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  1. midiphy Eurorack Expander Modules

    It was to complete the discussion about an Euro Core module, discussion which was started here. There's no mix, just a parenthesis. This is fully compatible with your Euro Modules and even made for. Have a good Sunday my friend.
  2. midiphy Eurorack Expander Modules

    I did it... And it works. STM32F405RG (1MB flash), dipCoreF4 based. 2 MIDI IN, 2 MIDI OUT USB Device/Host(OTG FS) USB Host(OTG HS in FS mode) SD Card(Micro) SRIO (J8/9) J19 for AOUT J15A for serial LCD, 2 CS lines. J18 CAN J4 I2Cx2 J5 ADCx2 2 Leds User/Reset Button. USB/EURO Power, auto switching with Euro Prior. Power switch acts on both power source. 44mm depth 12HP Voilà! Best regards Bruno  
  3. dipCoreF4 Euro Assembly & cabling

    From the album dipCoreF4

  4. dipCoreF4 Euro Assembly & cabling

    From the album dipCoreF4

  5. dipCoreF4 Euro Assembly & cabling

    From the album dipCoreF4

  6. dipCoreF4 Euro Assembly & cabling

    From the album dipCoreF4

  7. dipCoreF4 Euro Assembly & cabling

    From the album dipCoreF4

  8. SammichSID set clearGate in MIOS?

    The infamous ADSR bug of the SID ! ;)
  9. @Phatline I found this topic, your topic, it can maybe help. It seems the same issue.  
  10. A clearer log:   Seems to be a Linux subtlety... Someone?  
  11. How long are the triggers in a drumtrack

    Not sure for a 9090 but generally a drum sound has no sustain and triggers on NoteOn, Note duration does not matter, but NoteOff must be received between 5 and 10ms after, just to permit the same NoteOn to be received again.  
  12. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    Id pin(PA10) is floating externally but pulled up internally(cpu), connected to ground externally for host mode. Core must be restarted on each Dev/Host switching. There's no jumper or other option on PA10 it's directly connected to CPU pin. So check continuity between R3(Dev/Host switch) and the Core, this line should be broken you just have to find where... R3 is not really necessary and can be replaced by a piece of wire.  
  13. SEQ Workflow w/other gear

    You can set your SQ80 in LOCAL OFF, Keyboard will act to MIDI OUT but not to SQ80 Sound engine. And use it as a Master Keyboard. Of course internal sounds can still be played from MIDI In and internal sequencer MASTER PAGE > Set KBD=MIDI(instead of BOTH). Best regards Bruno  
  14. The HAARP Desktop proto.

    @Phatline You're right, It's a toy! Cause I'm like a child when I play with it :) It's very instinctive to create grooving melodies and other bass lines with it. I will do a demo in video ASAP...  
  15. Need help for building a MIDI keyboard..

    Salut Thierry, I'm not the best to answer this question, I don't know NG, but after reading its concept page, it seems NG supports up to 2 velocity sensitive keyboards (like known from MIDIbox KB) So i will say NG ;) Best regards Bruno