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  1. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Hey guis. Congrats for the amazing new box and to the people already built it.  Seeking this huge topic I met. at several occasions a demand for schematics or some detailed insight. I built my last (and only) Midibox4 from scratch, as a DIY project. I learned quite a lot by doing. Now, those kinky buttons, and especially their low count are inviting me do grab the soldering iron. To build it from scratch, again. A ready-made PCB kills all the fun for me. Will those be published? Or a PM? This looks as a great summer project.  Another question: Will it be possible to build a v4+ over a Disco board?
  2. Hey again, After multiple tests and trying different settings - SDCard, blanc project etc the problem persists. I wonder if someone is able to reproduce with his Midibox. I still have the doubt that this may be an electrical issue with my setup. Regards 
  3. Hey there,  this is really my first post here. Never had to ask anything before because all the informations and question I had was explained in a great detail here. However, those days I am stuck in a strange situation. I use a lot the section control function to jump into my patterns. While playing everything goes fine. But on recording, I can record correctly on the first part/section. On all others parts the notes are recorded lire over-quantized, there are a lot of unrecorded notes and a random skipped note is recorded on position one in the first section. I use a dedicated midi controller to change the sections on a dedicated midi input. There is no internal routing or another note source playing at the same time. I disabled also the NRPN inputs. Also, downgrading to 091 did not resolve the issue. The midi monitor does not show incoming notes. And the behavior persists even with the section control setting set to --. The behavior seems a lot like very fast section change I'm wondering if this is not a internal NRPN routing issue. I did not find a NRPN settings for the section change also. In the worst case it may be an electrical issue? My midi box is a custom made unit, based on the Wilba frontpannel routings ant settings, using a STM32F407 Thank you so much