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  1. mb6582 fan.... Am I mad to unplug it?

    Is the Fan powered by 12v? Than I would use 5V to be on the save side if it´s summer. The oldskool PC Fan silent mod...
  2. Mbox SID LCD "freezing" because of Bankstick?

    Unfortunately, not solved. Looks like there is something getting hot and/or the 5v drops. The freezing happens by playing a patch continously and navigating thru the menu and switching knobs. Or maybe the 165 ICs are faulty... In standby nothing freezes.  I just ask if maybe someone knows this issue, I´ll hopefully figure it out, sooner or later.   EDIT Seems to be that problem, found under MB SID Troubleshoot LCD freezes immediately or after some seconds, synth still functionalA rare number of LCDs don't support 4-bit access mode properly. This has been noticed on two PLED displays and one VFD display so far, "normal" HD44780 or KS0066 LCDs are working stable. Sometimes nibbles are swapped, so that the communication with the CLCD driver of MIOS is disturbed. 4-bit mode is required, as pin RB2 and RB3 are used for the CAN interface. If you notice such an issue, you could activate the alternative "custom" LCD driver, which is already part of the MIDIbox SID V2 firmware. It uses 8-bit mode by using two pins on port E to replace the two pins being used by the CAN. LCD pins D0 and D1 should be connected to PIC pins RB0 and RB1, and LCD pins D2 and D3 connect to PIC pins RE1 and RE2. The driver can be permanently activated via PIC ID Header (LCD type 7, see also Bootloader page), or by activating the DEFAULT_USE_CUSTOM_LCD_DRIVER switch in the setup_*.asm file But if this is the case, how do I connect the CAN?
  3. Affinity designer Ipad - using for panel design?

    Solved, either they implemented it with the last update, or I was to stupid to scroll. Now it's a perfect app for designing cases or panels without an ipad.
  4. Mbox SID LCD "freezing" because of Bankstick?

    Nee das is nich das Problem steht auch auf der Bankstick Seite, lag doch an meinem DinX. Solved, Bankstick not the problem, seems like some bad DinX contacts 
  5. First I have to told you that I am using 2 Banksticks, just the first(A0 512) and the last(A7 256) I did this to store ensembles in the last one and it didn't seem to be a problem. Both BS are recocgnized, for the last I just have to scroll trough the empty banks. This seemed to be all working fine til the point I play the patch via Menu and scroll between the patches in the first Bank. The LCD freezes (and it looks like the whole Box freezed) but the sound is still playing and I can still change the patches via the Jogwheel/poti. For recreating the issue I turn the Mbox on and play with the Menu, if I plug out the Bankstick-module, nothing freezes. 
  6. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Btw someone is selling one at the fleamarket
  7. Hello, someone use it? I can't choose cm in the document setup, it just shows, yard, foot and inch...Am I stupid or do they did not check that there are just 3 countries on earth which don't use the metric system?
  8. Looking for tight / heavy encoders

    You would have resistance :)
  9. Looking for tight / heavy encoders

    Have you tested the detendend versions, too? 
  10. MB SID classic with 4x20 LCD setup question

    Thank you, it´s still a cardbox with cables and pcbs but I´m so glad all connections work...
  11. MB SID classic with 4x20 LCD setup question

    Ok, that means I really just have to change some lines but as I said I did not get the program chain working and I don't really know if I need to install all the stuff because this looks like installing stuff for realtime editing via mios studio. So I thought I just could open the asm file with the microchip ide and I need to include some files... Whatever, one other way I imagined was to translate the lines to hex and just exchange them but this did not work because the translation was not "satisfying" But if this the one and only way as it is described in the mios manual and still not obsolete ok, I will try to go trough this hell, again. 
  12. My MBSID is now ready to work. Unfortunately I found out now that a 4x20 lcd is just supported by the wilba and the classic mbsid just supports a 2x20 by default "fimware" (Its also cheaper than a 2x20) I still struggling with programming, I tried to setup the win7 chain but I stucked as I couldn't activate some plug in settings as described and gave up. I want to set it up at my mac but I'm not sure if the manual is still working with mojave. Some things are also not clear to understand for me. Do I just have to change the program line for initialising a 4x20 or do I have to crawl in the wilba code and copy/redesign the lcd code for showing up all the stuff? If it would be so easy to just change a line would be someone so kind to edit the code for me? 
  13. [MIDIbox SID v2] DIN module map trouble

    It is normal that the Menu behaves like a "back" or more like an "escape" key.  I don't know why the others won't work.
  14. [MIDIbox SID v2] DIN module map trouble

    18f452 is for sid v1 Have you checked if all connections are good? If you use more than one dinx than built one more and check again.
  15. MIDIbox SID Walkthrough

    I own some stacks of the old one sided pcbs from mikes-midishop (the same which are pictured in the documentation) but not the wilba. But shipping inside eu isn't that safe anymore and expensive, too. I have just a good feeling by shipping inside germany.  It depends on your design. It's possible to mix the sids as you want but you need 9v for the 8580 and 12v for the 6581 and 1 core can manage 2 sid modules (left and right) so both sids get the same controller values. If you want that they work independed, you need a core for every sid. The wilba pcb is a system of 4 hardwired cores and 8 sid slots. I suggest to get a swinsid and if your setup works, you can get and test sids.  A swinsid is close to a sid but not 100% like a real sid. But cheap and you can use it as 8580 or 6581 by jumper setting. A 8580 is the newer sid and more precise The 6581 sounds more dirty and has more bass