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  1. Effect pedal, MIDI on a Jack.[SOLVED]

    Ok one last question...: If I just purchase the Mercury7 and insert into the TC2290 (the mono/stereo insert) - do you think I can go directly from the tc2290 midi out into the Mercury7 using a midi - Trs cable? And then, for a start just skip the exp. pedal.  Just Beeing able to change presets on the Mercury7 Via the TC2290 it seems like that all the extra gear is only because my wish to use exp. i could just skip that and later on add this and maybe other Meris pedals Best regards Søren
  2. Effect pedal, MIDI on a Jack.[SOLVED]

    Hi Bruno Thank you - I Think i get it now. I Will do some thinking. I’m scared of building stuff, but maybe I Should give it a go.   thanks! Best regards søren
  3. Effect pedal, MIDI on a Jack.[SOLVED]

    Hi Bruno First: Thanks for diggin into this. Next: I might even understand some of what you´re saying, but I´m not sure.. so I will set up some scenarios: 1) sending midi PC from TC2290 (by pressing buttons on TC0144) into  a "midimerger" box, that merges PC signals from TC2290 with CC signals from attached exp. Pedal (I could imagine that this is what the MC6 ll does). If I want more pedals I just add the Meris Midi I/o box... - this is...not possible...? 2) sending midi PC from TC2290 (by pressing buttons on TC0144) into an MC6 ll, forwarding the PC messages (from TC2290) + CC messages to either A) Meris Midi I/O or  a Midi Thru box (the one you link to) 3) sending midi PC and CC from MC6 ll to TC2290 (only PC i guess) and to either Meris Midi I/O or  a Midi Thru box (the one you link to) There coud be a 4 scenario: Tc2290 can work with SysEx. I did some reading about what SysEx is, and it seems like it is a protocol used before one came aware of CC (or the benefits of CC). And it is sort of an "open end protocol", meaning (to me....)you can do a lot but there isn´t any fixed standard for doing so...but one should be able to send CC messages (do what CC does) via SysEx... well, I won´t go deeper into this, but what I forgot to mention is that the TC2290 actually has an Cv in/pedal insert - BUT in the manual is says - "reserved for future use". I even know there is an option for fitting in a midi output on the 0144.   I really like to keep my gear simple, So, instead of buying a MC6 ll, It might be possible to work on the Tc2290 - There is a guy in Denmark (where i live) who is capable of building midi into anything. And maybe he knows the TC2290 well. If the fix either is too expensive or not possible, i would like to know how one can build a Midibox core - I could buy it from somebody or buy the drawnings (schematiics..?) and make someone in Denmark build it for me.   Hopes it still make sense...   VR Søren    
  4. Effect pedal, MIDI on a Jack.[SOLVED]

    Does this make sense...?   tc2290 + mercury set up.pdf
  5. Effect pedal, MIDI on a Jack.[SOLVED]

    Hello new to this forum and I know nothing about building electronic gear/midi boxes. Sorry. But I play guitar, have a producer studio and make a lot of music and sound design. And I have an issue (could me small...): i have a Tc 2290 - an old unit (1985) from TC electronic, out of production. It a combined dynamic delay and effect controller, used by folks like The Edge, Robert Fripp and Robben Ford. It is still considered one of the best delay/modulation units. It has 5 inserts for pedals (4 mono, 1 mono/stereo), It can send and receive midi, also got a midi through function. BUT it cannot send/receive CC messages. It is controlled by Tc 0144 (I have one) a non midi foot controller (sends messages through a standard guitar cable). The TC 0144 can controll everything on The TC2290, including midi program changes. neither the tc2299 or the tc0144 has an input for expression pedal. I want to combine this set up with Meris Mercury 7. I want to both change presets and use an expression pedal with the Mercury7. I’m about to buy the Mercury7 but the Meris pedals “only” have a trs input for controlling either exp., tab or midi, unless you buy a dedicated controller. I want send both pc and cc messages to the pedal, pc messages from the tc2290 and cc messages from an expression pedal. I want this to work on more than one pedal, if I decide to buy more than Meris pedal. (The Polymoon looks and Sound cool). so I need something like a merge box, that merge pc and cc messages and have input for both midi and an expression pedal and send these massages to the Mercury7. and, when I probably will buy a Polymoon I would like to be able to also send pc and cc messages to this. is it possible? Does a box like that excist? or can someone build it? I’ve contacted Meris - they told me to buy Morningstar mc6 ll + Meris midi I/o.  so i then send midi to Both the Tc2290 and to the meris I/o..? and dump my TC 0144., altough  the mc6 Can also receiver midi, so i could send midi from the tc2290..? I know that midisolutions has a pedal controller (waiting for answer) i know the disaster Area have stuff in this area (waiting for answer) i know I try to combine 1985 gear with modern gear. Maybe you Can help to clear things up. If you need info about TC2290 and/or TC 0144 you Can find it here: i Can also provide excerpts of manuals  best regards Søren Bendixen