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  1. Portuguese? Anyone?

    Alo você do Brasil Estou vendendo meu antigo core8 para dar andamento a outros projeto. Pic funcionando até ser retirado do projeto. Envio para todo o Brasil, posso estudar envio para outros países da América Latina. Se alguém quiser: http://produto.mercadolivre.com.br/MLB-509903019-smashtv-midibox-core8-c-pic-18f-mios-19-_JM Tem também um synth que pode até ser implementado em projetos DIY, o Bassboy http://produto.mercadolivre.com.br/MLB-509900788-mikroelektronika-sintetizador-monofonico-midi-din5-_JM
  2. Led Encoder Ring PCB

    I made the same question few months ago. Although I figure how to make my own LED ring PCB layout, never finished the layout on Eagle (Very lazy here because *finally* MIDI controllers are cheap in my place) Just thinking if we can design a similar board that fits in a MIDIBox project. Some sort of breakout board for LED Ring + Enconders (further run a bulkorder or maybe smashtv or mike can start to sell it in the similar fashion of sparkfun´s breakout boards), anyone up to?
  3. The BeatBearing sequencer

    Exotic concept. But I think its hard to consider it functional, no? Maybe in a bigger layout it can get the attetion from the public in a live experimental situation.
  4. just thinking loud in my previous reply, sorry to ressurect the topic How about to get your bunch of chinese guys as well? So you could have the help :) hehe just a bad joke. In fact I know nothing about politics and globalization or worldwide market. I barely turn on the TV to watch the news. Actually I turn on this thing only to watch DVDs for kids with my son Yes, all announcements and releases were made at NAMM, at least for me, better than expected, perhaps because it was the first year that I followed the event with more attention. On the subject of old analog DJing I don´t know. I was djing in a public party this last weekend, where the emphasis was playing the music from the vinyl. That caught the attention of a cult audience, but much of the public does not care to be vinyl or not, just want a song to dance. Besides being a thing that isn´t cheap (that accidental scratch on the surface of that rare vinyl, how to replace the vinyl? Where you can find another?) Is time-consuming transportation. My setup of midicontrolhers for that party fit in a backpack. And the setup of the tt´s occupied the entire back of a car. There is always an audience for this type of analog DJing, DJs and some are even trying to resurrect the the vinyl scene on my country, but I don´t see a promising future for this, based in what I said above. Although this opnion is based on the reality that I see in my country it have a little bit of opinion coming from the world scene that I can follow. I have not seen much news on analog DJing at NAMM. Maybe I´m very wrong and probaly missed something No way I´m trying to be negative about what vinyl is. A better feeling to find a cue point with this artifact spinning on a turntable, I think no jogwheel can emulate :)
  5. Heh Behringer beats me on the running to build the ´´first worldwide modular dj controller´´ I wish I had some chinese guys to build me my projects in just few weeks :) Behringer’s CMD Line: Modular DJ Controllers On A Budget
  6. LED-ring Eagle PCB layout

    Anyone that used the ledring feature and have did a Eagle PCB layout with such feature, could share it? Sorry if I have missed somehting, but I have searched a lot..and didn´t find nothing. Only came across with this, but i think it´s not useful for a MB project. Anyway it is a bit pricey I know I´m asking too much sure to avoid some hands on the work and save time....buuut
  7. Hi Ah, never heard about reloop dj2. Cool design. The Twitchy I had seen some previews but missed completely the release. The touchstrip concept is nice. That´s exactly why I got a ipad, to have something similar to seek track positions in traktor. Before to have the tablet, I was doing that function with a old pocketpc and Theresa(not so cool but functional). But doesn´t matter that cool concept and a deficient audio output. Keep us posted about your Traktor FX box. Mine should be a bit complicated. at least for me. Planning to use 2x20 LCDs, encoders and ledrings. Never did a MB project before with such features. Cheers
  8. Hello Since the last year I have been DJing in few gigs too. In the software side I have tested all DJ softwares and best choice for me was Traktor Pro 2 In the controller side I like the modular way and sincerely hate all-in-the-same-box MIDI DJ contollers, (such as Vestax VCI 100, Kontrol S4, Hercules, etc) so I´m using a nanokontrol as well, only for the FX rack + Decks Volume + Pitch control. For the Sample Decks + EQ I´m using other small controller: the Novation Nocturn Recently got a Ipad (+ TouchOSC) specially for music production & live performances, so basicaly my TouchOSC layout for DJing consists in buttons for browsing the tracks quickly, faders for seek track postion in each deck, tempo controls, play/pause + cue point buttons and 2 encoders as jogwheels. Didn´t have time to stick deeply in TouchOSC yet, so my layout for DJIng is quite simple. I´m planning more control over FX and other random stuff in a bigger and multipage layout Anyway I´m not happy 100% with this setup, and I´m planning to build a modular dj controller for Traktor 2 Pro, if I have some free time . Not a monster project but mainly for FX and Deck controls (I´m planning to mix with an external mixer in soon) In your case, as you mentioned you may build your own controller for DJing, I would suggest the Numark DJ2Go, it is very cheap and is not a big investment. They look like a toy, but everyone I know who owns one of that tiny controller have no complains about it, and in every review I read have said it is strong. Also I think it fits nicely together with a nanokontrol, phisically speaking. In fact I almost bought one of those, but had my choice with the iPad. Cheers
  9. Timecode Vinyl emulation via Mcu?

    HI Yes, I had read about rasteri´s scratch controller few times before. Althought I must PM/email him asking how precise his controller is and other few infos, some thoughts come to my mind: 1- Still MIDI, and if I remember correctly, In previous discussions on the forum, MIDI have a limitated baud rate when it comes to translate real scratch routines. Old threads though, it can be different now with MIOS32 over new Cores? (stm32, lpc1769) 2- On the wikipage, he said the CC MIDI messages coming from his precise jogwheel is natively supported in Traktor 3 and MixVibes only. Traktor is the industry standard, yes, and I don´t know too many people in the digital DJ realm that go to a serious gig with other software. However, if it have support for timecode tones, other industry standard could be included. eg. Itch Serato DJ software. Also he didn´t mentioned other versions of Traktor could support such CC events. Timecode tones are largely supported for all DJ softwares. yet, rasteri´s scratch controller is a good basis of learning for a timecode emulation system via hardware hope to listen more suggestions :yes:
  10. Hi I finally got my tablet and recently got this app: Tonetable It´s a emulation system for Timecode Vinyl System. Of course the feel of turn the vinyl on the screen surface sucks. I wonder if similar system could be done with a Mcu project (Midibox plataform preferably). Like make that app a real hardware. Eg: A jogwheel with a optic sensor in a ADC system under MCU, sending a tone for a DJ software/Timecode interface. It could be the definitive solution for the *poor* scratch system under MIDI. Also people could have a timecode system under their little knobs/jogwheels, for instance. So, avoiding the pain of carry their turntables up and down. What approach you suggest to make a similar hardware system based on that app?
  11. uuf isso parece que tá as moscas Para não terminar o ano sem nenhum post por aqui, e para quem ainda não sabe... http://www.microgenios.com/?,419,lpc1769-arm-cortex-m3-nxp-compre-e-ganhe-curso-online-handson-arm-m0-nxp.html LPC17 Core me chamou atenção principalmente essa semana com o projeto meio jovem todavia muito interessante do Sd Card Sample Player.Porém achei a revenda do LPC1769 aqui no Brasil por acaso procurando revendedores da fabricante de produtos para Mcus, a MikroElektronica Mouser parecia a única opção para o LPC, ai tá outra, parece salgado o preço mas se você é ancioso como eu, então :thumbsup: . Talvez saia quase o mesmo preço da Mouser, se você contar que seu LPC1769 pode ser retido pela alfândêga /edição: por favor não compre todas unidades do estoque antes do dia 20/12, data que eu recebo meu famigerado e tão aguardado décimo terceiro
  12. USB (from synth) to midi sysex converter ?

    Sure. I really don´t know why people don´t care with this functionality. There´s hundred of old synth-modules going cheap, such as the ones from Kurzweil, Korg, etc, that only have the DIN5 MIDI in PORT (of course). Also, Midibox synths just have that port. Thanks for the link! The product looks very new also pretty expensive. But I´ll consider that as a option. Actually it´s the price of the solution to convert USB to old MIDI DIN that I´m using (Netbook running a MIDI router software + Cables) Looks like the best and simple solution is plan the setup to the the old MIDI. Eg, buying a new keyboard with the DIN MIDI Or just pray for someone experienced in the MIOS32 programming make such solution for the convertion :whistle:
  13. USB (from synth) to midi sysex converter ?

    Hello I understood about the ´´host/driver compatibility´´ mentioned. But, thinking around, Instead of a ´´generic´´ USB MIDI out to old DIN MIDI Out converter, that could convert all kind of messages from all gears that have a MIDI USB out, it could be possible (and easier maybe) to develop just some specific solution for some specific host? Eg. Something to convert the USB MIDI out from a Axiom keyboard (a good example because it is a keyboard which sells a lot) to the old MIDI style socket (DIN)? It only could read the MIDI from that keyboard, no other. Convert, then throw it to a old DIN MIDI out port. Sorry for resurrecting this thread from the last year, but I´m get more and more intrigued with this subject. I wish it have a commercial solution for this, but I can´t find.
  14. Etching PCB

    It´s all matter of(kind of paper + experimentation) x patience. Of course it will consume some time. But 2 years is too much. :-) PIC burner transfer after etching in ferric chloride. Done some time ago. 2 days of experimentation. Coated paper used here (250 mg) I bet that those guys with high rated replies have better transfers + etching jobs better than mine :-)
  15. Sammich for $600 on eBay

    So what hapened with the non-profit thing? Should I start selling some built projects too? For instance, I bet that some MF based projects could help me to reach the budget for my first automobile :whistle: (I´m just kidding)