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  1. So you´ve got a 4 row Display? if CS_MENU_DISPLAYED_ITEMS > 5 = If displayed items MORE THAN 5
  2. Guess you're at the right side of finding it. Also guess it's just a bad solder point, connection thing.
  3. Looks like this is just a very easy problem with contrast an lumi potis? I would look out for bad connections, also. I guess it's just a mechanical problem not complicated.
  4. Hello, pm to dwestbury http://midibox.org/forums/profile/33109-dwestbury/ he may could help you.
  5. Yes, first you burn the bootloader, than put pic inside sammich, use mios studio, you will get the info that there is nothing connected because you now need to upload mios8_v1_9h and after that you should get the message that your device is connected and than you load up your sammich hex.
  6. Hello, The Swinsid has power, so the led is on. Swinsid only needs 5v at the 5v lane and the 9 or 12v lane is not necessary, it just don't cares. I must ask this because you just write you have problems with the midi upload and I don't know if you just missed something. Have you followed the flash procedure exactly? If the pic is ok, than the thing you must do is to check the traces via multimeter-peep and sheet. Or you first resolder a little bit some points which look suspicious.
  7. Yes, maybe it's not related "there". Not really "there" But it would be interesting to know how exact the unexactness happens. Old digital/analog combination suffered from influences like electromagnetic fields - bad or "not perfect" isolation distorting the signal path, digital to analog converting, amplifiying, indifferences... Do all SIDs sound the same? Differences in the newer ones 8580, 6582, not much to recognize, Revisions of 6581s measurable?
  8. As far as I know just the fpgasid
  9. Feedback is based on SID Audio In and the SwinSID Ultimate is supporting that. It's a good point to mention this here SID Clone List so in future I will care about that.
  10. A Noise Gate is an Effect which let you choose on which point it should pass the signal. For example if you use an Microphone and it should just react to your speech than you tweak the treshold to the point it shall react. It's an standard effect you probably own as a Software Plugin.
  11. I wondered about that too but had not invest into answers but this could explain it: http://www.ucapps.de/midibox_sid_manual_l.html SIDn: toggles between LR, L- and -R. Here you can specify, if OSC, FIL and MOD parameter modifications should affect only the left, the right, or both SID channels. The SID number (SID1, SID2, SID3, SID4) has to be selected with the deticated SID buttons.
  12. Because there is also a 6581 Sustain Bug, use a Noise Gate
  13. 1 Suggestion: Dead VCA of the 6581 2: Bad solder points from PIC to SID What happens if you put an 8580 in it's place?
  14. It is not possible to see Midi Ports in the System, you see it just in an App like Cubasis or an App which supports Midi. Also it depends on the IOS Version, I guess. Midi is available at all IOS Versions but maybe all 4 are not shown by older ones.
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