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  1. Just a head up for those having the issue in 2021 :) on my end i had a similar problem and it turned out that i had no continuity between the SID pin #6 and the PIC pin #17. Thanks TK. for the indirect help :)
  2. I found the issue! As TK. pointed out in the mentioned post : pin #6: clock connection between SID and PIC. If no scope is available, you could check continuity by unplugging SID and PIC from their sockets. i had a bad connexion for the clock input. I had to redo the connection with a wire to make it work (between pin 17 of the PIC and the pin 6 of the SID). There was no continuity even after de-soldering... It works perfectly now! Its not the best looking solution but it works :) I would never imagine that the clock was crucial for the SID an
  3. So i've checked the filter caps and audio-in path as you suggested. Everything seems normal, i even changed the capacitors for different values to see if theres a change but no. I also tried to lift the audio input pin on the sid, but again it was not the culprit. I've checked the whole pcb for cold joints etc, but i couldnt find any. I am really lost in this one... Could it be an amperage issue, that the sid isnt getting enough amps to operate? And thanks again for your suggestions and quick replies dwestbury!
  4. Thanks dwestbury, indeed it is missing from the building guide, but the 12v pin on the sid socket was the first one i checked before putting the 6581. I'm getting slightly more than 12v, like 12.3. Is that a problem?
  5. Hello everyone! Last year i’ve built a sammichSID, which was functioning and sounding perfectly with a pair of SwinSid Nanos. Recently I got 2 6581 from a real C64, and they work well in the C64 but when i use them in the Sammich, i get no sound at all, and sometimes i can hear a little noise. I’m using the right jumper configs to provide 12v to the 6581s. All measurements suggested in the build guide were double checked and everything seems normal. Is there anything im missing? Why the real sid chips wouldnt work if the swinsids are? Again, both 6581 Sids function perfectl
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