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  1. Here is some talk about open vs closed: https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=695264.0 In the second post someone says: "One disadvantage of a N/C is that with a pullup, as most switches spend the majority of their time in the un-pressed state, you will have increase current consumption." If this is correct i'd get a normally open pedal.
  2. Ok, i found an answer here http://midibox.org/forums/topic/20751-fatar-tp40l-midification/?do=findComment&comment=181241 If this is the best way, i'd like to know what kind of pedal is the best. Normally closed or normally open?
  3. I'm no expert. I guess you should see debug output in the MIOS Studio terminal. Search for "debug" in http://www.ucapps.de/midibox_ng_manual_fs.html
  4. Hi, i want to add a sustain panel to my NG based keyboard controller. Which switch type is the best? Normally closed or normally open? (i somehow think normally open would be better, because the circuit is only closed on press = less energy consumption) What would be the best way to connect them? Via analog or digital input? Thank you
  5. @m.str What apps do you run on your controllers? How are the banked menu items displayed exactly? Can you changed them per menu encoder? Thank you!
  6. I've tried banking 8 pots and get little bars for each event on the second line of the display, but can't find a way to display the corresponding labels and change the values just using the menu encoder. I think i need something like an generic EVENT without any hardware control associated to it.
  7. Thanks @m.str yes, i'm talking about the NG app. I'll give banks it a try.
  8. Hi @m.str yes i've considered banks, but think that isn't what i really want. Does banking display the items of each bank in the display like a normal menu without the need of dedicated hardware controls? As i understand it, it can build banks of hardware inputs (ie 8 encoders in a row). Thanks
  9. Hi, i'd like to add some pages for various parameters to the menu. Those parameters will be normal midi parameter/CC and should send midi events. It seems like the current menu system is directly coded in C. Is there a way to add menu items or submenus per config file (NGC for example)? Thanks in advance
  10. Thanks for looking into it @Hawkeye ps can't find a like or thank you button
  11. It would be nice if someone who knows a thing or two about the toolchain stuff could look into this. Thanks in advance.
  12. After looking through the code for hours there is no solution in sight. It looks like SCS code is derived from SEQ V4. So it should be possible to configure. I've uploaded the SEQ app which was working as expected. Comparing NG and SEQ code wasn't that helpful. SEQ has a much more complex UI system, but the underlying menu handling should be the same.
  13. In scs_lcd.c it says //! The 2x80 screen is buffered and can be output over multiple LCDs //! (e.g. 2 * 2x40, but also 4 * 2x20) //! By default we configure this driver to support a single LCD with the size //! 2x<SCS_NUM_MENU_ITEMS*SCS_MENU_ITEM_WIDTH> (see scs_lcd.h, this size //! can be overruled from external, e.g. in mios32_config.h) I've tried to overwrite SCS_LCD_NUM_DEVICES in NG's mios32_config.h by adding "#define SCS_LCD_NUM_DEVICES 2" and overwriting it directly in scs_lcd.h without success. Any idea how i can enable two devices? Edit: My two displays a bas
  14. Hi, i'd like to put 2 or more little OLED displays next to each other and have the SCS shown across those displays (as one). Is there a way to do it? Thanks in advance
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