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  1. Special characters in Label

    Using - and >?
  2. MIDI interface whitelist - El Cheapo option for 2020

    Don't try to get an El Cheapo, try to get a good one, cheap :) Best one: You can also ask in the fleamarket for this thing (gm5 midi module)  You can build a 5x5 Midi Interface with that module or you just can built it inside/beside your sammich to just connect an USB cable Check out this ucapps page for further Information
  3. Midi box sid v2 maker resquest

    I don't understand you correctly. You need the capacitors for the filter, too, if you use a swinsid, if you mean this with capacitor. Yes you need to choose the same SID type Voltage doesn't matter for a swinsid, as far as I know you don't even need more than 5v  
  4. MB-6582 Encoder not working after OS update

    3 Possible Scenarios: -Bad/faulty solder joints -Broken Encoder -Damaged or loose 78hc165  
  5. Stop knobs board

    The dio matrix is a combination of din (input = knobs, encoders) and dout (output = leds) With the filebrowser in mios32 you can browse into your sd and edit the ngc
  6. Do it yourself open source SID - Announcement

    News Inside the forum64 thread is a link to an ftp server, there you can find the pcb layout and the "early alpha" source code. 
  7. Stop knobs board

    HI, FIrst step always look at the menu at There you (mostly) find everything. In this case go to > MIOS > Programming > MIOS32 > and you find examples hosted at github Number 10, enjoy!
  8. Newbie questions

    Welcome, you can find answers here You can put in 8 SIDs but you can not separately use them. 2 SIDs are handled by 1 Core = 2 SIDs are used for polyphony and Stereo. You can ask someone to build you a Box, here. 
  9. Do it yourself open source SID - Announcement

    You're right. Than this is because Swinsid includes some more Waveforms, did not know that. Yes this is a great project and yes if you mean with mod to modify the code, of course because you can also program more waveforms into the free sid.  The cool thing about an emulated sid is that you can make it bigger, better and whatever but this also means to add program lines inside the menu. But, at the moment, this project is just announced. The first batch of pcbs are ordered and will be send to everybody which ordered one and than the alpha software will be created. It is also possible that the pcb will get an update and be sure that there will be a new batch in a month or 6 weeks, maybe...
  10. Do it yourself open source SID - Announcement

    Hi Darryl, No mods needed. Stereo will work like the fpgasid, so you just need to use one slot and connect one cable from the core Special MIOS Code? Are you sure? I know that there is a special SwinSID firmware for better filters with the swinsid... You just need a top pcb (not sure if it's possible to build at a breadboard, it's no magic but maybe in case of lack of space) for a teensy 4 and the code which is in development. I've got an eye at this project and keep this thread up to date for news and if there a new pcb orders.
  11. Great news, a guy called Matthias in the german C64 Forum started a project for a DIY SID based at a Teensy 4 and released prototype PCBs. If this will be succesfull (they do a lot of succesfull projects) it will be possible to build and flash an emulated SID and also new Oscillator Waveforms, Filter models or whatever.  
  12. Sammich kits on eBay -- legit or bootleg?

    I say yes because those cooling blocks are not very expensive and a lot of C64 User - use them. It's better than nothing but will not protect them.
  13. Sammich kits on eBay -- legit or bootleg?

    Ok, this is a question. You have 1 7809 v regulator and 1 7812 (12v for 6581) by using the jumper you choose. You always should measure your voltage after soldering your pcb (and test the jumper), so than you are save.  However, I recommend using a SwinSID if you are a Beginner or want to be on the really save side and protect your SIDs as long as you are in the soldering/building/testing progress. And care about the advice I gave you about 6581, they are old, they are rare. It's better to use just 2 or 1 instead of them all because they are old and rare and they are kind of fragile now.
  14. Sammich kits on eBay -- legit or bootleg?

    No, just 2 of them ;)
  15. Advise wanted - My first MIDIBox

    Thats right. You need to buy the 2 pcbs at modularaddict and I think this is the case (PT-10) but I'm not really sure.  All Information about the mb6582 you find with that keyword inside the wiki as you may already know and in the forum section.