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  1. Me too. Really strange behavior. Let's see if Thorsten can enlighten us.
  2. Great, that seems to work. Thank you so much @FantomXR!
  3. The motherboard doesn't have an option for fastboot. It's an older Asus P8Z68-V Pro. I've changed some USB settings, but no luck with that. I tried this: https://help.uaudio.com/hc/en-us/articles/213195423-How-To-Disable-Fast-Startup-in-Windows-10 But this didn't do the trick either. Really strange. I don't know what else i could try.
  4. I could locate the problem to a point after some further testing. It has nothing to do with changing the USB port. Simply removing and plugging the cable into the same USB port again solves it when the computer is already running. The problem occurs after every system boot when the pc was disconnected from the mains before. But what can possibly go wrong in that scenario? I never encountered such a problem with any USB device before. Has anyone an idea what to check or why it happens? Maybe it somehow power related?  
  5. Unfortunately the problem is still there. I had to change the USB port again, after getting inverted on/off events. I've no idea what is causing this. What could be the culprit?
  6. Yeah its kind of solved. I mean the inverted On/Off behaviour is really strange.
  7. Thanks for your assistance @Antichambre
  8. I changed it back to the original USB port and now it works there too. Maybe the cable was not correctly inserted? But that doesn't explain why MIDI-OX showed the correct MIDI data all the time. Very strange.
  9. I think i found the culprit. I've changed the USB port and now it works. Regardless i'd like to know what the underlying problem is. I've never encountered such a problem in conjunction with a MIDI keyboard before.
  10. It seems is not an exclusive Cubase problem since NI Absynth in standalone does exactly the same thing (Note On/Off inverted). Edit: I've tested it on another computer, which also runs Windows 10, using SAVIHost running Synth1 with no issues.
  11. Disabling MIDI thru in Cubase preferences results in no MIDI input at all. My controller has no regular MIDI ports to test with, USB only.
  12. I've swapped the MIDIBox controller with another MIDI keyboard and everthing looks fine in Cubase MIDI monitor. It sends Note On and Note Off events as expected. Besides MIDI-OX outputs everything as expected for both of my controllers. MIDI-OX output looks exactly like MIOS studio output. So there is something wrong when using the MIDIBox controller with Cubase. But what the hell is it?
  13. I noted another strange thing. When i press C3 for the first time after opening Cubase i see multiple Note On 0 events with different note values fired. There is no C3 0 event, only the last C3 127 event. Note On E1 0 Note On F1 0 Note On F#1 0 Note On G1 0 Note On G#3 0 Note On A2 0 Note On A#3 0 Note On B3 0 Note On C3 127 After the first C3 press, there are only two events fired per key press as described in the opening post. Edit: this happens only sometimes
  14. Thanks for your help @Antichambre Yes, i tested it carefully. It can also be heard when playing a VSTi. Frist i thought there were hanging notes. But now it looks like Note On and Off events are simply inverted, which results in a similiar scenario.