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  1. n00b question before etching

  2. n00b question before etching

    Thank you guys! Oh, Gerald, that is nice! Do you have the parts layout for the Swin version as well?
  3. n00b question before etching

    Hi, Wow, thank you very much for the info, still, have some questions, if you don't mind :  - for the minimum build, I did not want to use the LCD and buttons...basically, I thought, I can build a 2 PCB + PSU unit into a mid-size stompbox enclosure. Do I really need the LCD? - yes, that DB plug looks fun, but originally, I wanted to keep the bankstick inside the enclosure, do not want to swap them - checked the Pickit3, yes, it can flash the PIC - no, no 2 SIDS, I want to build a single SIS unit only  
  4. n00b question before etching

    Hi Guys, First of all, sorry about starting with a question here. I remember I was around 19-20 when I first heard about uCapps, it was too difficult to me as a DIY project. Now, I'm 33, built a few hardwares, like a Eurorack system, a few rack effects (compressor, eq) a bunch of pedals of course, and a 30 unit Buchla system. A few days ago I was just hanging on the internet, when I read something about a MidiBox thing, totally blew me away when I realised that I've been ignoring this page for such a long time. Now, I'm here :D As I'm not really interested in MIDI controllers, my first choice is the SID. I have a MSSIAH modded C64, now I'm ready to build a smaller thing to use it in an everyday basis. (It is not really hard to source a C64 in Hungary these days, a few clicks on FB to check if somebody have one in the attic...trust, somebody always have one :D ) Anyway, I have some total n00b questions : (I know, I should read the WIKI, I'm already after that.) - I'd like to build the total minimum version, because I can create a handsome little M4L editor to it an with this, I can store the presets with the Live projects. For this little setup, If I understood correctly, I need only the core PCB, the SID PCB, a power supply, maybe a bank stick and the SID, am I right? - Is it possible to solder create a small PCB, instead of using the BankStick? Is it easy to re-write the presets? 127 patches are far more that enough for me. - I have a PICkit 3 programmer, can I use this to program the PIC? - About the power supply, let's say, a 12V DC PSU, 1000mAh is enough to power both boards? - I'm a bit confused about the engines thing. So, can I use the module without the controls? I mean, can you access all of the parameters VIA CC or SySex? Well, I can't think anything else now... Thank you very much for the help in advance guys!