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  1. If I remember well display is part of the CS, so it will not initialize with the firmware you use. But maybe I'm wrong. BR Bruno
  2. Something you can do is using the shield as ground, some recent machines doesn't provide GND on Midi out pin 2, there's a chance shield is connected, this cable adaptation needs the GND to work properly. There's some explanation about it above in the thread.
  3. On my side it works with a MOTU fastlane or both MTPAV(old and USB model) I think there's no rule, here I tried to find a workaround to avoid commercial boxes, I never said it will work without exception ;) Still better to buy or build one of this active boxes, with optocoupler inside. BR Bruno
  4. Hi, Mike is right, not like it is! Crystal frequency change will oblige to change the configuration of the STM deeply to get its perpherals work at the right speed, the sd card uses quad spi instead of single one it's a new module to write, remap all pins etc etc... Recompile a new bootloader because finally you will need you own version of MIOS32 to make it run. It's possible if you've got time and knowledge(or still more time to learn it). BR Bruno
  5. Comme l'indique Raphaël(rmouneyres) c'est 8 voix en // qui basiquement font tourner 8 arpèges mono, le note off de la dernière note est toujours envoyé avant une nouvelle note, le GATE ne permet pas de chevauchement de note, Il y a aussi une fonction avancée qui permet depuis un clavier midi de jouer des accords du même arpège, chaque note va déclencher un arpège qui sera transposé en fonction de la note joué. On patiente un peu encore ;)
  6. @Hawkeye Hi Peter, it seems email notifications are broken... @JS90 Hi, could you share picture of pcb please (bottom and top)
  7. Antichambre

    Korg Poly-61MB Upgrade

    Upgrade boards for the Korg Poly-61
  8. Hi all, I place this project here baecause it's more than a simple midification of a vintage synth. Here is the only existing post which talk about this subject here It already exists a few retro kit for the Korg Poly-61, but i wanted to fully upgrade my old Poly-61. It's a synth I owned for free, it was found at the back of a concert hall, in the trash. I fixed and renovate it. Symptoms were the common ones, battery leakage on the porgrammer board, wood parts and some keys were destroyed. Once it was fixed I got a lot of fun with it, it sounds typically 80s with a fat analog vibe and i love that. but using MIDI for pretty everything I was very frustrated by the lack of midi control and it's limited control panel. So I started to study something better. I replaced all the digital part of the synth by a MIDIbox based one, I kept all the signal path like it is. I also reuse the existing control panel I recreate the exact behavior of the original one in MIOS32, named LEGACY mode, the original factory presets were implemented too. The useless TAPE ENABLE switch at the back is now a switch between the LEGACY mode and the EXTENDED mode, it enhances the parameters ranges and adds some new parameters. Finally I designed a dedicated Control surface which can be directly connected and powered to/by the Poly using USB. The Poly has an USB device port to connect to a daw and an Host port to connect a MIDI controller. Voilà! Best Regards Bruno
  9. Hi Tony, Not exactly the right place, here we talk about DIY MIDI Devices There's no service manual/schematics available for this product, but. Denon DJ Replacement Crossfader for MCX8000/MC4000 As you can see, pinout of the connector CN1 is GND, ADC, VCC. Means that pot drives an ADC(Analog to Digital Converter) with a ADC value range of GND to VCC then ADC pin value range is ADC=GND (only channel A) to ADC=VCC (only channel B), where center value is ADC=VDD/2 (both channels A and B mixed equally). Both channels muted at the same time is not possible, using this ADC input. Still possible to replace the fader, it's cheap ;) Best regards
  10. https://codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/136406/tetris-in-c-in-200-lines ;)
  11. Hi, It seems not new. YMF825 (SD-1) Year of release: 2011 FM: 16 channels (4-op, 29 waveforms) Used in: Home appliances (Chinese market) This appears to be a version of MA-3. It has no PCM or Analog Lite capabilities. Using 2-op instruments does not give extra channels, thus it's probably best to use 4-op instruments. https://gist.github.com/bryc/e85315f758ff3eced19d2d4fdeef01c5
  12. Les cordonniers sont toujours les plus mal chaussés.
  13. A quick video demo, made by a friend. I just gave it to him like that, without much explanation. The user manual is still not ready (blame me) but he managed to catch the thing even though he only used a few of the features.
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