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  1. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Awesome work!
  2. Stephan Bodzin live @ Piz Gloria for Cercle

    I was not clear, maybe my english ;) You're totally right, I said that it does not JUST look like, but IT IS a livid for sure ;) Best, my friend!
  3. Stephan Bodzin live @ Piz Gloria for Cercle

    it doesn't look like it is for sure! Thank you the mystery is solved
  4. Stephan Bodzin live @ Piz Gloria for Cercle

    Ah ok I understand that it's joke just now. Funny but I do not aggree! I am a purist, he is too old to cheat too, he does the same in mix version, no auto-sync.
  5. Stephan Bodzin live @ Piz Gloria for Cercle

    Means? More information? Cause I though it is "PowerOfTen", ten fingers I suppose, I read it somewhere on his page. Best
  6. As usual Cercle brings us in a great place with a great artist! 10000 feet, under the clouds, in heaven. Beautiful! Have a look on his setup, mostly on his PO10 controller. I didn't find what is inside, a midibox maybe  !? Anyway enjoy the music!  
  7. micro-second counter?

    Hi Mike, I'm not sure but 1ms is the smallest rate you can achieve with RTOS Tasks. Use MIOS32 Timer instead, the timer can be set to a multiple of 1us Check this: Best regards Bruno
  8. It's about 6N137 optocoupler as replacemant for 6N138 on MIDI8 and MIDI-IO Boards. Differences is that the 6N137 is a CMOS level output. More than that the 6N137 will allow you to significantly increase the speed between two MIDIbox. From datasheet maximum speed is 10 MBaud/s instead of 100KBaud/s for the 138. On the MIDI board you just have to remove the 4K7 resistor and replace 1K pull-up for a 10K. Done! Best regards Bruno  
  9. Online Gerber Viewer

    Ohhh seems good! They say "German manufacturing" :) And visualizer is better than osh-park. I tried the board which was faulty at OP and here I can see the errors :) Did you try them? It's a bit more expensive but a good compromise between OP and Eurocircuit for prototype. Thank you. Best regards Bruno
  10. midi socket 5pol Din 180°

    like you said it's difficult to know. It's maybe mass production which decreases the price or material used and time will give the answer ;)
  11. midi socket 5pol Din 180°

    I found this and requested for a quote today, they are Kycon connectors, price is good. Mike, wait a few maybe...
  12. midi socket 5pol Din 180°

    Yes me too, I'm sorry Mike. It's a big part of the budget but it's an important component...  
  13. USB Host support for MBHP_CORE_STM32F4

    I found the problem, In fact it is the SSD1322 screen which is ultra greedy !! Not an USB issue. Then Dual USB is working and supports MIDI and HID !   About HUB support. Someone did it, it's in HAL not SPL, but it's maybe enough to find the right way and good inspiration ;) Anyway this proves that hardware is capable. It would be nice to implement the HUB, to connect several devices but also because a USB extender is also seen as a HUB, a HUB with a single port but it is a HUB! Best regards Bruno
  14. Blink LED with NG (Code-Sharing)

    In your App.c #define RESOLUTION 1000 // in uS #define TIMER_NUM 1 // TIM3 #define TIMER_PRIO MIOS32_IRQ_PRIO_MID static void TIMER_TIck(void); ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // This hook is called after startup to initialize the application ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// void APP_Init(void) { MIOS32_TIMER_Init(TIMER_NUM, RESOLUTION, TIMER_TIck, TIMER_PRIO); } // This function will be called every ms static void TIMER_TIck(void) { // Your function here } This is MIOS32 ready to use Timer function.
  15. Blink LED with NG (Code-Sharing)

    If you need help writing a new RTOS task(or something else, there's some others ways to add a non-blocking delay), this is not a problem but in regular code only, and I really don't know how to link it with the NG scripting syntax. But maybe one of you knows?