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  1. MIDIbox CV V2 Concept

    Over here: I couldn't get it to work though. Maybe has something to do with using 40x2 LCD, all I see is opening screen (lines). 
  2. MIDIbox CV V2 Concept

    I agree!  I have been thinking of experimenting with a tracker software and transition my midibox to a midibox cv v2 to take advantage of the modulation capabilities. After reading all of this topic, I found a hex file finally. TK's repos can not be downloaded, so I probably need to copy all the files one by one for the most recent version. Apart from the hex file, all we need to do is to connect AOUT_NG the same way as SEQ v4 to the stm32f4 board and come up with a SCS wiring, then we are all set for using cv v2 right? Can we use it with Wilba's CS?  I think this is a very good project and I haven't seen anything DIY close to it. Did this project fade away? 
  3. OUTB Stuck and Midi Protocol Timeout

    Oh I see your point now! No need to build anything then, I already have a bench style supply :) I'll be back with the results.  Thank you all.
  4. OUTB Stuck and Midi Protocol Timeout

    Great, thanks Peter.  I have 7805's laying around, I will build the circuit  So you are basicly saying "use a linear supply". Something like a AC-AC wallwart adapter stepped down to around 9 volts, then rectified into dc and regulated by 7805 right? Then I'll have to modify a usb cable so that it receives power from the psu, and transmission from pc. Well well, lots of work to do :)  
  5. OUTB Stuck and Midi Protocol Timeout

    Thanks for all your feedback! LCD's are 5v mode and the weather is pretty hot, around 35C and even my modular gear is starting to act weird.  I could only measure the rails with my cheap multimeter and there isn't fluctuation. So I became really suspicious and reflowed everyhing and then alcohol bathed for perfection aaand things started to come back! CS is back and the midi i/o is working again.  Only problem now is that LCD's initialize well, but glitch in a couple of minutes and the communication is completely lost and I have to reset the device. On idle mode, nothing playing, cpu shows %80. Is that normal?  I'll keep debugging power related issues. Thanks a bunch!  
  6. OUTB Stuck and Midi Protocol Timeout

    I am using my desktop computer for powering and never had problems before. Just now, I tried an adapter that I use for my phone, capable of 1A, nothing changed.  I measured Vd's around and it is 4.85~. Power is making through Midi i/o and cs board, no problems there. Just now my CS board failed aswell, it's making nonsense. I changed BC377 and all the other IC's with brand new. No help. Edit: Just now the LCD's decided to come back, but the CS is very wrong things, it's like buttons are misplaced.
  7. OUTB Stuck and Midi Protocol Timeout

    Also today, just now, LCD's stopped working too. There are rectangle boxes, remaining in initialization state.  Buttons are working though. Just the screens are gone. Possibly stm32f4 dying? 
  8. Greetings, I have been using seq v4 since a year without problems. Suddenly today this error message pops up saying "MIDIProtocol Timed Out!!!" In addition to that, on midi I/O board, OUTB Led is constantly lit, while it's not configured to do anything. No problems on OUTA however. Midi in is not working, seq v4 does not receive any midi clock unless it's from usb. When I monitor OUTB, it is transmitting a C-1  note off message very rapidly, perhaps choking the system. Tried the following: I swapped chips on midi I/O and front panel Reflashed bootloader and firmware. Checked for corrosion, bad joints etc. Thanks!
  9. Lower octaves

    Yes yes I did all of that but the lowest note was c-2. But I found out later on that analog rytm could be sequenced on single channel when you trigger notes around -2 region. So it worked out really fine, plus I made a whole bunch of CC tracks to modulate parameters via performance macros on elektron end. It's just crazy. Mind blown sir. Thank you for your answer. Next thing is to create lots of drum kits on the rytm and modulate furthermore. Bursting with ideas here... 
  10. Lower octaves

    Greetings, I have recent built seq v4 and I am very happy about it. So thank you guys all who have worked on it.   My question is that I am trying sequence elektron analog rytm from a drum track. Elektron appears to accept only -4 octave notes in order to sequence from single channel. A work around for this is creating 12 note channels or drum channels and sequence from there. But this defeats the purpose of the midibox drum track architecture and midibox doesnt seem to go below -2 octaves.  How can I configure midibox to send -4 region? If I cant do this, then my plans for ultimately crazy drum breaks is doomed... I am excited to hear your opinions on this and I hope I explained it well.