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  1. MIDI over Bluetooth with ESP32

    Capabilities and inside features are awesome!.. 512k RAM :-) hummm Do you think you will be able to find the time, during this harsh winter, to migrate the mios32 bootloader to the HAL( F4 ;), so that this magnificent OS that we love so much will become almost eternal? Hihi In any case thank you and have good time with DIY and experimentation... So good to read that! :)  
  2. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Hello! @lp1977 asked me some wood sides for the SeqV4+,  the exact ones I made for mine except that oak will be used, no more exotic wood. it's a little stupid to turn on and prepare the machine for just a pair. I provide the pair sanded but raw, for you to choose and apply the finishing you prefer. I will add some longer screws in the package. PM me if interested. Best regards Bruno  
  3. The HAARP, an Hardware Advanced Arpeggiator.

    Always about the RSF, there was already an OFFSET Pot which shift the notes over the timeline, it moves all the notes in the range of +/- the arpeggio length minus 1. It changes the starting Note. So I added an option for the RSF which is "RSF follows OFFSET". When enabled the RSF becomes relative to the OFFSET, it moves with the notes on OFFSET changes and each note value keeps its resting state , disabled the RSF is static and resting steps always the same independently from the OFFSET and it's not always the same notes which are off. Maybe not clear but video will explain all that better ;) Best regards Bruno
  4. The HAARP, an Hardware Advanced Arpeggiator.

    Yes but I left the country, I've got the HAARP with me to work on at night but I'm somewhere in an hotel in Africa, connection is not good. So when I will be back home...
  5. The HAARP, an Hardware Advanced Arpeggiator.

    Done! // Voice Structure typedef union { struct { u8 ALL[1+(sizeof(notestack_item_t)*ARP_NOTESTACK_SIZE)+8+1+7+6+3]; }; struct { u8 notestack_len; notestack_item_t notestack_items[ARP_NOTESTACK_SIZE]; u32 resting_steps[2]; // Resting Step Feature(RSF) requested by FlavioB ;) arp_par_func_t func; arp_par_timing_t arp; arp_par_trans_t trans; arp_par_vel_t vel; }; } arp_voice_t; Then this is how it works: The selected step for Resting Step Feature(RSF) is the one with grey background, you can move this selection with the encoder. (Initially the encoder was used for TEMPO, but tempo is the altered function of the encoder now(with ALT button), and RSF is the main function of the encoder) Pushing the encoder(switch) is toggling the RSF for the selected step. then a white bar appears at the bottom of the velocity and the semitone becomes grey. HOME button + Encoder Switch is clearing all the Resting Steps. Note: If an HID keyboard is connected: Left/Right Arrow for selection. Up/Down Arrow or Enter for Toggling Del/BackSpace to Clear All ... And this is not a legend, it already works ;) Voilà! PS: Shooting a picture of a TFT with an iPhone is a bad thing ;) Colors are really better in real :) Best regards Bruno
  6. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    It's a VGT6.
  7. The HAARP, an Hardware Advanced Arpeggiator.

    I think I understood how it works, in my case it's worst than I thought this needs more than 32 muting bits. A u32 word is not enough. If notestack(10notes) is fully filled and the motif is a PINKY UP&DOWN or THUMB UP&DOWN the sequence achieves 36 steps for example... I added 2 u32 words for each voice, it's a 27Kbytes session now instead of 23, and it's fine even with the bitmaps of the TFT which are rather greedy ;) I think I will not add it as a list like the notestack EDIT but directly in the HOME page(piano-roll) it will avoid me to modify the process, no need of pre-calculation of the whole sequence. In fact thank you, it will be a great feature... And there will be a "Resting Steps feature requested by FlavioB" somewhere in the code ;) Best regards Bruno  
  8. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Cause the led is static and only the cap moves, I thought a too much large led might perturb the cap travel, and never tried it. Great!! ;) I also put a red one for REC button :) Congratulations! Enjoy! And Welcome cause it seems to be your first post! ;)  
  9. The HAARP, an Hardware Advanced Arpeggiator.

    I had a look, have to test it. It's easy to implement it on the harpie cause there's no preset, the thing you dislike on it. On the HAARP a full session is loaded in RAM, to permit the user to work on the whole session in a non-destructive fashion. If I add this feature I have to add a 32bit word to each voice(8x8x8) in the structure as we can save it or it has no sense to add it, it's 2K to find in ram just for this. More than that it obliges me rethink a part of the processing. So if I do it, I've got to do it now, to choose now, this is not something I will be able to add later, and it needs to change the structure of the session, means old presets you made without will be not compatible anymore if I add it later(Except if I implement a versioning and translating process :( huge) I will try and spend some time for that, even if it delays the first release. Under construction note stack editor ;) Best regards
  10. Peter, BRAVO!!! It's a beautiful thing, looking forward to seeing the metal case, it will be awesome. It remains me some from the SeqV4+ Custom Keycaps I made, not enough for a SeqV4+ set, but enough for LoopA. for free just pay shipment if interested. Best regards Bruno
  11. Open source documentation for MIDIphy stuff?

    I will not argue eternally, you have accused me of false insinuations so I defended myself and in PM to do not annoy people. I just give a hand that you spit on. You just confirm. By the way, you're right, Emilie shares everything. Oh! And I am also on the MI forum Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lol
  12. Open source documentation for MIDIphy stuff?

    You don't need to justify cause it wasn't an accusation but the explanation why we prefer to protect it. So there was no insinuation like you said. There was nothing against you especially and personally. I just asked you to be quiet and do not react like that in PM to avoid the last exchanges that we have just had here, cause people don't care. In the same message I also explained you why Midiphy, "people don't have time to start from scratch" "Midiphy is just a slight declination of TK's work" etc... Exactly what Peter told you at the same time here. Do not give up like that, there's everything you need here, start speaking technical and I'll be one of the first to help you in your project, as usual. Sincerely, Bruno
  13. Open source documentation for MIDIphy stuff?

    Do not misrepresent people's words next time. Have a good day! Bruno
  14. Open source documentation for MIDIphy stuff?

    That's fine! Best  
  15. Open source documentation for MIDIphy stuff?

    Guy! You can understand that when someone spent a lot of time to design a device, he doesn't want to see it cloned and resold without his consent, yes or no? That's the reason we tend to do not share the layout of our project, just to protect it. Watch to Mutable it's open source but Emilie doesn't share her pcb layout. Now start your own, for a CV sequencer everything is available, from schematics to code, if you have question just ask it here, people will answer and you will see how much MB is a collaborative platform. Share the result and you will also get the feedback to know if it has a commercial interest. Best regards Bruno