this had the 1306driver. and if my google translate works good, its about 3.3euro + shipping. Now thats cheap:)   I would defently be interested in your pre made oled-attachment-board. Do you ship to sweden?   Is the core8-kit the ringt thing for me? it looks like the stm32f407 board. What pic´s do i need?!
  13. Newbie help midi from daw to multi LCD

    Many thx novski. I will order the exact same as you did.   looking forward to this.   Have enyone made Analog UV (retro with needle) to work with a DAW?   Best regards Fredric
  14. Newbie help midi from daw to multi LCD

    Thx Novski. Its problembly gonna take me some houres of trail n error. But its not for the sake of saving money, this is my hobby. so building stuff that can be used in the studio is only win win. Now its just waiting for the ng-kit to come back in stock. Any body knowing when that might happen, i can only see one store online that sells the ng-kit.   Best regards Fredric   PS: These oleds is the right model!?
  15. Newbie help midi from daw to multi LCD

    Iv done som reading att the As i understand i can connect up to 64 DOGM and DOGL based GLCDs with the mios tool and sysex tool, i cant see that making a 16oled display would be imposible or that hard. And the price for the oleds a cracy cheap at
  16. Newbie help midi from daw to multi LCD

    is it better going with two 2x40 lcd displaying all 16 channels?
  17. Newbie help midi from daw to multi LCD

    Thx.  I like the chalange, iv done alot of rasberry projects, but im a newbie at midibox. I read a thread at anouther forum saying that somebody here made a 16channel LCD controll desk. with the behringer bcf2000. But i cant find the tread. Maybe i can studdy that one and go from there, then later on make my own mods.   One other cool project would be a 16ch analog VU-meter reciving midi out from cubase!?