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  1. Ehum...yeah..this is kind of embarrassing... Well, the project has stand still from my last post. The good news is that it's not in the bin. I see various bits of it lying around in my hobbyroom every day. Actually it is not so much left to do. A couple of pcb's to draw, frontpanel have to be made and some programming. Hopefully I can get some time and motivation to finnish the project this summer.
  2. This project is like Bambi on ice, slowly moving forward. It's been in idle now for some month because /)%(%¤"(/¤ Vi*ta is not letting me use my CAD software. So right now i'm making some backups prior a XP install.. Your local glazier shop should have or point out for you where to look for the acrylic rod. I have abandoned the rod and got my plastic caps lasercutted instead.
  3. Here in MB-land, we all are friends  :D
  4. Sucker for gold  ;D I feel like I have to complete this project now realy soon. Because soon I'll get a CNC-router and then I think most of my sparetime is on that project  8)
  5. Got mine today to. Great looking knobs 8) Thanks Goblinz for this great groupbuy! Here is my knobs together with one of my Traktor project PCB
  6. Long time no PCB... Made one this weekend. One more (the last) FX board. Nothing new apart from that this time I used a chemical tin on the PCB. Really good stuff, seach for 529338 at Conrad. This prevents the copper to oxidate. I'm happy with the results. Obligatory pictures:
  7. PM sent. Just hope it's not to late  :-\
  8. Thanks  8) I think I saw you had a grouporder for the nokia displays in the german part of the forum? I can't speak german, so it's just a guess, but have you any spare LCD's over? Maybe I'm interested of 3 displays.
  9. Update: One more FX pcb, the left mixer section and some cables have been built. Obligatory pictures: 8 of total 12 PCB's made now. 1,5 PCB to CAD left. 4 interconnection cables (drillbits, a really good investment over those HSS drills  :o ) Left mixer closeup Left mixer botton close up: And now some porno  8)
  10. Hey Sasha. The headers is standard SIL 2.54mm goldplated headers. But i have pushed the pins through the plastic so they just poke out from one end of the plastic. You can see a closeup in some picture from the previous page. This is so i can solder and connect standard female headers on the pins from the solderside of the pcb. If i dont push the pins they will not be long enough. The cap is there to bulk the incoming 5V, then I have 0.1uF SM caps close to each shiftregister on the pcb.
  11. LOL, yes, MB get the girls  ;D Not much, but here are some pics: First, the pcb for effects. will need three of those. Two for deck A,C and B,D and one for master effect Second, navigation PCB, need two. One for each deck LCD Third, 7 of total 12 pcb's made (one unsolderd). Slooooowly slooowly...
  12. You know, life is in the way again.... I was in a good workflow, single and spent my freetime as I want. And then.. BIIOPBIIP, sms, then I'm stuck again  :) Damn those girls  ;D Actually, I have been done some work the last days. Pictures will come soon.
  13. Pot / Fader / Button - Knobs ;)

    I also would like 130 of those "ice cubes". Hope your stock is greater than 200  ::) They look realy nice :)
  14. Light Touch Momentary Button?

    Thanks, but it's long way from finished.. I would say that the 100g of force is a little bit more than a light fingertip tap. But it's the best button I could find for my box. I was also out after light force, primary for the transport buttons, to get fast reactions. I bought the buttons and caps from the company www.elfa.se , not cheap, but fast. You can hit the english flag in the top right corner. Search for 35-621-13 , thats the button with conductive rubber membrane that I use. /Wise