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  1. midiphy SEQ v4+

    You can give him the number #0 not as a null one but as the origin, the source, the root, the base one!
  2. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    Well done, if it's not a reused box it's time to smoke a good cigar ;)
  3. You can maybe reduce the angle. by hand ;)
  4. lol, yes I also thought to adapt a syringe dispenser to my CNC, a lot of work for an hypothetical result :)
  5. Custom Keycap for the SeqV4+[CLOSED]

    Last one left this morning. The bulk is closed. Thanks to the people involved, without you it would have been impossible to get my set! Best regards Bruno  
  6. Yep it is the Troglass-Led from Trotec.
  7. Yes, just extend the overall size of the window and mill the difference with a 1.5mm depth, your window will flush the surface and be held at the back.  
  8. Hi guys, I don't know the best for your project but I can explain what I did for the OLRE16. First is the MASK, it's black PMMA. Both sides are milled. I let some space between the leds on the pcb to keep some matters between the leds housing. Led size is 1.5x2mm On the other side(front side) there's some stripes which will fit inside the translucent PMMA, they will block the light between the leds, between the rings and between the rings and the oleds. . Note: the olre16 top pcb(ring) has no component on the top except the leds and the oleds. In blue are the back leds housing. In Red there are the holes. In Yellow, some stripes to block the light on the front, those stripes will fit inside the back of the translucent PMMA. The second part is the 'WINDOW', in translucent white PMMA, it's a LED special one, the same I used for the beat led window of the Seqv4+. The back part will fit inside the MASK, in other word the base of the WINDOW will receive the MASK's stripes, of course the WINDOW's pipes are in front of the MASK's holes. Then the Aluminum front panel comes to finish blocking the light and the pipes of the WINDOW will fit inside the panel, flush the surface. When they are coupled When coupled , assembled the thickness without the pipes height(front panel thickness) doesn't exceed 2.5mm Voilà! I don't know if it will help you and It's surely an "over-engineered" thing but this is the only solution I found, and it works. Best regards Bruno
  9. midiphy SEQ v4+

    copier! ;) fine you received it :) For the light leak just paint in the sides of the switches with a permanent black marker, this should be enough. Have a good WE Bruno
  10. New eurorack modules from midiphy - preview

    the panels will be made of classic aluminum or steel like for the seqv4+ ?  
  11. blm 16x16+x Costs - Calculation

    With a redesigned white casing too?  
  12. Custom Keycap for the SeqV4+[CLOSED]

    It remains only ONE!!!
  13. New eurorack modules from midiphy - preview

    it seems you made some progress with the layout :) I'm always interested in those 8 channels sharp 1V/Oct ! You can maybe reuse the front panel and front board from Andy. You will economize some working time, it can help you finish this great module. Best
  14. @weasel I received you message. Tell me what you need to know here as everybody can access it too. If I can answer to your question about what I did for the OLRE16 ring mask and window I will do. Best  
  15. New eurorack modules from midiphy - preview

    No, it's not. If you really want to try it... here a mios32 module for the pixi (max11300). this is a draft ! Please share your work if you do some modification or correction. Thanks