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  1. Midi_IO Troubles

    What is the exact message on screen? This message comes from NOTIFY_MIDI_TimeOut Function which notifies an error of Sysex or BLM (uncomplete). Is there any MIDI In connected? Check if one of your external equipment don't send any Sysex, check your configuration Port for the BLM in your SEQ. Best  
  2. interresting ;) for your Y axis: //////// show WAVE-FORM - S C O P E //////// MUTEX_LCD_TAKE; MIOS32_LCD_DeviceSet(14); APP_LCD_GCursorSet(H,(63-V)); // (h, v) set insert Position for Bitmap APP_LCD_Data(0x80 >> ((63-V) % 8)); MUTEX_LCD_GIVE; Where   0 <= V < 64
  3. Hello, Yes, refer to trunk/modules/app_lcd/ssd1306/app_lcd.c you don't need the command, sorry I shared a part of the universal module code. I don't understand the result you want to achieve(graphically) can you explain? Like peter said, it's better to manipulate a full frame instead of singles bit, this will avoid to get wrong remaining pixels. Best
  4. Hello, Check ssd1306 datasheet, you can write only one segment at a time, you can not write a single pixel. A segment is a 8 vertical pixel. Use:   APP_LCD_Cmd(0x5c); // Write RAM APP_LCD_Data(abyte); Shift the pixel in the byte using >> or << e.g. abyte = 1 << ( V % 8 ); Something like that ;) best Bruno
  5. New wilba CS - button problems

    Latigid push you in the right way, a SRIO bécomes crazy when an input of a 165 is not connected(floating). They have to be all connected to a level even if They are not used, it is what thé résistor network do...
  6. Effect pedal, MIDI on a Jack.[SOLVED]

    Hello,  this diagram is to connect an fx in jack directly to the uart tx/rx of a Core, i did not test it from and to Midi connectors. There’s optocoupling between rx and midi connector. I have to make some test, unfortunately i left home this morning, i can answer to your question but you will have to wait 2 weeks before that. is it fine for you? best  bruno
  7. LoopA v2 prototype

    My eurorack may have the little sequencer it deserves!!! Best Bruno

    Hello, A = B = fits exactly the ucapps core board footprint. C = D = don't fit exactly the ucapps core board footprint. => for C and D we need to use wire or to bend a part of the header. Sorry if I wasn't clear before. For all cases bootloader is the same method, except that you will maybe need to advise Memory address at burn, depending on version of your LPCXpresso ide, see Best Bruno
  9. MIDI_CORE_LPC17 PCB? I don't order board from them since a moment... If you want to be sure just ask them the revision of the board before order, rev A or B fits the core without modification. Best Bruno

    Hi, @vodrha You're right you can use an input pin as timer capture input, depending on timer frequency you will get a a good accuracy but this not the easiest way... Why not using SR_Service_Prepare(void) which is called every millisecond, check your input pin value, reset and start counting on first falling edge, stop and store counter value on second falling edge, you will get the duration per quarter note "D" in ms. Then calculate your tempo  T= 60000/D an finaly set your tempo using  MCLOCK_BPMSet(T); Best regards Bruno
  11. Recommend me a sampler

    Maybe because I didn't reply oups! @u-link In one hand MIDI is already implemented on both side but the MIDI commands are limited, on the other hand the SPI interface is fully implemented on Tsunami side, but you will need to write a small module software driver for MIOS32. Write a dedicated module is not very complicated, and it can benefit everyone. Tell me if you do not know how to tackle it... Best Bruno
  12. PCBs for sale

    Thank you!
  13. PCBs for sale

    Hello, I like those encoder caps, seems there's no needle, where did you find it? Best Bruno
  14. Fatar TP/40L Midification

    Bienvenue à toi, le toulousain, t'as fait le bon choix ;) I will follow your project too! For you to know that if your order amount is more than 70€, shipping is free at Mouser, then it's some time better to wait and group your order. Best regards Bruno de Dax ;)
  15. Waveshare Core

    Ahah, finally it was quick! Better to open a dedicated new topic. Add some explanation of what you did, mostly the available ports. Just to know what changes are made. If the MIOS32 can be used as it is. Just an idea... if it is not too far from what you need to do, if you have to reduce the ports of the MIOS32 better they correspond to those that exist on a Core MIOS8;) Best regards Bruno