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  1. ALBS "Waldorf" Knobs order number 5

    I've more3 than slightly underestimated the time it would take in the post office to get these posted... Still a few packets to go i'm afraid.  :-[ :-[
  2. ALBS "Waldorf" Knobs order number 5

    Unfortunately that's not going to happen for a long time. Personal message sent to you anyway with an explanation. Apologies once again. E
  3. ALBS "Waldorf" Knobs order number 5

    Sorry guys, I've had a few personal issues over the past few months, which mean that I've been away from home, work and midibox. Pretty much it has been one thing after another... myself, friends and family. I have all the knobs packaged, adressed and ready to go in the post tomorrow lunchtime. I can only apologise for the lateness of these, if anybody needs to know exactly what's been going on then please PM me and i will explain.
  4. ALBS "Waldorf" Knobs order number 5

    Hi. I had the cast removed from my hand on Monday so am able to function properly now. 2 months with no thumb on my right hand has not been easy (insert love life joke here). The knobs have been counted out but I doubt I will be able to post them before I go away for a couple of weeks tomorrow. I'm back in two weeks and will get them sent out first thing.     Eddie
  5. ac current from dc

    Is it an analog synth? In my limited experience I've found that inverters can make soem alaogs sound bad (because they aren't getting a propper sine wave from the inverter ???)
  6. ALBS "Waldorf" Knobs order number 5

    Once I have my hand out of the pot and have finished counting htem out I will see what I can do. i probably have enough spare for a few sets. Apologies once again for the delay
  7. ALBS "Waldorf" Knobs order number 5

    Sorry this is taking so long guys  :-[. A bit unbelievable but a tornado hit a festival that I was attending recently and I managed to dislocate my thumb in the process so am a bit out of action but gettig there.
  8. Panel holes cut to big

    Stick some LEDS behind and have the buttons back-illuminated! It's not a error is it's a "design feature"
  9. 6582A SID MEGASALE #9 ***THE LAST ONE***

    He eats a mixture of silicone, metal and ceramic, then lets nature take it's course... getting them in to the tubes is the hard part.
  10. Dramatic Forum Change

    LOL, forgot that people were using the dark theme. i'm still on the old one!
  11. Commodore 64 - ferarri edition

    Don't be silly.... that's a crack pipe!
  12. ALBS "Waldorf" Knobs order number 5

    Yep, no imaginary sex for SLP!
  13. ALBS "Waldorf" Knobs order number 5

    Anything looks good with a Waldorf knob! My mate has one on his lounge dimmer switch as he accidentally threw the old one out with the cat litter! Another friend has one on his car heater dial.
  14. ALBS "Waldorf" Knobs order number 5

    Yes, they are here. I've had to order some more zip lock bags as I seem to have gone through over a thousand now  :o I'm in the process of counting them all out and enveloping them now.
  15. 6582A SID MEGASALE #9 ***THE LAST ONE***

    As long as you don't overdo it and become kissy and then rapey we'll all be fine!  ;)