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  1. OLED shows noisy-output

    Have fun ! Bruno
  2. OLED shows noisy-output

    One which uses the LCD routines, you can write it.   ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Include files ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// #include <mios32.h> #include "app.h" #include <glcd_font.h> ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Local variables ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // This hook is called after startup to initialize the application ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// void APP_Init(void) { // initialize all LEDs MIOS32_BOARD_LED_Init(0xffffffff); } ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // This task is running endless in background ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// void APP_Background(void) { int i; // clear LCDs MIOS32_LCD_DeviceSet(0xff); //select all lcds MIOS32_LCD_Clear(); // endless loop while( 1 ) { for(i=0; i<16; i++){ MIOS32_LCD_DeviceSet(i); MIOS32_LCD_GCursorSet(0, 0); MIOS32_LCD_FontInit((u8 *)GLCD_FONT_NORMAL); // 6x8 font MIOS32_LCD_PrintString("This is a test for:"); MIOS32_LCD_GCursorSet(0, 8); MIOS32_LCD_PrintFormattedString("LCD#%02d ", i); } } } something like that... obviously you must include the app_lcd in your makefile: # application specific LCD driver (selected via makefile variable) include $(MIOS32_PATH)/modules/app_lcd/$(LCD)/ check your LCD variable is "universal", of course. And LCD must be configured in your bootloader(updater) Did you check it?
  3. OLED shows noisy-output

    I was serious with the bootloader check, but doesn't matter... Did you try an app with a correct clear of the oled on init and write something after... (not just the legacy boot sequence) ???!! But Andy is maybe right, you have to check your core boards first and the resistance network there's on the J15 lines, check the 595 too it can put too much load on the RS line. If the boards you use are not the ones you made, swap the cores of the two mbhp to see if it comes from board or Core...
  4. OLED shows noisy-output

    first go in your bootloader updater (terminal) and check if there's difference in the configuration between the two cores...
  5. OLED shows noisy-output

    Yes it was happened to me recently, it was a bad clearing in software... The noise appears on startup you have to clear it correctly. MIOS32_LCD_Clear
  6. mnmlCore

    I received the boards, I paid extra 25€ for customs, it seems Serbia is not an European country Grrrrrrr ... this is the first reason why I will quickly redesign this board, the second reason is that it works fine.   Have a good day Bruno
  7. Relocation of keybed from main board not working

    Yes it makes sense, one side of your ribbon seems to be wrong (left connector on your picture) Welcome here... Best regards Bruno
  8. Maximum number of MID I/O?

    You know that you've got the same thing here with the line driver same principle ;) best Bruno
  9. Maximum number of MID I/O?

    Ah ok this is not ethernet! You will just use Cat5e cable to transmit a "balanced" MIDI. like the RS422 is the balanced version of the RS232 This is just an extender, that's great.
  10. Maximum number of MID I/O?

    Kissbox so.
  11. Maximum number of MID I/O?

    No SPI port on your "circuit"?
  12. Maximum number of MID I/O?

    Or you just wait a few... I've got a surprise .  
  13. mnmlCore

    Try to reuse Andy's USB and SD Cards maybe, just change the main board. And MIDI8 or legacy MIDI_IO Module
  14. mnmlCore

    I just found this: which is exactly what I wanted to do. Then I don't need mnmlCore anymore Best Bruno
  15. mnmlCore

    smaller Your idea from beginning...