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  1. I haven't posted in a while but I did get mine working after all. I'm using mine for automation of my channel strips, I record the levels into my DAW and it recalls with every session. so I don't really need any other buttons. My whole desk is custom so unfortunately, it's not in my desk at the moment because I would have to make a new desk, which will happen next year. So it's just sitting behind my desk out of sight. I end up controlling both fader banks with my avid artist mix or through the DAW. I will try and make a video so you can see it working. @totoRaymond are you trying to buil
  2. @Zam Feels good to solve a problem, that's for sure. Especially since I am very new to all this. You are right though, I may have confused the concept of grounding. As an experiment, I will try later today to scratch the case I have because it might be the coating that was causing it not to ground properly. I'm using Front panel designer and the materials that I can use for making the face plate aluminum anodized or aluminium powder-coated. What if I used Aluminum Raw is that conductive enough? I'm going to do more research on earth/ground but my understanding is grounding is done by goin
  3. Just as I was giving up hope, I got it to work. I spent all last night reading every post I could find and in one post in another thread @Zam talks about the fader plate being to thin for grounding or something along those lines. Anyways, as I was ready to pack it all up and thought let me try one more thing. Everything I tried was grounding to the case which is about 1mm thick but every time I grounded anything to the chassis, nothing got better. So I thought let me try something thicker, as soon as I grounded it to the rack rails of my desk (rack rails are 3mm thick) ...Voila! the noise was
  4. I've read most of the threads on this and checked and double checked my MF_NG board and still the same issue with the noise. I've come so far but that noise is terrible. I believe it is a grounding issue from the digital side (MF_NG). When I use the analog path of the fader there is no noise regardless of the fader ground or not. Here is what I tried today. I've grounded the fader to the chassis, no change I've grounded both J14 and J2 to the chassis, no change I tried a different power supply, no change. I unplugged the fader motor power supply from the board, still no
  5. Thanks for your quick replies, they are much appreciated. As you know I am very much a newbie at this electronics stuff. Also to give you some background, my mixing desk isn't really a console. I'm using a bunch of channel strips as a mixing desk. I have 14x API 7600 channel strips (soon to be 16), 1x API 7800 Monitor section and 3x API 8200 summing mixer. They all interconnect with each other via a ribbon cable at the back of each unit. The API 7600 was made to be either a standalone channel strip or part of a modular console which you can build and buy over time (which is what I've done). Th
  6. Damn, That is not the reply I was hoping for. I was hoping for - You forgot to do this... etc. LOL I'll do a search and try to chassis ground fader metal today but how do I lower the refresh scan to 30 or 50Hz?
  7. I am back! I've got a good amount done since my last post. Thanks to @Zam and @novski I had fixed the problems I was having. I had calibrated the faders so they move smoothly as per a different post I read on this thread. So then I bought the rest of the parts and started to put it together. I bought Bourns faders PSM01-082A-103B2 ( https://www.mouser.com/datasheet/2/54/psm-778343.pdf ) they are a little nicer than the ALPS and I couldn't find alp dual track faders here in the US. I have wired it up, I don't have a face plate yet but everything works up until I connect the audio track of
  8. Thanks Zam and Novski for the help. I'm using an ALPS RSA0N11M9A0J, I know it's not going to help my long term goal but if I could get this cheap one working first then I'll invest in some good ones with both Servo + Dual audio. So I grounded the Touch Inputs to GND but I was still getting the Jitters. After much playing around the only thing that worked for me was to: Disabling Touch sensor, Disable midi merger, set AIN DeadBand to 63 and set MF DeadBand to 63. Operation Mode is in Emulated Mackie Controller Only then I get no jitters. When I change it to Mack
  9. Well, so far it has gone well. After some initial issues with getting the MIOS firmware installed. I finally managed to get it running but I'm kind of at a loss. So I connected 1 fader only without the touch sensor. When I open up the MIOS Studio midi messages are constantly running in the midi in. looks like this: [1604719.907] f0 00 00 7e 40 00 01 f7 [1604766.299] e0 10 07 Chn# 1 Pitchbend -7280 [1604766.304] e0 00 04 Chn# 1 Pitchbend -7680 [1604766.304] e0 60 01 Chn# 1 Pitchbend -7968 [1604766.304] e0 30 01 Chn# 1 Pitchbend -8016 [1604766.304] e0 50 01 Chn# 1
  10. Thanks @Zam I'm glad you confirmed my thoughts on the power positive and negative. I was planning on using this AC/DC Adapter Switching Power Supply with 8 Selectable voltages for 3V to 12V (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N7RS0NG/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_4f72EbWV5B7NS) [Also see attached pic] I see now that it is DC I guess this wouldn't work. Also, I'm curious if being in the US do I have to change out any parts for the power to work? I don't know if anyone can help with that. I've populated the PCB (see pic) with what I think will be sufficient for 1 or 2 faders. I'm jus
  11. Hi Everyone, I hope someone is still watching this thread because I do need some help. I've been reading through this forum and I decided to go ahead and make this mbhp_mf_ng-module to automate my API custom console. I don't need anything more than fader recall for my 16 channels. No Mutes, no other buttons. Just fader recall via midi. That would be GREAT. I bought 3 of the boards with much anticipation of ruining the first one I make as I am a noob at all this. I know how to solder, I've made my own mics, op amps and a few other projects. I plan on using this module standalone directly w
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