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  1. hi fantomxr and skunk. As fantom said before, you can use KB software if you want a better scan rate. But personally, I used the NG software because you can define a velocity curve, and I preferred in terms of feelings. You can start with KG or NG, whatever and later just change the program. I did that and it was ok. I made a github deposit after my first experience just to keep a written record because it's a lot of research work when we don't do electronics. You can visit it : https://github.com/OrangePeelFX/keyboard-fatar-tp40 Good luck for your project.
  2. Yes it's an unconventional keyboard I adapted the fatar to my needs and especially the size of the flight case !! It also makes me piano parts (Keys, springs, ...) , and the keyboard goes into the trunk of my car ;) Also it's much ligther (27 Kg now Vs 37kg with the PC3X and case). My Back is so happy !! FantomXR, Do you have pictures of your old MIDIBOX project ?
  3. Hi eveyrbody, just for information, i published an github (https://github.com/OrangePeelFX/DIY-Keyboard-Fatar-TP40) with my notes on this project. My fatar slept for a year, but I found the energy to finish this project. Thx to FantomXR and Thorsten for your help and your sharing !!
  4. Hi markus, For this project, i used Midibox NG cause i can use the interpolation to compute the velocity. It works very well with my TP40/L. if you choose MidiBox Project, You will pass many hours to study topics and documentations, but you will be very proud of you. I can affirm you that my keyboard works well and i can connect my sustain pedal. I study now the connection for expression pedal. If you have time, i will write a tutorial for my project very soon best regard
  5. Hi everybody ! Bonjour à tous ^^ I received my electronic cards, and I sold everything. Everything worked perfectly right the first time, except that I had just reversed the cables that connected the TP40. At first I installed the firmware MIDIBOX KB, but I really struggled to get something reliable in terms of velocity. While looking on the forum, I saw that other people used the MIDIBOX NG in order to be able to use velocity curves. (http://midibox.org/forums/topic/20344-speed-up-scanrate-of-ng-by-kicking-out-other-scanroutines/) I will do the same, and try to find the
  6. Hi everybody, my name is Florian (aka Thoskan) and I live near Toulouse in France. First of all, Thanks to all of you for sharing all this documentation about the project MIDIBOX KB. Initially I wanted to buy the controller LMK2+ alone without the keyboard, but Doepfer wanted to sell me 500 euros. So I refuse and opt for the MIDIBOX project, more interesting, configurable and also much cheaper. My project is to midify a keyboard Fatar TP/40L, and I chose to use MIDIBOX KB, with the CORE_STM32F4 and DIO_MATRIX. I bought the 2 PCBs from https://modularaddict.com and I also print
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