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  1. Hello Chris, I am probably the fifth wheel, but if no one else answers... Here are my 2 pences. I suspect you have to modify trunk\modules\keyboard\keyboard.h to add a u8 dout_sr3; near dout_sr2, then find all occurences of dout_sr2 in trunk\modules\keyboard\keyboard.c, and add management for dout_sr3 in a similar way. Be careful, you should also modify u16 selection_mask = ~(1 << (u16)kc->selected_row); if( kc->din_inverted ) selection_mask ^= 0xffff; in u32 selection_mask = ~((u32)1 << (u16)kc->selected_row); if( k
  2. Hi all, working on many projects this period, hence no time to follow my first passion. First of all, I am a newbie (as you can see on the left), but I think no, because midibox_kb does not provide DIN scanning for other purpose than keyboard scanning. Then, I more or less completed my evaluations, and I decided to beg Thorsten without dignity to add at least one keyboard. After this, I have two more requests. The first, about correcting knob or bars rendering when variable value is negative (%B format) Last one, if it is possible to modify contr
  3. Hi Thorsten and all, when printing a negative transpose value, the vertical bar at its right becomes a box. I suspect there is a bug in mbng_lcd.c, line 692 probably should be int normalized_value = (item->min <= item->max) ? ((s16)item->value - item->min) : ((s16)item->value - item->max);
  4. Thank you FantomXR, I missed it! And now I cannot try, damn! Ok, I am not pretty sure which of two soultion is better, but... who cares
  5. Hi all, today I would like to share my experience with encoder on scs, the board version made by ilmenator (semper laudetur), attached to MBHP_CORE_STM32F4, midibox_NG project. I noticed that sometimes, especially when fast rotating my encoder (I choosed a bourns PEC12R), midibox_NG detects more events than really executed, or worse, events in opposite verse. Using an oscilloscope I saw many spikes on encoder pin, duration shorter than 1 ms. Following suggestion on attached datasheet (I hope attaching this document is permitted, I did not find any rule against, but if so I
  6. Thank you FantomXR. Both "break_is_make on" and "make_debounce on" work for me, hence I am satisfied. I was commenting behaviour of keyboard scanning with both that directives off, because imho it could be improved. It should behave better if sending a noteOn when detected make contact open-close without break contact opening. If not doing so, you could have a key pressed without sound. Velocity perhaps could be calculated from a delay which value could be if x < 2*delay_fastest delay = ((delay_slowest - delay_fastest)/delay_fastest2) x2 - 2((delay_slowest - delay
  7. Hi all, I did some experiments, and discovered reason of this behaviour. First of all, I enabled debug set kb 1 debug on then I tried to play keyboard, while Mios Studio monitoring (excellent tool) revealing last a#1 note (I was keeping it pressed for a while after last B1 note off) not being detected. Debug window shows that... at 5191.503 I pressed the a#1 key after partially depressing, so make contact was briefly open while break contact was closed. No more A#1 sound while key A#1 is pressed. Workaround #1: disable velocity set kb 1 break_
  8. Hi all, I quickly searched if someone else detected this behaviour, but I did not find anything similar, in case please forgive. The environment is MBHP_CORE_STM32F4, one MBHP_DIO_MATRIX connected with two 61 keys Fatar keyboards, with velocity. Default.ngc is RESET_HW LCD "%CKeyboard Test" # reduce number of SRs for faster scan # with 2 SRs the scan takes ca. 500 uS instead of 2.5 mS SRIO num_sr=4 # keyboard configuration KEYBOARD n=1 rows=8 dout_sr1=1 dout_sr2=2 din_sr1=1 din_sr2=2 \ din_inverted=0 break_inverted=0 din_key_offset=32 \
  9. Wunderbar! I want a poster of you to hang up in my bedroom (and many thanks to FantomXR, too) ;) Hmm. Ok for keyboard support increase, but I noticed some keys pressure being lost executing trillos on velocity enabled keyboard with midibox_NG project. I would like to examine in depth this behaviour (I am not sure this happens at synth or keyboard level), but probably I would be more comfortable with a midibox_KB board to scan only keyboards (pedalboard being slowly played). Furthermore, soon or late I would like to substitute current synthesizer, and I will probably need
  10. Hi All, first of all, many thanks to Thorsten for his great work! Excuse me if this is a trivial question, but I looked for a while at the forum without reaching key information. I have already prepared one MBHP_CORE_STM32F4, one MBHP_DIO_MATRIX (connected with a FATAR keyboard), a SCS, a DOGM display, and all seems working correctly. I am trying to substitute two broken keyboards of a midi church organ using two new 61 keys Fatar keyboards and midibox_NG project. I would like to control also pedalboard using a midibox_NG (having midibox NG or KB a keyboard number limit of
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