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  1. Midi_IO Troubles

    Update: So, It was for sure the cable. The new one's I got from amazon were made incorrectly (for midibox anyway), and I had 1 that was made right in my pile of IDC ribbon cables. Both nubs must be on the outside! Once my crimper comes in the mail, I should be back up and running! Thanks for the tips though everyone!
  2. Midi_IO Troubles

    Hey! Thanks for the Replies. The specific Error Message is "MIDI PROTOCOL TIMEOUT !!!" (with three !!! like that haha) A part of the problem was definitely the clock. After switching from "Auto" to "Master" in the BPM settings page, The steps no allways go, and never hang up. However, there is no midi data being sent, and I have my Midi Router Settings set to OUT1 as the default port, and All of my nodes set to OUT1. Now, I just get that error message when I press stop. I have no other midi devices plugged in, just one synth/drum machine in output A. (I've tried a bunch of different gear with all the same results.) The breadboard didn't have any power, but it was only 1 of the output circuit of IO Module. basically ground,pin, 5v pin+220Ohm resistor, and MO1 pin+220 Ohm resistor. I'm using a phone charger, and my multi meter probes aren't small enough to test the contacts Also, I had some suspicion It might be my poorly made ribbon cables, so I bought 2 brand new pre-made ones from amazon, and they came yesterday, and I'm still having the same problem.
  3. Midi_IO Troubles

    I had a fully functioning, cased Midibox Seq V4. Everything was fine for about a week, but then I had a weird message pop up. Everything is fully functional, until I plug in any midi device to any of the out ports. Then, I'll press play, and the step 1 led turns red, and I get a message on the LCD screen that reads "Midi Timeout Error".  I've re-soldered both IO Modules, and even picked up a new set of midi IO boards. I soldered one together with all new parts, without the activity indicator LED section (Only the collection of resistors 2 diodes that run the In and out circuit), and still have the same error.   What's weirder, is that when I make the same circuit from the schematic on a breadboard, and just plug it into only MidiOut1, everything works great. has anyone else experienced anything similar to this problem? All my solder joints on the new module are good, and with the output portion, I'm only dealing with 3 components. It's very strange.
  4. Searching for clear round button caps

    Thanks for the Reply! To clarify, I'm not looking for switches, I have those, I'm trying to replace the standard caps with some Clear round ones, Like in the Gallery post. Also, I'm located in the US.
  5. I really dig the look of These buttons, and These buttons from the gallery. I have an operational Vanilla seq 4, using the standard parts that everyone else has so far. It's currently living in a laser cut MDF version of the Mongbox until I'm 100% sure about the best way to make my own aluminum enclosure. To make drilling way easier, I'm opting for some clear round button caps. It'll also reduce the amount of drilling, since I won't have to drill LED holes. I do really like these, and I'm pretty sure they are the right size. (Default caps on the LXR Sonic potions drum machine) However, they don't come in clear. Does anyone have a source for clear button caps that would fit the standard large midibox switch? I've been hunting the past week and haven't found much of anything.   Thanks!