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  1. Dag mensen, Bij het opruimen van mijn oude zooi kwam ik 10 ( 8)) ISA-soundblaster compatibles tegen.... 4 hiervan hebben een Yamaha OPL3 chip (YMF 262) erop. Als iemand een Midibox FM wil maken dan kan-ie bij mij gratis een of meerdere kaarten meenemen. Ik woon in Den Bosch en ben ook wel bereid de dingen op te sturen maar dan moet je me wel zelf de verzendkosten betalen. Als je interesse heb in een van de andere kaarten, zonder (losse) yamaha chip, dan is de keus nog groter ;) Als iemand interesse heeft dan moet-ie dat maar ff laten weten! (PM of wa.goossens@home.nl)
  2. thnx TK! I'm really releaved I don't have to do it all over again.... Hope to post some progress soon.
  3. Anyone?? :-[ I'd really like yo know wheter I have to desolder it all or can just change some stuff in the main.asm en replace the bridges with resistors and viseversa thnx
  4. Hi intosite, Yes this would be doable bu only with MIOS and the PIC18f. According to the MIOS page. The tradiotional 16f version doesn't support this. Hope this helps... Greetz
  5. Hello everyone!! I [glow=red,2,300]finalay[/glow] started actual soldering on my MB_LC! So far the good news.... The bad part is this: I accidently mounted all 24 LEDS in the wrong direction. I've made a matrix for 4x12 LED's (It worked...) but looking at the schematics from TK I found out they were turned the werong way. My question is this: Would it be enough to just switch the bridges and resistors' places to get this to work (I will solder the other 4x12 matrix wrong to :)) or do I have to desolder it all ... :-/ Thanks in advance...
  6. He SmashTV, Would you be so kind to be abused for some more orders? I'm thinking LCD encoder and Motorfader... You can of course benefit from the money I'd save ;) Think about it.. I (the netherlands) could benefit from normal prices and you could share in the amount of maney I save I'm not having a list ready right now but I'm thinking of making a LC clone (or two.. thre... or XT's) Greetz tHe_IkkE
  7. okay guys I'll start making an interface then. I guess I'd best use JAVA so all the BeOS / Linux / MAC guys out there can make use of it too :) BTW Thorsten: I'll find out what PIC code I can figure out myself since I'm willing to program my PIC's too and of course be able to contribute to MIOS :P Greetz tHe_IkkE P.S.: Got my 3xPIC18F452 & 3xPIC16F877 & 3x24LC256 in today. Took only 10 days to get to me (Holland) FOR FREE ;D I love Microchip ::)
  8. I planning on using a graphical at the end, and 2 (or probably one initialy due to the costs) 2x40 LCD's on each core so you can see what you are doing on each channel. So you can use 1 encoder to select function (balance,AUX,bass,treble, etc) And one to select the value. I would then have something like this: [table][tr][td]PAN 1[/td][td]BASS2[/td][td]AUX3[/td][td]TREB4[/td][/tr] [tr][td]L35[/td][td]+5db[/td][td]-20db[/td][td]+2.5db[/td][/tr][/table] Greetz tHe_IkkE P.S.: I forgot to put an LED-digit MTC display on the right
  9. Hi there, If Thorsten would be so kind as to give me a complete list of mappings to (or a place where I can find it) in a neatly ordered list, I can always TRY to make something as an interface to the MIDI-merger (and possibly also other modules though I think that's a bit complicated for me :-/) I can't promise anything but when I got enough information I can always give it a try. Greetz tHe_IkkE
  10. Hi there, I'm thinking of building a pretty sick midi-baby with 24xMF 48xencoder 48xledring 96xbutton and some "normal controls". I thought this could be done with: 3x18F running MIOS each core running 8xMF 16xencoder 16xledring 32xbutton+led 2x 40x2 LCD ;D And one core for a graphical LCD and the transport controls etc. Is this at all possible? If I understand it right this coiuld be accoumplished with the use of the MIDI-link to link the cores togheter. I think I might have to use 2 MIDI llinks (or COM links) to the host PC in order to process the VU-meter data etc. I know it's only a lazy design picture but I'm actualy planning on building this baby. Thanks in advance guys!
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