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  1. J16 as DIN/DOUT (LPC1769)

    I updated today, and the problem continues....
  2. J16 as DIN/DOUT (LPC1769)

    Hi Thorsten, I tried using MAKE to compile MIDIBOX_NG and some errors appeared. I:\MIOS32\trunk\apps\controllers\midibox_ng_v1>make rm -f project.hex Creating object file for port.c i:/MIOS32/trunk/FreeRTOS/Source/portable/GCC/ARM_CM3/port.c: In function 'prvPortStartFirstTask': i:/MIOS32/trunk/FreeRTOS/Source/portable/GCC/ARM_CM3/port.c:282:1: warning: stack usage computation not supported for this target [enabled by default] Creating object file for core_cm3.c i:/MIOS32/trunk/drivers/LPC17xx/CMSIS/src/core_cm3.c: In function '__get_PSP': i:/MIOS32/trunk/drivers/LPC17xx/CMSIS/src/core_cm3.c:451:1: warning: stack usage computation not supported for this target [enabled by default] Creating object file for usbcontrol.c i:/MIOS32/trunk/drivers/LPC17xx/usbstack/src/usbcontrol.c: In function 'StallControlPipe': i:/MIOS32/trunk/drivers/LPC17xx/usbstack/src/usbcontrol.c:127:6: warning: variable 'pb' set but not used [-Wunused-but-set-variable] Creating object file for psock.c i:/MIOS32/trunk/modules/uip/uip/psock.c: In function 'psock_send': i:/MIOS32/trunk/modules/uip/uip/psock.c:179:3: warning: variable 'PT_YIELD_FLAG' set but not used [-Wunused-but-set-variable] i:/MIOS32/trunk/modules/uip/uip/psock.c: In function 'psock_generator_send': i:/MIOS32/trunk/modules/uip/uip/psock.c:218:3: warning: variable 'PT_YIELD_FLAG' set but not used [-Wunused-but-set-variable] i:/MIOS32/trunk/modules/uip/uip/psock.c: In function 'psock_readto': i:/MIOS32/trunk/modules/uip/uip/psock.c:274:3: warning: variable 'PT_YIELD_FLAG' set but not used [-Wunused-but-set-variable] i:/MIOS32/trunk/modules/uip/uip/psock.c: In function 'psock_readbuf': i:/MIOS32/trunk/modules/uip/uip/psock.c:301:3: warning: variable 'PT_YIELD_FLAG' set but not used [-Wunused-but-set-variable] Creating object file for ws2812.c i:/MIOS32/trunk/modules/ws2812/ws2812.c:71:2: warning: #warning "WS2812 driver not supported for this derivative yet!" [-Wcpp] i:/MIOS32/trunk/modules/ws2812/ws2812.c:102:12: warning: 'send_buffer' defined but not used [-Wunused-variable] Creating object file for msc_bot.c i:/MIOS32/trunk/modules/msd/LPC17xx/msc_bot.c: In function 'MSCBotBulkOut': i:/MIOS32/trunk/modules/msd/LPC17xx/msc_bot.c:268:13: warning: variable 'iChunk' set but not used [-Wunused-but-set-variable] Creating object file for msc_scsi.c i:/MIOS32/trunk/modules/msd/LPC17xx/msc_scsi.c: In function 'SCSIHandleCmd': i:/MIOS32/trunk/modules/msd/LPC17xx/msc_scsi.c:155:14: warning: variable 'dwLBA' set but not used [-Wunused-but-set-variable] Creating object file for freertos_heap.cpp c:/mios32_toolchain/bin/../lib/gcc/arm-none-eabi/4.7.4/../../../../arm-none-eabi/bin/ld.exe: project_build/project.elf section `.bss' will not fit in region `RAM' c:/mios32_toolchain/bin/../lib/gcc/arm-none-eabi/4.7.4/../../../../arm-none-eabi/bin/ld.exe: region `RAM' overflowed by 672 bytes collect2.exe: error: ld returned 1 exit status make: *** [project_build/project.elf] Error 1 Thanks, Marco.
  3. J16 as DIN/DOUT (LPC1769)

    Hi Thorsten .   I did not want to use matrix, but I think I have to use.  Can I configure the outputs of the 8x16 matrix using which function? BLM_CHEAPO?   Thanks!! Marco
  4. J16 as DIN/DOUT (LPC1769)

    Hi, I need it because of the DJ program (Traktor). each side of the deck has 16 RGB LEDs (96 outputs). Missing VUs, elapsed time, LEDs for the other buttons (RGBs). Unfortunately that consumes many outputs and I'm afraid the 256 outputs will not be enough. I just want to ensure having more options for digital inputs and outputs. I'll try it later, I program all day and my head can not think anymore. Sorry for my bad english. Thanks again !! Marco.
  5. J16 as DIN/DOUT (LPC1769)

    Hi TK, do you have any examples in the forum that control SRs (j16) as the "MIOS32_DOUT_PinSet" function? I tried to study this function, but I could not succeed.   Thanks!!
  6. J16 as DIN/DOUT (LPC1769)

    Tks TK.  I got sad :( I used this function" MIOS32_SPI_TransferByte " ...and   I got some signal from the LEDs ... MIOS32_SPI_Init(0); MIOS32_SPI_TransferModeInit(0,MIOS32_SPI_MODE_CLK1_PHASE1,MIOS32_SPI_PRESCALER_128); MIOS32_SPI_IO_Init(0,MIOS32_SPI_PIN_DRIVER_WEAK_OD); MIOS32_SPI_RC_PinSet(0,1,1);  
  7. J16 as DIN/DOUT (LPC1769)

    Hi TK thanks for the reply !! Can I use SPI0 (DIN / DOUT) and SPI1 (DIN / DOUT) simultaneously?
  8. Hi,  How to transform J16 in a normally connected to the SRIO chain to scan DIN/DOUT modules? What should I change to achieve this goal?   TKS!!!   Marco.
  9. J16 LPC1769 SPI -TTP229

    I was able to adapt the code, it's a bit messy but it works. I used J28 Board !!! And you can still use one more TTP229 !! Some things in the code are being repeated, then I will improve the code. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// #include <mios32.h> #include "app.h" //#include "TTP229.h" // include everything FreeRTOS related we don't understand yet ;) #include <FreeRTOS.h> #include <portmacro.h> #include <task.h> #include <queue.h> #include <semphr.h> #include <stdbool.h> /////////TTP229//////////////////////////// char sclPin; char sdoPin; const int SCL_PIN = 1;  // The pin number of the clock pin. const int SDO_PIN = 2;  // The pin number of the data pin. char _key16; char i=0; char key; char keypress; /////////TTP229 Functions//////////////////////////// void TTP229(char sclPin, char sdoPin) {    MIOS32_BOARD_J28_PinInit(sclPin,MIOS32_BOARD_PIN_MODE_OUTPUT_PP);    MIOS32_BOARD_J28_PinInit(sdoPin,MIOS32_BOARD_PIN_MODE_INPUT_PD);    MIOS32_BOARD_J28_PinSet(sclPin,1); } bool GetBit() {     MIOS32_BOARD_J28_PinSet(1,0);     MIOS32_DELAY_Wait_uS(2);     bool retVal = !MIOS32_BOARD_J28_PinGet(2);     MIOS32_BOARD_J28_PinSet(1,1);     MIOS32_DELAY_Wait_uS(2);     return retVal; } bool IsTouch() {     unsigned timeout = 6000; // 50ms timeout     while (MIOS32_BOARD_J28_PinGet(2)) // DV LOW     {         if (timeout-1 == 0) return false;         MIOS32_DELAY_Wait_uS(10);     }     while (!MIOS32_BOARD_J28_PinGet(2)) // DV HIGH     {         if (timeout-1 == 0) return false;         MIOS32_DELAY_Wait_uS(10);     }     MIOS32_DELAY_Wait_uS(10); // Tw     return true; } char GetKey16() {     if (IsTouch()) Key16();     return _key16; } void Key16() {     _key16 = 0;     for (i = 0; i < 16; i++)     if (GetBit())_key16 = i + 1;             MIOS32_DELAY_Wait_uS(2000); // Tout } void APP_Init(void) {    MIOS32_DELAY_Init(0);        MIOS32_SPI_Init(0);    MIOS32_SPI_IO_Init(0,MIOS32_SPI_PIN_DRIVER_STRONG);    MIOS32_SPI_TransferModeInit(0,MIOS32_SPI_MODE_CLK1_PHASE1,MIOS32_SPI_PRESCALER_8);    MIOS32_BOARD_Init(0);    //MIOS32_BOARD_J28_PinInit(0,MIOS32_BOARD_PIN_MODE_OUTPUT_PP);    MIOS32_BOARD_J28_PinInit(1,MIOS32_BOARD_PIN_MODE_OUTPUT_PP);    MIOS32_BOARD_J28_PinInit(2,MIOS32_BOARD_PIN_MODE_INPUT_PD);   // MIOS32_BOARD_J28_PinInit(3,MIOS32_BOARD_PIN_MODE_OUTPUT_PP);     TTP229(SCL_PIN, SDO_PIN);   } void APP_Tick(void) {      key = GetKey16(); if(key) { keypress=key;     MIOS32_MIDI_SendNoteOn(DEFAULT, Chn4, keypress, 127); } if(key==0 )   {      MIOS32_MIDI_SendNoteOn(DEFAULT, Chn4, keypress, 0);  }     } /////////// in app.h add lines////////////////////////////// extern void APP_AIN_NotifyChange(u32 pin, u32 pin_value); extern void Key16(void); extern void TTP229(char sclPin, char sdoPin); TKS TKS TKS !!!!!
  10. J16 LPC1769 SPI -TTP229

    Very interesting!! I'll study it calmly.   Again, thank you !!
  11. J16 LPC1769 SPI -TTP229

    I'm going to study and then try.   Tks!!  
  12. J16 LPC1769 SPI -TTP229

    Tks!!! Exactly, it does not have CS. I think it's not an I2C because it has no address. It communicates using 16 clock pulses, each pulse reads a key, seems to be a proprietary protocol similar to SPI without CS. Where can I find information on how to control any LPC pin? For example: the I2C pins. Tks!!!
  13. J16 LPC1769 SPI -TTP229

    Hi all, I will not use the SDcard. I will use a capacitive touch sensor TTP229 at 2 wires(16 keys). I was able to use the sensor on the J16. using the "SI" and "SC" pin. How to configure the J16 pins for two "SI" inputs?Or how to configure II2C and I2S for SI and SC? I want to use at least two TTP229   Below the code for J16 PIN SI. mios32_config.h #define MIOS32_SPI0_IN_INIT { MIOS32_SYS_LPC_PINMODE(1, 24, 2); \                               MIOS32_SYS_LPC_PINMODE(1, 23, 0); \                               MIOS32_SYS_LPC_PINMODE(1, 22, 2); \                               MIOS32_SYS_LPC_PINMODE(1, 21, 2); \                               MIOS32_SYS_LPC_PINMODE(1, 20, 2); } APP.C u8 receive; u8 receive1; u8 flag1=0; u8 flag2=0; char valor1; char valor2; void APP_Init(void) {   // initialize all LEDs    MIOS32_BOARD_LED_Init(0xffffffff);    MIOS32_SPI_Init(0);    MIOS32_SPI_IO_Init(0,MIOS32_SPI_PIN_DRIVER_STRONG);    MIOS32_SPI_TransferModeInit(0,MIOS32_SPI_MODE_CLK1_PHASE1,MIOS32_SPI_PRESCALER_8); } void APP_Tick(void) {    receive=MIOS32_SPI_TransferByte(0,receive); /////valor 255 if not pressed    receive1=MIOS32_SPI_TransferByte(0,receive1);////valor 255 if not pressed         if(receive<255 && flag1==0)//////if pressed     {   valor1=receive-127;         MIOS32_MIDI_SendNoteOn(DEFAULT, Chn4, valor1, 127);         flag1=1;     //    MIOS32_MIDI_SendDebugMessage("Recebido:%u  FLAG1:%u\n",valor1, flag1);     }     if(receive==255 && flag1==1 )     {            MIOS32_MIDI_SendNoteOff(DEFAULT, Chn4, valor1, 0);         flag1=0;     }     if(receive1<255 && flag2==0)//////if pressed     {            valor2=receive1-127;          MIOS32_MIDI_SendNoteOn(DEFAULT, Chn5, valor2, 127);         flag2=1;     }     if(receive1==255 && flag2==1)     {         MIOS32_MIDI_SendNoteOff(DEFAULT, Chn5, valor2, 0);         flag2=0;     } }   Video Test in Portuguese ...
  14. LPC1769 @ Microgenios (São Paulo - Brasil)

    Ta osso , estou fazendo tudo sozinho....To doido pra descobrir como a traktor aparece no LCD as formas no ondas nos aparelhos dela.  11 meses se passaram e nao sai do lugar.... Ta ae minha aventura....