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  1. very nice description of the motormix midi messages, this weekend i will try to find out how the software app. is sending the midi data to the motormix, and try to make a schematic of the structure in wich the data is sent. I will keep you posted on my results. Moebius,  in pro tools you can select up to four controllers, so you just can add a second midibox for more channels, but i am not a cubase user so i don't know if cubase has the same feature's. kriz
  2. hi, after reading about the fact that the hui protocol emulation is still a no go for the midibox lc, i was a bit disapointed, because of the fact that i use pro tools in my studio. But after reading about the different controllers that pro tools supports, i saw that it supported the cm labs motormix. I found a developer pdf wich containes all the midi information about the motormix. Is it possible to build a midibox that emulates the cm labs motormix, and has anyone any idea's about how this can be done?
  3. emagic sounddriver sid editor

    After a long day and night programming and getting the 256k data in order, i can finally request dump patches from the sid to my sounddriver editor. But when i try to save the modified dump data back in the sid, i will not store the data. When i dumped the data through the jsynth editor it works fine, but not in sounddriver. I checked the sysex data i try to send against the data from the original dump of the patch, everything is the same, exept the controller i modified, so the sysex string is good. When i send the dump from sounddriver to the sid to store it, and then request the same patch which should contain the modified data, i get the data as it was before i modified it. This is very strange, because i can dump data through jsynth, but not through sounddriver, and the sysex string is the same, i checked it over and over again. I hope someone has an answer to this, because i am fresh out of ideas. the sysex strings can be found here //edit added the debug.txt
  4. hi, i am building an editor for the sid in emagic sounddriver, and i have a few questions about saving and recieving dumps. Is there a sysx command to store the current patch in the memory, without the use of the 256k dump data? How do i create the 256 k dump data from my editor (with the cc's etc.)? greetz Kriz
  5. The sid rack come's to life

    i got the case from a music rental company that i work for.  I don't know where to find a similar case. greetz kriz
  6. hi, i am working on a editor for the SID in emagic sounddriver. If anyone has suggestions or questions, please feel free to post them. i will keep you'all  posted kriz
  7. ik ben zelf nog hard op zoek naar 1 of twee 8580 sid chips, aangezien de mijne het begeven heeft. Aangezien je er 12 hebt, zou ik er 1 of 2 van je over kunnen kopen?
  8. I finally finished my sid and the case for it. It was inspired by the new nord rack from clavia. It's just a basic design with no lcd or controls. I am planning to add an external hendheld control surface with the minimal control surface (with the lcd from an old nokia phone) and some knobs later. The case can house upto 4 sid's and i can add them when i have the time and the money. The 1U case is just high enough the fit the big capacitor of the core, with just a couple of milimeters to spare   ;D. Many thanx to Thorsten for this project and his help, and to everybody that helpt me constucting the case and with the problems i have had building the electronics.
  9. sid problems

    thanx for the advice, i tried some patches and still the same problem, BUT..... when i disable the filter ( unchecking all the filter modes, and the osc's) the sid works lovely!!!!the hole problem is in the filter, and after 2 weeks of testing, i am glad that the problem is lokalised. When i enable the filter the background noise rises dramaticly, and the sounds stop playing. and the band pass filter works a little bit after checking, but the high and low pass give no sound. should i try to replace the filter caps, and check again, or is this a problem of the software? greetz kriz
  10. sid problems

    I finally found the problem !!! I uploaded the new 1.6 alpha and started messing with the controller values. how i found the problem: It seems that when i lower the volume to about 60 a nice tone appeares, but above 64 not. I singeled out the ocs's, and separate of eachother they work fine, but when i combine more then one osc you hear a sort of phase cancelation between the osc's. when i transpose 1 osc you hear a sort of lfo sound becomming faster when i transpose the osc even more. I think my problem has something to do with the synchronization of the ocs's. I changed the cc# 124 but nothing happened (Oscillator Phase synchronization ). Could this be the problem of the osc's cancelling eachother out?, and is this most likely a software problem, or a problem with my sid chip?
  11. sid problems

    After a lot of testing, i have solved a bit of my problem. After reading the problems of wilba, i tried some of my own. I have put the rectifier back on the sid board. Then i disconnected the additional ground from the power supply. Now i have a good level sound, and the voltages are ok. But my main problem still is the same. The sound gets interupted, just like in the audio file, i tried mios 1.4, 1.5b, and sid software 1.5c and 1.6 alpha, but nothing helps. I just have sid step A, no lcd or controller, could this be the problem, and what can i do about it?
  12. sid problems

    i have put the rectifier after the ac but before the dc, zo that the 9 volt dc and the 5 volt dc come together, than there is nu need for the rectifier of the sid because the voltage is then dc not ac + dc. I see your point, but i do not see the difference because on the power schematic the other pin is not even connected
  13. Conrad

    ik woon dicht bij conrad, mischien is het handig als er meer mensen iets bij conrad moeten bestellen, ik het in de shop zelf ga halen, en dan kan opsturen, zit je ook niet aan een minimum bedrag vast
  14. Nieuw lid

    Is er ook een chat? cool, maar waar kan ik die vinden?
  15. hi, i had the same problem, so i modified the schematic of the power wirering a bit, and the voltages are ok now. !!!I don't know if it works for u but you can give it a try (!!!!this is my own solution, don't blame me if it's goes wrong)