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  1. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Number 17?  
  2. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    Hello there, I know this may not be according to the DIY spirit but I rebuild the RH Lemec from scratch and got it working :-). Will still try to bring the other board to life with your tips and will report on that so at least other people could profit. I´ve already did all the assembly and tested everything in midibox NG. Also the Final Software seems to work fine. But I got one question regarding the LED-Matrix: I only see LED-Matrix working in a mode where I see the Volume of the Triggered Steps (like the peakmeter on a mixer) but I cant seem to got the other mode workingm where you can see steps relatively to their position (as shown in the build video). Do I just miss some configuration or is this maybe a hardware problem? Thank you again for your help!   EDIT: Congrats to 2000 posts!!! Have a beer for celebration :D!
  3. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    @latigid on Hi, I did swap cables but it didnt change anything for the better. Suddenly also de Leds on the JA Pcb started to flash randomly O.o. So maybe the cables are the reason but with only the Lemec LH connected they work fine and dont do anything bad (will check them again). Here are some pictures of the ICs. For IC 1 i had to scrape the protection away because i removed the pads (rings) on 3 pins of the resistor network (Pin 1 (dot) ,5 ,7) Will check the parallel inputs on  IC3 now but its so strange that suddenly the JA board leds begin to do crazy stuff :) pretty confusing for a noob like me :D Thanks for your help - will definitely have to tip you some beer when I have finished this beatuy - already learned a lot about this project...
  4. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    I actually resoldered IC1 and IC17 IC18 very carefully and after that the Error changed a little bit. The Random messages stayed but seem to appear more in a burst..i already tried to switch cables but it is still the same. but if I now klick on for example SW1 of the Ja-boards MEC-switches SW2 lights up - if i click SW2 , SW3 lights up and so on. Before that none of the LEDs lit up.  Fixed the issue by resoldering IC 17, IC18, IC19,  RN4 and RN5. Ja-boards switches and Leds work fine now when LEMEC LH and RH are chained. Also the Switches on LH board seem to work now when RH is connected to it (which wasnt the case - RH board seemed to kill the LH board when connecting). Got 4.89V on all ICs and all VCC pins seem to be connected together - only IC17 is not connected to the same VCC rail? i still measure ~5V from pin 8 to pin 16 on IC17 so i guess it still got power (i just cant find out where it comes from haha) But I guess you dont mean the VCC pins with inputs? On the parallel inputs of IC1 on the failing board i only have 0.6 V on PIN 14  and 1V on Pin 13 for example - on the working LEMEC LH it seems to be that there are 4.9V on all parallel inputs. So maybe I*m coming closer to finding out whats wrong? I fixed nearly everything, the only thing that is left are those stupid random messages that appear in lightspeed :(( They also appear if i only attach the RH-Lemec to the Ucore and dont load any app or NG file: [22732.580] set debug on [22734.666] Debug mode turned on [22734.675] MBNG_DIN_NotifyToggle(129, 0) [22734.675] No event assigned to BUTTON hw_id=129 [22734.675] MBNG_DIN_NotifyToggle(130, 0) ........ (counts to 256) [22734.832] MBNG_DIN_NotifyToggle(256, 0) [22734.832] No event assigned to BUTTON hw_id=256 [22734.844] MBNG_DIN_NotifyToggle(1, 1) [22734.844] [EVENT] id=BUTTON:1 hw_id=BUTTON:1 bank=0 fwd_id=LED:1 type=NoteOn value=127 label=^std_btn [22734.844] MBNG_DOUT_NotifyReceivedValue(1, 0) [22734.844] MBNG_DIN_NotifyToggle(2, 1) [22734.845] [EVENT] id=BUTTON:2 hw_id=BUTTON:2 bank=0 fwd_id=LED:2 type=NoteOn value=127 label=^std_btn [22734.845] MBNG_DOUT_NotifyReceivedValue(2, 0) ............................. and so on. It repeats in a loop. First it comes in slow bursts and then suddenly it starts to go wild
  5. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    I modified _R.NGC for the testing with only Lemec RH so when I connected all Pcbs (ucore + ja +lemec LH + rh) I used _L. NGC which was unmodified. Should I modifie _L. NGC instead for the lemec rh test?  Also, the resistor network next to IC1 seems to have troubles since I measure 8.3kOhm between first and second pin (shouldn't it be 10k?). Another question. I found out that IC17 is not connected to VCC on Pin16 (no contuinit to the pin on the J89 connector). Is that on purpose?  Thanks in advance... 
  6. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    Hello, i tried most of the things you told me so I need to report :-). When connecting the LH Lemec directly to the uCore all switches and encoders work and I got no strange debug-messages. When connecting the RH Lemec directly to the uCore i have no response of the PCB. I modified the seq_R.ngc as shown above and when loading it i get a bit of debug output (see picture 1 please). When connecting the whole Chain  uCore - JA - Lemec LH - Lemec RH, i now get triggers and debug-messages all over the place and none of the encoders on both boards seem to work (hard to tell because of the many random messages). Also the LEDS on the JAboard dont work in this setup (without Lemec RH they work fine when buttons are pressed). I tried to reflow the ICs and checked for contuinity between the ICs. You explained that there should be contuinity from IC1 Pin 10 to IC2 Pin 9 and I got contutinity from IC1 Pin10 to IC3 Pin 9 -I refer to the labels on the PCB (which is also the case on Lemec LH) So I at least got contuinity but could you please explain me what comes before IC1 that could have the effect of making trouble for the whole PCB and chain respectively causing random trigger messages (see picture 2 please). I'm very thankful for your help and since I'm pretty stuck now it always feels so nice to read your thoughts. Greetings, Alex
  7. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    @pat_00@CJ55 I also have the same issue but when NG is loaded the LEDs light up just fine when the buttons are pressed (also the green one) - will anyway swap it out to make sure its not the fault of said LED
  8. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    thanks, nice info - will do it when i figured out whats wrong at the moment :(
  9. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    Thanks for your input - i checked it but there seems to be no short anywhere - On the LEMEC RH PCB however i have only installed the header in the J89 slot and not the J89A because it is the last module in the chain (am I wrong there) so there isnt realy the possibility of such a short right now. So my chain right now is from JApcb J89-port to J89-port of LEMEC LH and from the J89A-port to J89 port of the LEMEC RH.
  10. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    OK when the LH pcb is connected to the core J89 it works fine and everything is registered so I modified the SEQ_R and tried it with the RH pcb but there is nothing - will have to measure continuity later - the pcb just seems to do nothing right now :-/. I also tried to set on/off pins individually how it is mentioned in this thread a bit earlier but it didnt realy do anything - maybe i also should try it again.   Thank you very much...
  11. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    Thank you again for the fast response. I tried to reflow some pins and get rid of short where they seemed to be possible. Status Quo: Japcb + Les Mec LH work fine together but when Reconnected all the PCBs and loaded SEQ_L - with both les mecs  installed all the encoders still dont work (no turns and press on all of the encoders on both boards) - when i press switches on JApcb i get the following in console: "[10389.729] load seq_l [10390.157] [MBNG_LCD] no response from CLCD #1.1 [10390.157] [MBNG_LCD] no response from CLCD #2.1 [10390.157] [MBNG_FILE_C] Event Pool Number of Items: 348 [10390.157] [MBNG_FILE_C] Event Pool Allocation: 12250 of 65536 bytes (18%) [10390.178] Patch 'seq_l' loaded from SD Card! [10390.184] [MBNG_FILE_R] /seq_l.NGR (optional run script) not found [10396.484] set debug on [10396.655] Debug mode turned on [10402.023] MBNG_MATRIX_NotifyToggle(2, 34, 0) [10402.023] MBNG_DIN_NotifyToggle(3034, 0) [10402.023] [EVENT] id=BUTTON:3034 hw_id=BUTTON:3034 bank=0 fwd_id=LED:3034 type=NoteOn value=0 label= [10402.023] MBNG_DOUT_NotifyReceivedValue(3034, 127) [10402.023] MBNG_MATRIX_DOUT_NotifyReceivedValue(3, 34, 127) [10402.026] MBNG_MATRIX_NotifyToggle(2, 50, 0) [10402.026] MBNG_DIN_NotifyToggle(3050, 0) " Can i assume that failure must be on the Lemec-board (RH)? Additional question: is it possible to progress without the lemec (RH)? - install and test the OLED, MIDI8 etc.?
  12. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    Hi guys, made some progress and mistakes so here I am again. Finished the JA and both Lemec-boards. JA-board was working find when tested with MIDIBOX_NG (with Midibox App all LEDS in the lowest row start to light after ~5 sec of powering on - the green LED doenst light up - in MIDIBOX_NG it works just fine when clicked though) So i went on to test the Encoders and Switches on the LEMEC boards. On the left board (first in chain) all of the Encoders work and One single Matias Switch doesnt work (The one in the down right corner - 2nd row, 8th column)  Had the 4148 Diode in the wrong direction - now it works perfect. On the right board (2nd in chain) none of the switches and encoders work and when everything is chained together for DIN test alle the 16 encoders dont react. I had to "air-wire" IC1 on the right board since i removed a bit of pad and traces on 3 pins of the 10 pin header (see photos attached). Tried to resolder IC17 on the 2nd board and now it seems that if its connected none of the encoders on any board work - if i only connect the first board to the JApcb it works perfectly fine. Also when i only connect the RH pcb (2nd in chain) to the JApcb the LEDS and switches on the JApcb wont work and i get this message when loading SEQ_R "[7621.268] load seq_r [7621.630] [MBNG_FILE_C:1] WARNING: unknown command:  test [7621.630] [MBNG_LCD] no response from CLCD #1.1 [7621.630] [MBNG_LCD] no response from CLCD #2.1 [7621.631] [MBNG_FILE_C] Event Pool Number of Items: 203 [7621.631] [MBNG_FILE_C] Event Pool Allocation: 7066 of 65536 bytes (10%) [7621.641] MBNG_MATRIX_DOUT_NotifyReceivedValue(1, 1, 0) [7621.641] MBNG_MATRIX_DOUT_NotifyReceivedValue(2, 1, 0) ..........................................." If anyone could give me a clue on what i should look i would be very thankful.  
  13. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    The host/slave switch it was indeed :D. Feeling so dumb now haha. Thank you very much for the fast response - and now i can continue testing/building the dream :D. Cheers, Alex.
  14. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    Another build, another problem :). Finished the USB and Ucore PCB - soldering, mounted the Waveshare PCB and my PC wont find any Midi-Device. When Waveshare-PCB is connected directly without uCore it is detected (with power set to USB mode). However, when mounted to the uCore all i get is a lighting  "PRW LED" but no Midi Connection found. I already restarted the Software and my Computer to "refresh" but that didnt help either. Here are some picks of my work so far. Maybe someone has an idea at what i should take a closer look (obviously Pin-headers should be soldered correctly and cable shouldnt have a short). Sorry for the bad lighting on the pictures I will try to provide better ones if needed. Thanks in advance! Alex Ps: I cannot upload pictures directly to the forum (error -200). Is there a max file size?