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  1. Hi, @latigid on Sorry, I forgot to answer... Yes, that would be a solution but only for one synth from my understanding. It would create more confusion since I'm using several synths. @Roy That's exactly what I would like. Currently, I have a preset and a track category for each synth/drum machine, it would be awesome to label the CC according to them. For now, I just lookup the CCs in the manual :)
  2. Hi all, I don't know if I'm right to post in a separate topic but I think it will be easier for other people to find the thread if needed. I was wondering if it is possible to name the CC on the MIDIBOX SEQ V4+? As of now, they are named after the general midi specification but I would like to be able to specify a name for each number in the preset of a track. For example, my Blofeld receives tons of CC but it's always a pain to lookup the CC in the midi specification of the synth. The same goes for my LXR Drum Synth. Thanks for any response! Laurent
  3. Hi, Thanks for your post, I had read the manual but there was something I was missing. I'll probably have to read it a couple of times. The pattern page provides what I need to play live if I also select the track page. I'm than able to select track groups on the lower row and the pattern to play with upper row. The PATTERN REMIX seems really interesting! Any idea to which (free) button I can assign the page on the MBSEQ4+? Thanks!
  4. Hi, I'm wondering about a few things about the mbseq v4+: - the Morphing function isn't clear to me; I thought it was to morph between two parts of a performance but I'm at loss as to how to do it since it only allows to morph to a range of steps. - the song mode and phrase mode from what I gather are designed to arrange patterns before a performance but not on the go. How do you manage your performance? How can I chain one pattern after the other at the end of the measure for example? I'll probably have some more questions in the days (weeks) to come :) Thanks!
  5. Hi Peter, Resistance on the core are correct but I appear to be missing "J15_S needs to be set at 3.3V". How do I set this? Do I jumper the middle pin with the 3.3V pin? Edit: That was it, I must have missed this step in the build guide. It's working now, I'll make a quick jump between middle pin and 3.3V. Thanks a lot (also for the video guides)
  6. So, I've tried setting lcd_type to 0x02 in the bootloader but still no luck.
  7. Hi Karg, I tried switching the voltage toggle to all positions on the STM32F4 but it doesn't resolve the problem. It is on 5v in. Followed the video tutorial to prepare the core. The displays appear to be 3,3v on the Midiphy shop. How can I proceed further? Thanks!
  8. Hi all, I'm almost done with my build. I've been lucky since I've gone so far without too much problems for my first build ever. Thanks for the video guides which have been more than helpful. It seems the only problem I've is with the Oled screens: Each screen works when plugged individually, I swapped the cables to check that there are no shorts in the cables but when I plug the two screens in the core only the screen 2 works. Does anyone have an idea how to troubleshoot this further? Thanks for the help and for all the development behind this machine, can't wait
  9. Hi again Andy, Thanks for the confirmation :) Merci! Laurent
  10. Hi Andy, The Mouser part number is 595-SN74HCT125DR and the number on PCB is IC1A. Here is a link https://cloud.blackshell.be/s/LPPo9q8f5rr7mqE Laurent
  11. Hi, First post, after buying some PCB and parts to begin the core of a mbseq 4+. Part IC1A is giving me a hard time in that I can't figure out the orientation of the part. All datasheets indicate a hole or a notch but all I've got on the part is a printed line. I'm guessing the printed line replaces the hole or the notch, but I would like some advice before I solder all pins of the 3 IC parts. Thanks, Laurent
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