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  1. Hi all. I'm selling my MIDIBOX SEQv4 - in perfect shape and working order. I'm asking the same price it was sold to me - Euro 850.- (excl. shipping) Pics here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskM1M61o Thanks for your attention! Flavio.    
  2. Hi all. On the BSP it is possible to define the note value (with the potentiometer) for each step, but the note will only play if the step button is lit/active. On the MIDIBox SEQ as soon as I turn the knob to set the note, it gets activated and I didn't find a way to be able to see what note I'm placing while still leaving it muted. Anybody can help in this? Or would this be a feature request? Thanks, Flavio.
  3. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Hi k2z3k0 - ain't it already possible to use some sort of "master keyboard" on which you play notes and direct them to a track on the SEQ V4? Or did I misunderstand something?! And at the same time, having the notes being forwarded to the synth/unit you're playing... F.
  4. Hi Karg. Thanks for your reply. I'm actually a Launchpad S owner and about to sell it. Don't know when/if I will buy a "Pro" one, but I'll take you in account when it'll come to that for me! BR, Flavio
  5. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Hi ppl. I'd love to be able to set "first/last step" on a pattern - can this feature be added somewhen? Thanks, F.
  6. Hi Sylwester! Looks pretty nice! Is there any "manual" for this, or how would I exactly be using its functions? Thanks, F.
  7. Change MIDI pair numbering?

    Ah, so by "devices" you mean new/actual gear which has USB MIDI interface... got it! I'm enjoying the SEQ V4, even if it's kinda steep learning curve (for me at least)! Cheers! F.
  8. Change MIDI pair numbering?

    Gosh! Never thought about "MIDI over USB"! Is it working ok? Does it have downsides? Pros&Cons?
  9. Change MIDI pair numbering?

    I got more than a dozen devices, and as of today I was using MOTU MIDI Express 128 with "software routing" done on my MacBook Pro. Then I bought 2x MP-88 because I wanted to start becoming "computer-independent" (using it only for recording/editing purposes). I love having each synth connected with both IN and OUT so that it's easy to backup/restore via SysEx. With my SEQ V4 I got 8 OUTs, 4 of which are paired with INs - I'll see what I can do. Maybe I just make 4 (or 8) separated output chains and at least one input to be able to record "live" from my master keyboard. In the end, I only need both IN&OUT with my computer (and only when I need to backup/restore). I guess I'll be fine... Thanks, F.
  10. Change MIDI pair numbering?

    ... I'm just thinking if I'll really need my 2 MP-88 MIDI patchbays/routers... :-o F
  11. Change MIDI pair numbering?

    OK guys - got it. I will simply need to rearrange my way of thinking when connecting stuff... EASY! No way that this beautiful piece of DIY work will get sold! :-) BR, Flavio.
  12. Change MIDI pair numbering?

    BTW: yes, I can confirm the excellent work done by =FFW=> ;-)
  13. Change MIDI pair numbering?

    Hi! Yes, it is that machine indeed! And yes, the ports are mapped as you see in the picture. What is confusing me, is the "non-linearity": the MIDI out ports on the left are nicely put in sequence (1-2-3-4). But then I'd expect IN1-OUT1, IN2-OUT2, IN3-OUT3, IN4-OUT4 - this is what's annoying me. Of course I can read "MIDI IO 1" and "MIDI IO 2" but then again: it makes it weird with that numbering. I could've been happy also with having 4321 instead of 1234 - just not having them "mixed up" 3412... What do you guys suggest now? F.
  14. Change MIDI pair numbering?

      Hi borfo - maybe I'm blind, but I didn't find any J11e in the page you linked... Anyway, I'd prefer not to have to open up my MIDIBox... Thanks all! Flavio.
  15. Change MIDI pair numbering?

    Hi there. I got a splendid SEQ V4 (built by =FFW=>) and I found out that I got the MIDI pair numbering "inverted": instead of being (from right to left, back panel) 4-3-2-1 they are 2-1-4-3 Is there any way to change the order without having to open up the case and swap cables? Thanks, Flavio.