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  1. Lately I've been trying to use the extra functions of the CV-Gate out, specifically the possibility to send velocity with key values. From the manual: When I use AOUT - channel 9 I get key and velocity from the first two CV's out, as expected. But only gate #1 is triggering. When I switch to AOUT - channel 10, I get key and velocity from the second pair of CV's out: 3 and 4. And gate #2 is firing. What I expect is when I use AOUT - channel 9, is to get CV's from 1 and 2, and gates on #1 and #2. This is consistent through the whole range of outputs. All the other functions work exactly as expected, the drum gates and the clocks nothing wrong. I found this advise: And I've scanned through the entire config, but pretty much everything is standard. I use the Wilba Front panel with the AOUT-NG with the DOUT. Here is my HW-V4: Am I making a mistake assiging SR's? Or is it something else I'm missing?   Thanks!    
  2. velocity

    Hi guys.   I created account to ask you something. I've just get a midibox of unknown origin. Connected and tried to learn my keyboard a few ccs. On the cc chart i can see thare should be a velocity but this box don't  understand velo at all. Is this a construction, program or what issue?   I hope this isn't any stupid question but I'm not any ingeneer, just wanna play this gear.   Thanks in advance