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  1. Nice looking! ;-) Are you doing the painting job all by yourself? F.
  2. Thank you Bruno for the great job! I was thinking about "pure" analog clock (DinSync or just analog pulses), because I try to avoid any MIDI conversion... this is the reason why my actual main clock is coming from a Cirklon unit, which drives all my drum machines via DinSync (and also my TB-303). On the MIDI part, I only send notes, no clock information... ;-) The other clock source I sometimes use, is Roland's SBX-1 which also has DinSync... Anyway, that's not an issue with HAARP at all! Keep on going! F.
  3. Hi Bruno, that Desktop case looks awesome! Question: why did you plan 2 MIDI IN? Wouldn't 1 MIDI IN just be enough, or do you have some features which can benefit from the 2 MIDI INs? Like assigning MIDI IN 1 to the (external) transpose function and MIDI IN 2 for MIDI Clock? Also, is there any chance to have analog sync - at least DinSync (IN is the most important im my eyes, but eventually also OUT)? I understand that most probably there will be no time/space for some design changes like the above, just curious! :-) F.
  4. Hi and happy new year! Is there any update on the project status? Cheers, Flavio.
  5. Damn! You're lightning fast in coding! GREAT THING! Will you also demo this feature with a short video?! :-p Really really appreciate this! F.
  6. Hey Bruno! That's very good news! And thanks for crediting me for the input :-) That's really sweet! I definitely want the desktop version of HAARP as soon as you release it. DIY or already assembled (preferred, but not mandatory, as I have a good friend who's doing DIY for me and himself). THANK YOU! F.
  7. Hi Bruno. Many thanks for looking into it - I would really love to see it in the final firmware! :-) Let me know if I might be of any kind of help (even if it's just showing you how the ARPIE does its thing...). BR, Flavio.
  8. OK, maybe you put this feature on the "wishlist", it's not mandatory but it's for sure nice once you start playing around with it. Honestly I've sort of "abandoned" the ARPIE because it has no memory! You power it off and all your settings are gone :-( This is why I'm looking out for a similar unit, but with patch memory (like yours). I'll be waiting... F.
  9. Hi Bruno... I tried in vain to quote as you did :-( Sorry! So here we go, therefore... 1 - will there be any list on which one will have to sign up to get the whole package? 2 - I was thinking about the "rest" feature which is present in the ARPIE Arpeggiator --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJFHf_Ribx4 (at 1:09 you see it). 3 - great! Thanks, Flavio.
  10. Hi all. Bruno - great work! I was wondering a couple of things: 1 - is a DIY kit for a desktop version already available? 2- is there any way to have patterns which are not playing constantly (I don't know how to describe it)? Like a pattern in which you have the first two 16th notes being played, then 1 paused, then again 3 played, and so on... 3 - how much patterns can be saved in total on the SD card? I think this is it for now... ;-) Thanks and regards, Flavio.
  11. Hi all. I'm selling my MIDIBOX SEQv4 - in perfect shape and working order. I'm asking the same price it was sold to me - Euro 850.- (excl. shipping) Pics here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskM1M61o Thanks for your attention! Flavio.
  12. Hi all. On the BSP it is possible to define the note value (with the potentiometer) for each step, but the note will only play if the step button is lit/active. On the MIDIBox SEQ as soon as I turn the knob to set the note, it gets activated and I didn't find a way to be able to see what note I'm placing while still leaving it muted. Anybody can help in this? Or would this be a feature request? Thanks, Flavio.
  13. Hi k2z3k0 - ain't it already possible to use some sort of "master keyboard" on which you play notes and direct them to a track on the SEQ V4? Or did I misunderstand something?! And at the same time, having the notes being forwarded to the synth/unit you're playing... F.
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